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Quick question

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Not sure where to put this...

We're about to buy dd a britax marathon. She's badly in need of a new seat. The latch on the one she has now keeps getting stuck.
I'm having scary thoughts about trying to get her out in a hurry and it sticking so I want to get her another one as soon as possible.

Anyhow we let her look at the fabrics and she wants the cowmooflage!

SO tell me, does anyone have that print? I'm just wondering how fast it's going to get nasty? Should I try to convince her to get something darker?
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We have a no eating/drinking in my car rule, so her cowmooflage is still in great shape.
I have the cowmooflauge, we love it, it's got some beige in the white so it really doesn't show much of anything. Molly is a puker and we've just wiped it down with some vinegar and water and it comes up like brand new.
I remember that rule fondly.


I really want her to have the one she picks out...

I don't want something I'll have to wash a lot...we're really not in the car that often but for longer trips, you'd be surprised the things I'll give her to make the trip smoother.

She's always been a car-hater. :LOL
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Oh, ok, dh just told me that this morning one of the dogs puked in Molly's seat (like the puking child isn't bad enough!) He said he wiped it up, spritzed it with vinegar adn water then set it in the sun, you can't even tell now.

Now that's a test!!! (especially considering my dog through up in the car on her last ride. thankfully in the floorboard)

Thanks again, mamas!

Edited to add: I ordered the cowmooflage one mamas, hopefully it will be here quickly.
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