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Do you find it infuriating how others do not respect the fact that you are WORKING? Just because I'm in my PJ's and I have a kid on my lap, doesn't mean I'm playing games or shopping online!! My MIL lives with us and she'll just come in and sit down, start up a conversation about whatever movie she just finished watching while I'm desperately trying to finish something before DS wakes up or DD realizes that she's contently playing alone!! I finally had to sit her down and tell her that she has to give me space when I'm working.

My mom is getting better about it. At first, she'd call and see if I wanted to go shopping or just come by and hang out for hours on end- neither of which I have time for these days. Since then she has come over and helped me work a few times, I think now she is taking me more seriously.

My favorite is when people ask me if I'm actually making any money! 'No, I just sit in front of a computer until my eyes are blood shot for the heck of it!!' DUH!!!

Anyway, I'd love some great suggestions/responses for those who have found the balance.
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That's my big pet peeve too. When I would sit around the holiday dinner table my aunt or uncle would go around the room and ask:

So, Steve, how's the business?
Nicole, how's work?
Mark, how's work?
Erin, how are the kids?

Um... hello... I have a business too people! no one took me seriously the first three years I was running my business. When they later found out how much money I was making "running my little business out of my home" they were shocked.

But yeah, my mom always calls me during "working hours" and I've had to tell her that she needs to call me between 6pm and 8pm. It took her about a year to finally stop calling me during the day.

I totally know where you're coming from. You've got to set those boundaries and let people know what they are. "I'm happy to talk to you about the movie you just watched this evening after dinner. Right now I need to get back to work." Or something like that.
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