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I have a friend IRL who is using modified CIO to get her babe to sleep thru the night. He is currently still nightwaking 3-4 times each night and she is attempting to eliminate one feed at a time by letting him CIO. She is going in every few minutes to comfort him, but will not nurse. The ultimate goal is to nightwean him within the next few weeks. Meaning: the babe will not nurse at all between going to bed for the night and waking in the morning (roughly 11 hrs). He is almost 6 months old.

I am looking for links on why you should not nightwean prior to 12 months (or later). These links should be a "medical" as possible as my friend is pretty mainstream. According to her, their ped told them that a baby who is over 20 lbs is growing fine and does not need to nurse at night. I know that babies do and have told her that they do a lot of growing at night, not just outward growth, but brain and nervous system growth and he needs those feedings if he will not go back to sleep without fussing and crying. However, because he ped said this, she thinks I am full of hooey.
She is not planning on nursing past 1 year
so links regarding early weaning really will not help. I think we need to focus this information on the baby's health.

Please help me! Thank you in advance!!!
It is getting sooooo hard to talk to her anymore b/c all she wants to speak of is their CIO progress and it breaks my heart. I am trying to find a non-judgemental way to help her see that this is not in her baby's best interest!
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