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What happens if I am contacted by CPS?
Schuster cautioned that parents should always ask for a caseworkers ID, because there have been impersonators. Parents should ask what the investigator is looking for. The caseworker will state the allegationsbut not who made themand ask to see evidence to disprove them. It may be something as simple as verification that there is food in the house. He stressed the importance of keeping the tone it as cordial as possible. If someone is very hostile, Schuster noted, then I have to start to wonder.

If I let a CPS worker into my home, doesn't that let them do whatever they want?
A CPS worker cannot enter without your permission unless they have court order or warrant said Schuster. Instead of letting the caseworker in, parents can tell them when they can come back, offer to step outside, or request a meeting at the CPS office. Parents can tell the CPS worker I want you to leave at any time.

Can CPS talk to my child without permission?
The agency usually asks for names of referencessuch as friends, neighbors, and familyfrom the parents, child, or the complainant. However, if the child is homeschooled and the parent is not cooperative, it will be harder to determine whether the child is safe. Although CPS will often talk to child at school or daycare without a parents consent, in the homeschooling situation, they will ask first, said Schuster. If CPS wants to speak to your child, you can ask for a neighbor or other trusted adult to be with the child during the interview. Also, if you are uncomfortable with strangers interviewing your child, ask the caseworker if she or he will accept references from friends or family members instead, Schuster said. If, rather than allowing a CPS worker to speak with a child, the parents refuse and get a lawyer, the worker wonders if theyre hiding something, observed Schuster.

What if I refuse to let a CPS worker into my home?
In the absence of a search warrant or court order, parents have the right to refuse entry to a CPS worker but if you dont let them in they will have to continue investigating, said Schuster. They will talk to your neighbors and make a disposition with no other information, which may be a disadvantage to the family. How can you get your case unfounded if you dont let them in,
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