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quick question: if you have a 28-30 day cycle, ...

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... on what cycle day or in what day range do you generally ovulate?

i've been thinking of asking this question for a while, but i didn't get really curious until this morning ... and now it's just nagging at me.
so i thought i'd ask. TIA!

eta: i generally am 28 days like clockwork, and i used to O on day 13, then it was ~around~ day 16, but a couple of cycles, it seems like it was more like day 9???? that's why i'm asking. sorry i wasn't clear before - i think i need more coffee.
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I thought it was 7-11 because I have a friend with regular periods who's doctor told her 7-11, but I don't know for sure.
In a 28 day cycle if you have a fourteen day leuteal phase you'd ovulate on day fourteen. A 'normal' LP can last between 10 to 16 days, so you could ovulate as early as day 12, if you have a sixteen day LP, and as late as say day eighteen if you have a ten day LP.

If you're wondering how long your LP is, well the only way to really know LP and to tell what day you've ovulated is the chart your fertility signs and take your waing temp with a basal body thermometer. For more on that please see the natural family planning forum.

I usually have 28 day cycles and usually ovulate on day 15 or 16.

I usually have a 28 day cycle, and almost always ovulate on day 18.
thank you, everyone. i guess it's switching - i just looked back on my notes, and every other cycle is early. it has only been like this since my m/c, so maybe something's amiss? anyway, thanx again for the info.
I O between days 14 & 16. Normally, now its day 14. I typically have a 13 day long LP. My longest was 16 days... that was HE**!
CHART!! Check your temps and CM. I never knew when I o'd til I started charting my temps.

Originally Posted by zion
CHART!! Check your temps and CM. I never knew when I o'd til I started charting my temps.
yup. if i don't get my BFP this month, i'll really start, i guess. i don't temp, but man oh man i am WAY more familiar with my CM than i could have ever thought possible. that's why i'm certain i'm Oing so early sometimes. also, my cervix position definitely changes, but since i'm not getting PG, maybe i'm reading myself all wrong? i dunno. maybe i'm just too old.

sorry for the ramble. thanx for the advice!
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