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"quilting" fabrics - just for quilting??

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Why are "quilting" fabrics called quilting fabrics?

I know that sounds silly, but my Joann's has a HUGE section dedicated to quilting fabrics. I don't quilt, so I never go to that corner. But today I went over there and I saw a HUGE section of soft, cotton prints and solids that would make really cute summer skirts and tops.

So why are they labeling the whole section "quilting" and banning non-quilters?
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No way are the fabrics just for quilting - I have made many skirts, etc. from "quilting" fabrics. It's just cotton, for pete's sake! They are simply marketing these fabrics to quilters. So, buy and sew away!
Nope, they're good for whatever.
It's the thread count and 100% cotton status that make them "quilting" fabrics. When I was little, I remember that section used to be called "Calicos." Guess they decided at some point that quilting was a bigger draw.
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I can't tell you how long I avoided that section because I don't quilt. (ok, it's embarrasing to say it now...)
actually it is not stupid. You should write to the companies and tell them. I wonder how many other people don't bother going over there because they don't quilt. It is sorta poor marketing.
Yeah, I miss when they called them Calicos. Calling them Quilter's Cottons does seem a little misleading and exclusionary. Not the best move when you want to sell as much of something as possible.

calicos. I learned to sew on 'em and over half of my dd's summer wardrobe has been made from calicos.
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I make a ton of clothes out of the quilting fabrics.

I don't think its the company's fault if people think they are only for quilting. I mean, they have silky fabric labeled as formal wear/bridal, but that doesn't stop from looking at it and using it for purse linings. I use home dec fabrics for makeup bags.

I think it means that you shouldn't use other fabric for quilting (although of course you could) or home dec, but you can use the fabric for other stuff besides that.
Most of my kids' clothes that I make are "quilting" cottons - you get some of the best prints there. It's just calico - people have been wearing calico for centuries!
They're not as inexpensive as the calicos used to be, that's for sure! But high quality--high thread count and good colors and patterns. If you want really high quality flannels, as well, look around for a "quilting" store--a lot of them sell not only the "quilters' cottons" (which can include the most gorgeous Japanese prints, reproduction fabrics from the 19th century, the 1930s etc) but also good heavy flannel, in lovely colors and patterns. And that "minky" stuff that's being used to back baby quilts etc. I love sewing for Clara from these because it takes so little yardage to make baby clothes that I can indulge...and I'm saving all the clothing scraps for a big family quilt.
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