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Quick! Ideas Help!!

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Hey all, I'm not going to get into all the details right now, cuz i have to run, but my 3 1/2 year old - spritied son watches way to much tv and i fear it has affected his behavior... (i am aware of all the warnings)... Also his nursery school year is up and i've noticed a dramatic change in his behavior for the worst.

I need ideas to do with him (with my 8 1/2 month old baby too) in the house and backyard. We do all the regular things, color, paint, playdoh, other toys, pretend play, read books, but i'm looking for project ideas... such as today, we made a harry potter broomstick out of the cardboard that comes in wrapping paper... he's been playing with it all morning... i'm just not that crafty, and would love some easy ideas that don't take too much $ for materials.
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How bout flour, water & salt with strips of newspaper for paper mache? We get balloons, blow em up & cover with strips dunked in flour paste. When it dries, you have a sculpture.

Also, we like to take make bubble worlds using a smooth surface. We coat the surface with some dishsoap & water mixed, then use bubble wands to blow bubbles right on the surface. Hours & hours of fun...hope this helps
Mountain - That sounds like a good idea! What happens to the balloon w/the paper mache on it? does the whole thing stay hard, or what happens when the balloon deflates?

I think that AJ's really been searching for some additional attention especially since school's out for the summer. We can't afford to send him to camp, so i'll have to think up many projects for the long summer days. We do have playgroups and live near the beach, so that will be helpful.

This kid will not go into his room and play with his toys... i think it is because i always let him watch tv and now he can't entertain himself! My bad! See, i'm addicted to TV so it is always on, and usually i have noggin on all day in the background, but i didn't have it one once yet today, and he was 100 times better than he's ever been! We went to the Bronx Zoo, then played out the back yard. I also made him a Harry Potter Broom Stick out of the paper roll that comes inside a roll of wrapping paper, he loved that and even took it to bed with him!

Thanks, and i'll be looking forward to hearing more ideas!!
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I have had great luck with books from the library! In the children's section there are books specifically geared to younger and older ages with a ton of suggestions. I would defenitely suggest you take a look and see what your library has to offer.

BTW, my youngest is sitting waving back at your smiley!!
After the balloon deflates, you're left with a hard, paintable hollow shape. Put em together & make a caterpillar. Add legs & it's a spider. Use 'trash' like tp cores to create animals, planes, whatever.

I'm on the same page w/my TV. I wonder if I watch it b/c I'm tired & need a break, or if I'd actually get something done if I wasn't laying around being lazy
: I'm gonna cancel our cable, I've got the kids talked into it, but dh is afraid...he grew up with the TV as his babysitter. Luckily, I was poor & we didn't have electricity all the time!

Good luck w/ activities. I know my kids are more fun when they're not watching TV all the time.
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I am not crafty either. I can make things, but am not creative. I bought a kit at Joanne's Craft Store (online too?) that was advertized as "Summer Crafts for Kids". It was aged for 6 I think but since I help anyway I figured it was ok. So far we made a flower pot with those foamie things (clean can and paper it then stick on foamie things) and a butterfly with popcicle sticks (craft paper cutout, color, and glue to sticks with string and beads dangling).
When I think the TV's been on too much for the week (and I have a very low tolerance, LOL), I just keep saying "nope" to TV. Sometimes I have to listen to whines for half an hour, but eventually he finds something to entertain himself. He has little characters to act out dramatic worlds and books to look at, plus I'll set out different craft supplies on his art table, so he has all the tools to do so!
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When I feel like we need to cut down on the tv I try to think about the times we tend to turn it on. That makes it easier to think about activities to substitute.

For example, we used to have a problem with the tv going on first thing in the morning and then being hard to turn off. I did the, "after Dragon Tales it goes off" thing, but then I had to fight the inertia that is tv viewing. So now, which ever dd gets up first gets one on one story time with mom and we read a few books until sister gets up. (I'll be honest, it was hard to give up my Buffy reruns at 7am which I watched in a different room while organizing breakfast - running back and forth - but since the season 6 DVD set came out I'm coping with fixes at night.)

When both are up we go outside (back yard) in our pjs and check on our plants and creatures (currently luna moth caterpillars and cocoons). It seems that's enough to break the seemingly instinctive turn to the tv. We have even done yoga outside to begin the day and I hope to get in the habit of doing that regularly. (But I have many hopes

I guess what I am trying to say is that you don't need to look for craft and projects, especially if you aren't doing them already/equipped with supplies/excited about them. You can probably find activities that fit your style and family by thinking about the things you already do and like - just expand on them.
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