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One of the writers from the local paper called this afternoon to ask me how the nurse-in went
and to ask me what I thought of the recent news about women being hassled while breastfeeding. I've been in HI helping my in-laws (got back yesterday) so I said I hadn't heard anything (ask me about Mel Gibson's DUI and Hezbollah, that I can tell you about thanks to FIL's excessive watching of CNN) and asked her to catch me up to speed. I told her it was World Breastfeeding Week (hopefully, ack, I would hate myself if it were over and I spoke late!) and talked to her about some of the things breastfeeding moms face. Looks like they're going to do another story, yay!

Hey Snooter, I got your email, sorry I couldn't/didn't email you back, I was stuck on dial-up in my FIL's bedroom, so it was in and out asap.
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