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quick help- egg/milk allergies in toddler

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I'm putting this thread here instead of in the food or health forum in hopes that more people will see and respond (mods, feel free to move it if you need to
I am babysitting a 16-month old little boy today, kind of an emergency babysitting situation so I didn't get to chat with his mom much beforehand, but he is allergic to egg whites and milk protein. My problem is, I don't know what I can safely feed him for lunch. He cannot have any dairy, eggs, or anything made with eggs, I suppose. He loves fruit and has had that, plus some dry cereal his mom brought for breakfast and has fruit snacks for morning snack. But can someone please give me ideas of what to feed a toddler with these allergies for lunch? Oh, he's also allergic to oats (rolled oats?). I'm so worried that I will miss an ingredient on a label and accidentally give him something he's allergic to! Any help/advice is very much welcome- thanks
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I think the key is to just read the label of whatever you give him first. I'm surprised the mom didn't bring food for him. My son has severe allergies and I always pack his own food. A- because I don't want anything to happen to him and B- because I don't feel its very nice to put others in the situation of trying to figure out what to feed him.

What about little pieces of lunch meat and veggies? (No ranch dip - has mayo)
Canned beans and rice
Vegetable soup
Apple sauce

I don't have any real bright ideas right now. I'll think about it and get back to you. As far as the eggs - make sure you don't give any baked goods or mayo. People always forget and give these to my son.
I'm the mom of a food allergic child and am shocked that this mom didn't leave clear instructions as to what to feed him. Even in an emergency situation, we have clear instructions posted on the refrigerator for everyone to see.

To help you in your current dilemma, here's the ingredients you need to avoid for egg and milk:"

Egg white
Egg yolk or yellow
Emulsifier Globulin
Ovamucin Ovamucoid
Powdered egg
Whole egg

Ammonium caseinate
Artificial butter flavor
Butter fat
Butter solids
Buttermilk solids
Calcium caseinate
Caramel color *call manufacturer
Caramel flavoring *call manufacturer
Cream Curds
"De-lactosed" whey
Demineralized whey
Dried milk
Dry milk solids
Flavoring *call manufacturer
Fully cream milk powder
High protein flour *call manufacturer
Hydrolyzed casein
Hydrolyzed milk protein
Lactalbumin phosphate
Lactoferrin (Activin system)
Magnesium caseinate
Milk derivative
Milk fat
Milk protein
Milk solids
Natural flavoring *call manufacturer
Opta (fat replacer)
Potassium caseinate
Rennet casein
Simplesse (fat replacer)
Skim milk powder
Sodium caseinate
Sour cream (or solids)
Sour milk solids
Whey powder
Whey protein concentrate

Some basic safe bets are:
100% semolina dry pasta
white or brown rice
grilled or broiled chicken
fresh veggies
fresh fruit
rice cakes
black olives

READ EVERY LABEL because allergens can be hidden in some rather unsuspecting places. For instance, some tunafish has dairy derivatives in it, as do many sliced breads.

I'm going to be online for the bulk of the afternoon (while son naps), so feel free to privately e-mail me if you need to.

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Kim, just a quick question. I have eliminated dairy from my 2 yr old dd's diet b/c I suspect she is very sensitive to it (she also has possible celiac disease). Anyway, every lunch meat I find has sodium or potassium lactate-- is this from dairy? Thanks a lot!

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