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Hello to all of you! I normally post at the "Case Against Circumcision" message board but thought I'd pop on over with something interesting for all you lactivists.

Although I live in Michigan (the upper peninsula) I am an avid listener of Wisconsin Public Radio. They have many talk shows all day long and cover a variety of topics.

Tomorrow 6AM CST here is a synopsis of the show:

6:00 AM Joy Cardin - 06/13A
Barbara Walters made a negative comment about public breast-feeding
on her daytime talk show, igniting a fierce protest from
self-proclaimed "lactivists" (LACK-tiv-ists). After six, Joy Cardin's
guest says mothers should have a right to breast-feed wherever they
wish.Guest: Melissa *****, practicing attorney. Member, legal
advisory council of La Leche (lah LAY-chay) League International.

For those of you not in the listening radio area you can listen to online streaming media. Here is the website:

Before you start thinking, "no way I'm getting up that early", you can relax because they now archive their shows. It usually takes a day or so but then you can listen at your leisure.

Please feel free to share this info, copy/paste as needed!

(Fellow breastfeeding advocate, Registered Nurse, EBF'er of son now 15 years old)

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Glenn Beck discussed the nurse-in this morning on his show. He thought Barbara and Starr were both out of their minds. (Well, duh!) He talked about how special it was for a mama and babe to be in the breast feeding relationship and that he wishes that a child would look at him the way his children looked at their mama while breast feeding. He went into the fact that their is no accident that when held at the breast the only place for a babe to gaze is up at their mama
It was really sweet to hear this macho man talk about this on national radio. He also tried to allay the horrible misinformation Starr et. al. have been discussing but he is a man so the word "squirting" was used a lot :LOL Anyway, I thought about y'all and your efforts and wanted to say
for getting national attention brought to these women and their insidious message!

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