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Ok I'm trying to figure out why my prefolds aren't all quilting up the same.<br><br>
I have IPFs that I bought all from the same place. Some I had her prewash and they are very nice and quilty. The ones I bought from her before I didn't have her prewash and they are not as quilty as the ones I had her prewash and I've washed them lots of times so it's not a matter of needing to wash more.<br><br>
I checked and we both have front loaders and both use Tide. I use Tide Free and she uses regular Tide. The only difference in the diapers was the size - the ones I got that were not prewashed are IPF premium and the ones that were prewashed are toddler IPFs.<br><br>
Then my CPFs are not quilted up like that either and they have been used lots of times now too.<br><br>
Could the difference in our water be the thing that's going on here?<br><br>
I'm not sure what it is but I'd really like ALL my PFs to be nice and quilty like the toddler IPFs. Any suggestions?
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