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Quick-dry, night-weight fitteds?

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What quick-dry, night-weight fitteds are there? I'd prefer cotton to hemp and instock would be great. DD is nearing 20-lbs and in a medium in most things.

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Firefly sleeptight organic cotton (with fold out wings) and I think Pipsqueak has cotton as well as hemp (could be wrong, I've only ordered hemp from her... but I love my one I have for night, and ordered a 2nd b/c I like so much. It has a sewn in soaker on one end and a snap in for the other end)
How could I forget those! I went and checked out pipsqueaks and it looks like she's only got one diaper instock and it doesn't have a doubler. I'll check back later and see if she has anything else. Thanks for the ideas!!!
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I love my Bee-bos pocket fitted for nighttime.
Definitely check out Sugarplum Baby They're my absolute favorite. My first choice for nighttime fitteds but I also love them for daytime without the layin soaker she provides. Trim, comfy, quickdry, and cute! She's got instock hemp fitteds and the price is great.
I also like Motherease Sandy's with an added doubler but they're a bit boring being just plain white and all. These are cotton.
what's the url for bee-bos? and thanks for the ideas ladies!! i really want to get dd back in cloth at night, but am having a hard time picking what to get.
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Yup - definitely fireflies
I use a fleece-topped Dragon doubler from with our sleeptights - nice and dry!
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