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rackinfrackin [email protected]#$% cats peed on the dipes

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<best Yosemite Sam voice>
<bum bum bum bum bum>

Some of you are aware of my trials with my cats. This is the last straw. I go to get Bede's soaker, notice a funny smell... cat pee! I just eucalaned it last week! Grrr! So I grab another cover. Doh! MORE PEE!
Also on 2 cpfs and a fitted!

I want to

I feel certain it was the same cat who peed in Bede's carseat. She has had a clean bill of health so she has NO excuse!

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Yuck, there's nothing worse than cat pee! Hopefully the stench will wash away?
Hello -

Sorry to hear about your diapers.

If you are having problems with your cats "marking" items in your house you may want to look into Feliway Spray

When I got pregnant with my first child one of my cats started peeing everywhere. We took her to the vet and she was healthy, so he recommended we use this spray. It worked!
Sorry Phoebe.
Don't ya just wanna toss out the cats sometimes???? Once a cat (still not sure which one) peed on one of my Fuzbaby diapers. I was mad as heck.

I hope you got the stink out. Naughty kitties...
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UGH, I was cleaning up puppy pee all over the diapers this morning, luckily they were ours that the not so wonderful pup peed on
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Awww, Pheobe and Linda...that sucks!!!!!!

Will washing get the smell out?
Nature's Miracle, Bac Out, to clean it up good and then Feliway to keep them from doing it again. Worked like a charm for us. Also made my cats stop scratching certain spots. (you have to clean areas they scratch first, just as if it was urinated on because when they scratch, it leaves a scent mark). Feliway! Feliway!! Try it!
I feel for you.. cat pee is caustic and next to impossible to remove.

My cat Max, aka Floorpoop, just crapped in the fireplace and peed all over a nice sheepskin that ds and I sit on when reading. He has a history of 'freeranging' all over the basement, with no health issues (and a clean litterbox too!!), so we've decided to fence in the yard and kick him out. It's just too nasty and this has gone on for 6(!) years, and I've had it. There are enough nice cats in the world that can use a litterbox that I'm not putting up with it anymore. I hate him. DH is more compassionate and knows the shelters would put him to sleep and no friends want him either. We're building him a nice, safe place to live in the yard shed.

I hope your kitties knock it off soon! I find that intolerable!!
Oh i would be so mad. How frustrating. I hope you find a way to get the kitty pee out.
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It ain't cheap, but it seems to work. It has saved our furniture and rugs from scratching (usually, our one cat needs "reminder sprays"). Also, at stores like Petsmart, I have seen cleaners that are supposed to remove the urine scent. I think one may be called PetZyme.
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