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Can we start a new RAOK thread?... i feel like i am pming people for things they no longer need, and with winter here, well maybe things need to be changed.

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Great! The cold weather has definitely hit here and we need:

girl's size 9 or 10 and women's size 8 rubber rain boots and house slippers

a girl's size 4-5t rain coat

warmer type socks for a girls size 9-10 foot

girls gloves/mittens

women's long sleeve tops --can wear between a 6 and a 10 or so

a booster size car seat--I can pay or trade for shipping!!!

Formula checks/coupons (these are urgently needed by a dear friend)

Our exciting "want" list includes:

size 4-5t jeans/pantsand warmer dresses;

size 8 or so jeans/long skirts/ or yoga type pants for me;

any kind of wahm soap or bath/body care type product;

drawing paper, markers, or any other craft supply like beads, clay; candle stuff, stickers

any herbal teas like Mother's Milk, chamomile, Sleepytime, green teas...

one of those super-small, almost toy but really works sewing machines

some new kind of non-mint kid's tooth paste (opened is fine) in a yummy flavor that I can tempt my toothpaste picky dd with!

children's vitamins

Thanks everybody!

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we NEED:

for 3 yr old dd; Winter clothes, pant size4, shirts in 4/5... snow boots size 9 and 1/2

for baby: ds 7 mths~ winter clothes size 18 mths, we need a car seat in gc for him, he is 19 pds, also a long shot, but a high chair, and wool longies

gift cards for groceries, and for lowes, to help buy wood for the fireplace, brrr its cold here at night.


Anything that can be used as a christmas gift for the kids, dd loves barbies and princesses, a playsilk, waldorfish toys, etc. ds could use a nice wooden teething type toy, and cars, etc. (my dad made him one little wooden car, and he loves it!)

me: parenting books and nursing shirts, long sheeved size xl or l

dh: computer games dealing with hoe buliding or any of the tycoon games
nice shirts in a xltall and pants 34X34

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We are in NEED of:

For 1 year old DS:
-non-skid socks or slippers in size toddler 4 or 12-18months
-Gerber (or other) vinyl pants in size large or 9-18 months...or any other type covers in size large - Proraps, Diaperaps, etc.
-long sleeve shirts in size 24months/ 2T (no characters, please)
-undershirts/onesies in 24months
-SOCKS to fit shoe size 4 or 12-24months
-small sized pouch sling...any kind, any color

For me:
-*nursing tops...any season - size medium...REALLY need tops in white, black, pink, & blue*
-The Belly Hugger nursing accessory
-nursing bras in 34 B/C - I like the sports bra types, but any will work great

For DH:
-long sleeve flannel shirts size large
-cords/pants in size 34X30

Our wants list:
-books or videos on natural birth
-Dr. Sear's The Birth Book
-Thomas the Tank Engine anything
-Godspell CD or video - copies are fine

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We are in need of:

For me:
Any pregnancy/after pragnancy workout videos
Sweaters Size large
Warm Socks for a size 8 shoe
Nursing tops med/large
Breast Pads

For dd age 6:
Pants size7/8
Shirts,blouses size 7/8
Shoes size 1
Anything Bratz
Anything princess stuff
Anything gift giving for a 7yr old

For dd age 2:
Size 2t-3t clothes
Blues clues or dora movies
Anything gift giving for a 2 yr old girl

For baby Boy! to be:

Cloth diapers(not sure on size, going to try this for the first time)
Baby wipes
Baby Powder

For home:
Household cleaners
House Air freshners
Coffee French Vanilla
Detergent Samples
Queen bed Sheets

Thank you,

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here's our list-
updated 1/04

new panties size 4t or 4
warm clothes in size 4 or 5, sweaters, fleece tops and pants, etc
warm pajamas or nightgowns in size 4 or 5
kindergarten level workbooks

size 18-24m sweaters or fleece pants
meidum fuzzi-bunz (pointy tabs) or wonderoos
medium kissaluvs contours or kissaluvs size 1 fitteds
toddler indian prefolds or unbleached premium prefolds
slippers or slipper socks with tread, size 18-24m or size 5.5 or 6

natural bar soaps, lotions, lip balms
NIP children's or adults medicines (tylenol, etc)
warm sweaters or fleece tops in size small or medium
hooded zip up (or button up) sweaters or sweatshirts
wool socks

manly smelling soap (think Irish Spring-esque, lol)
beef jerky (peppered, terryaki, anything really)

fleece blankets or fleece yardage
nice wool yarns to knit into warm things
that window film stuff that you shrink on with a hairdryer
some sort of filter for our bath faucet (my dd is allergic to the chlorine in our water


anything edible and shippable

beans (we love kidney, pinto, black eyed peas, etc)
crunchy granola bars
boxed cereals or snacks
dried fruits/veggies
gift cards to places we can buy food (safeway, Giant in VA/MD, Wegmans, Harris Teeter, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Target, Walmart, etc)

Thanks, mamas!!

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Some things we'd love to have:

2-tiered sweater drying rack
Sweater shaver or soap style shaver
Beeswax candles
4T woolens
Toddler size wool winter hat (soft or fleece-lined, not itchy)
NB/Small wool soakers
Knitting patterns for soakers
Knitting needles
Wool yarn
Baby Wordsworth DVD
Elsa Beskow books
Quilts (not blankets or comforters, please)
Wool nursing pads
Mini shower
Diaper pail liners
Unique Halloween or Christmas decorations
Nice kitchen towels
Wood Lincoln Logs
Horton Hatches an Egg by Dr. Seuss
Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss
Aviva Romm's Naturally Healthy Babies & Children
What your doctor may not tell you about children's vaccinations by Dr. Stephanie Cave
Wild Animal Baby magazines from National Wildlife Foundation (NWF) (back copies excellent)

Good condition used items are terrific! If you want help with postage, please LMK & I might be able to cover it. Always grateful for any bit of help. Thank you!

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Some needed, some wanted, all would be appreciated.


XL or larger diaper covers ( NO WOOL - we're alergic
well used / stains are fine as long as the work)

Wooden play food or kitchen toys

Classic/ older sesame street or between the lions on vhs or dvd.

Kids music ( we love Dan Zanes ) copies are fine


Black pants to wear to work ( office work) 50x30 or close to those measurements.

Big men's suspenders

music ( he listens to almost all sorts - rap and country aren't usually well liked though) burned is fine.


Unwanted fabric scraps for quilting or making mama cloth, wipes, tissues, etc. Please nothing too small ( over 2x2 should be fine)

Soap or candy molds

Mama cloth ( any kind)

Thanks for looking.

ETA: Thank you to everyone who has sent me fabric and other items. It's so exciting to open up a package of scrap fabric and pull it out piece by piece not knowing what print you might see next
. I also send pm's to let you know I got your package. Please let me know if you sent something you think should be here by now and haven't heard from me.

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hi mammas
well i really need stuff for our little bean.
Any type of newborn cloth diapers and covers would be greatly appreciated.
Any type, shape or form. I Received some off a great mamma but we still could use more.

I really really need a wet bag, as mine leaks now.

any large maternity clothes would also be a blessing

Also we need as getting so cold here already are wool socks (handknitted are great), and slippers for my dh and ds. ds is 21 months and dh has size 9.

Knitted hats or warm hats of any kind would also help us out a lot, additionally any scarves or mitts.

just thought ds also needs winter jammies/sleepers, and training pants (as hoping to potty train b4 new little one arrives) i think im dreaming lol

Additionally if anyone has any beads or old necklaces they dont anymore i can use the beads to make hemp necklaces, and i can also make a few and send out.

as a luxury anyone have any creams, lotions or anything to help me lessen and prevent stretchmarks, and funky jewellery to help a tired pg mamma look better.

Also any old scuba diving related stuff, old books on shipwrecks etc would make my husbands week lol

Thank you

p.s i can help on shipping a little if needed

p.p.s anyone need and not mind used bras, as i have a couple of nursing bras and a couple of normal ones that too big

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This is the greatest thread. i am so lucky to have been able to pass on some little things to other mamas and had some things passed on to me. The generosity and goodness of everyone is so great.
Thank you for reading my list!

We are in bad shape around here. Things aren't going well at all and we have no idea what the future holds, besides no money.
So, we are ISO...

For home:
-kitchen tongs
- a popcorn popper
-whole foods / NFL / toddler cookbooks
-any great frugal recipes you have- just PM them to me!
-Any gift cards to a grocery store (we have a Safeway and a King Soopers/Kroger) - we were turned away from the food bank

-fridge lock, magnetic tot locks, tv guards (toddlerproofing)

For DS , 17 mo, 22 lbs:
-AP/breastfeeding board books or kids books
-wooden latch board or lock board (Melissa and Doug-style)
-waterproof snowpants, size 18 mo
-soft-soled shoes - 18-24 mo size ( he's walking but does so much better in soft shoes)

For DH:
-heavy duty work gloves
-thick padded socks, mens shoe size 9

For me, size 14:
-Sweaters, flannel shirts, bootcut corduroys or anything warm in cotton or wool (allergic to synthetics), size L/14 misses or XL/15 juniors
-any herbs or homeopathy or advice for depression
-gift card to a bookstore (we have a Borders and Barnes +Noble), OR
-Books: Dr. Sears Family Nutrition Book, any other books on nutrition, frugal living, marriage help or postpartum depression
-back copies of Mothering or Compleat Mother magazines
- anything to give me an emotional boost
-Good house-selling vibes!

Everything would be great gently used. I dont need or expect anything new.

Thanks, mamas. I hope I have something someone needs!


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For home
  • cloth napkins & placemats
  • a cookbook for people with food allergies (specifically dairy & egg).
  • Canadian gift cards. (i.e. No-Frills, Price Chopper, Wal-Mart, Zellers, Old Navy)
  • magnetic "tot locks" cabinet locks.

For DS (3)
  • homeschooling Pre-K curriculum stuff (books, photocopied pages, etc)
  • Craft items (lacing, colouring, paper craft, anything)
  • a size 3T or larger T-shirt that says something to the efftect of "Food Allergies - Do not feed"
  • Stick-on border for his room (Thomas, Dora, Blue's Clues, or something more neutral - but not "baby")
  • Anything Thomas or Dora or Blue

For DD (1)
  • diapers. Premium prefitteds or Wonderoos or Swaddlebees (M or L) or Fuzzi Bunz or other pockets
  • JamTots gift certificate
  • Comfortable underpants with covered waistbands - size 2
  • Clothes for Cabbage-Patch Kid dolls

For DH (25)
  • a hockey game that will play on our computer (Win XP)
  • an electric razor

For me (28)
  • mama cloth pads (used is fine if they aren't too shabby)
  • The pieces needed to convert a Medela Harmony to the mini-electric (I'm pumping for my severely allergic 3-yr old)
  • nursing tops medium or large in size
  • non-clip nursing bra (38DD)
  • a POUCH style sling.
  • Ovusoft software

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24months/2T PJ's esp. two piece (for pottying)
2T training underwear (non-waterproof and waterproof)
wool diaper covers for 25lbs baby
socks for size 4-5 shoe
shoes size 4-5
winter coat size 2T
bblp potty cover


underwear size 8
sneakers or workboots size 2
disney DVD'd/VHS/books
leapster/gameboy games
rain stick
magnifying glass
gf/cf snacks


boxers/boxer briefs size 8
sneakers or workboots size 3
books on different topics:
animals, nature, different countries, crafts, science, etc..
playstation games E rated please
board games (ask we have a few)


bra's-34A (prefer underwire with a little padding)
socks (shoe size 8 1/2)
mei tai sling (or similiar)


craft supplies: paints, brushes, glue, crayons, etc...
can opener
natural soaps
grocery/produce bags
kitchen towels
glass storage containers
empty bottles for making cleaners (spray, squirt, mist bottles)
any incense or (scented)candles
waterproofing for bed (pad for queen size, pads, wool blanket, etc..)
natural snacks/mixes

Any GC's
whole foods, trader joes, pathmark, shoprite, home depot, kmart, including any WAHM stores

Thanx for looking


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What we could use the most right now are dipes for dd
: I have four second-hand FBs in a size Large and I'm constantly washing them. I'd love to get her some more, but we are behind in our bills right now and I have a tuition bill looming in front of me for this next semester.. I just can't afford to buy anything at all right now..

that is the only thing that we *need* - but other little neat things would be appreciated, too

for me:

books- Helping Hands, Active Labor, anything about VBAC, baby sign language, vaccines, or homemaking. A copy of Emergency Childbirth & Spiritual Midwifery and any of the Dr. Sears books (I have The Birth Book, but would love to read any of the others!).
copy of the latest DMB cd & any Jack Johnson stuff
nursing bras (40F/G)

for dd:
any clothes in size 12-18 mos./80 or bigger~ especially dresses & tights..
advocacy stuff
little wooden dollhouse/accessories
Robeez (or similar type shoe) 12-18 mos. or bigger
Any cloth/waldorf type doll to love and cuddle
cloth dipes & wipes
Burt's Baby Bees stuff

for ds (almost 4)

sz. 5 pants, shirts, undershirts, **especially sweaters and pajamas!**
cloth training pants (4-5T)
a wooden airplane (he's just a little obsessed with airplanes!) or car
children's music- cds for home or cassettes for in the car- copies are fine!


cloth napkins
set of cloth placemats
airplane or train cake pan
Holiday music cds! (burned copies are great!) I love to play Christmas music, but I think my DH gets sick of listening to my 2 cds over and over

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winter hats for 20 month ds and 9 month dd
2 large pail liners (one to wash and one to be using)
children's books about being adopted (would prefer one with a male asian character)
size 16 or 18 womens jeans/pants/skirts
size XL womens winter tops
triple paste (it's the ONLY thing that keeps ds rash away

worsted weight wool yarn
knitting needles
soft shoes like Robeez size 6-12 month for dd
colored serger thread
cute large fitteds for either kid
anything Korean for ds or the family (dolls, toys, books, cookbooks, etc.)

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Great idea! Copied and Posted from RAOK #6...

This is such a great thread! I have a couple of things that others might want, I just have to dig them out of their hiding spots! I'll post what we need/would like:

For DS (will be 3 on 11/25/05) (Used condition is great! )
Socks, he wears a size 11 for shoes right now, and it's been so long since I have bought socks, I don't know what size that would translate to.
Pop up or interactive (like pull tab stuff, not electronic) type books. DS has this pop up/interactive/pull the tab and it moves type book of I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly that he's obsessed with.
Kids music cd's. Burned is fine. We're always looking to expand our music library.
Veggie Tales stuff. He just loves those singing vegetables. We've got some stuff, so let me know what you're getting rid of and I'll tell ya if we have it or not.

For DH (6'6", 275#):
Extra long shirts. XXL. The torso of the shirt needs to be long because his torso is long. I'm sick of plumbers crack!
Jeans or work pants, 40x32 or maybe even 40x34???? Do they even make that size?
I usually get him 40x32 because that's the longest length I can find!

For Mama:
Whole Foods (natural/wholesome, you know) Cookbooks. I'm really trying to change our eating habits over here, and so far, the internet has been my cookbook. Not saying it's not useful, but I'd like a cookbook instead of a bunch of recipies written on the backs of junk mail. KWIM?
Burts Bees Garden Tomato Toner and facial cleanser bar. Burts Bees products are the only products I have found (for facial skin care) that actually work and don't make me break out.
Natures Gate original herbal shampoo and conditioner. One of the only hair care products that actually works. Avalon organics made this rosemary stuff (they still do) but they changed the formula in it recently and now it doesn't work as well.
Any *trusted* Herbal Pharmacy handbook...healing herbs, medicinal herbal books. This cold season I'm trying to do it all naturally. Last year we took too much cold medicine for my comfort.

When I dig that stuff up that I don't use anymore, I'll let people know.

You mamas all rock!!!!!!!!!!

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needs--candian gc to grocery stores, price choppers, sobeys, zehrs, foodbasics or my zellers and walmart now have grocerys.

for dd Kyra 7 monthes---medium or large diapers. Wool or fleece longies that someone else thinks are tooo worn...would keep her warm. she is really tall, with a round little belly from a hernia, fits into most medium diapers, or large long pants. she needs warm clothes size 9-12 monthes, one peice footed things would be great as she has few socks or shoes that fit. (eta---boots would be a blessing for cold feet size 6-12 monthes or size 1) We could also use any samples of wahm lotions or creams for bum rash, we tried a few solid foods and they reallly disagreed with our sensitive bum.

for me: warm clothes pants, shirts or jackets for 18/20 size maternity, mama pads used or new(lotsa stuff going on down there right now
, nursing bras size 42 b-c any style at all.

and wants would be any outgrown gn dipes or wool or clothes for new babe.


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Originally Posted by dnw826
Question: If we have something that we would like to send to someone, what do we do?

: new to this

just pm them, ask for thier addy, adn send them a package. lol. isn't it fun.?

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and if you receive something, let the other mama know that you received it!

I sent a few packages last month and I know some of them got to their destinations, but there were a few others that I never heard from.. I hope I addressed them correctly
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