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Rabies vax question for dogs in WA

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I just made an appt to get my dog groomed and was told to bring in her rabies shot record.I told her my dog had one but when I looked at the paperwork her last shot was in March of last year when she was still a puppy.(she will be two in Nov.)We will be moving next week and in Jan/Feb we will be stationed in Hawaii so I don't want to get her shots done too early only to get them all done again next month.I remember in CA we only had to get the rabies shot done every other year is this the same in WA or am I going to have to pay for an exam and shots now just to get her properly groomed.She really needs it shes a cocker thats been grown out over the winter and we are roadtripping.Thanks for any info.

I'm going to have to groom her myself.Oh well next month I can start her HI paperwork.
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Call around. Some places ask for proof of rabies vac and some don't. It is not required by any state law; it is just the policy of some groomers, especially if they are located along with a vets office.
I think the rabies vaccines are good for two years. The certificate our vet gives us always says the date the vaccine expires, which is helpful. Maybe your vet could print out something like that for you?
The current recommendation (and law in many states) is puppy shot (I'd wait until after 6 months. Rabies vax is pretty dangerous.) then 1 more a year after that. Every three years from then on. The actual number of years the vax is "good" for hasn't been studied, and probably varies from pet to pet. (Personally I think that even 3 yrs is a pretty conservative estimate. If I lived in a state that required them every year I would probably drop out of the system and just not license my dog or see a vet for well-care.) It is in the vet & vaccine maker's best interest$ to have you get one every year. (NOT saying all vets are bad/greedy.)


Which state are you trying to find the laws for? WA or HI?
Rico'sAlice is correct on the WA state law.

I don't know if there's special travel exemptions for pets of military families, but otherwise there are very strict guidelines to import a dog to Hawaii. You'd need to get started on it very soon to meet all the deadlines - I don't know the website address w/ the info, but I'll look it up when I get to work and PM you.

Erin, due 9/10/06
Thanks for the help ladies.
I found the info on the HI requirements and I still have some time to get her up to date before the move.I just wanted her to look pretty before we wnet on our cross country road trip.I shaved her myself instead, and didn't do too bad.
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