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Hi all! It has been a while since I have checked in on y'all. I miss you lovely ladies!!

Anyway, dh and I are resolving some of our issues....slowly, and with much talking and a lot of "I don't knows"...but they are working out.

I am hoping to be back here in December sometime. I need to hold off actually ttc until then, because I have a job line dup for next summer that precludes being due until September. Can't call a Shakespeare show and go into labor, you know? :LOL But hopefully in December, we will be back to trying. Funnily enough, I kind of miss it...:LOL Who would have thought I would ever say that?!

But I am lurking and checking to see who is finally graduating.

I am so looking forward to baby pictures, there are so many gals I started with that are pg now!!!

Anyway, I am going to use these next three months to get my act together....start taking my prenatals again, and try and make it habit, start my exercise routine again, and eat well.

Anyway, much
to all of you!!!
And a ton of

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Adina!! So great to hear from you! I am thrilled that you and dh are making progress. It feels great doesn't it? I hope to be joining you back here (officially, since I really never left) around December. Best of luck getting through it all and getting back in gear!
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