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Rainbow (hippie type camping) families??

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Hey mamas! Just wondering how many here are part of the Rainbow Family?

We'll be headed up to CO for nationals this year, and am SUPER excited to see the family again! It's been a while, but I used to travel frequently.

I'd love to set up camp at the gathering near Kiddie Village and meet up with other MDC mamas!!!!
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: when is the gathering in CO?
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It's nationals, so officially July4th-6th, but we're headed up for seed camp, around the 20th of June.

You coming?!?!?!
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I would love to go to this as I have always dreamed of going to a Rainbow gathering!!!!!!!
the closest I've come was a small gathering in Sedona,AZ a few years back (pre kids) unfortunatley, I am not at all sure if I will be able to handle travelling alone with 2 kiddos though! but now you've got me thinking about it!
do you have any more specifics?
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There's also a ride share board... maybe you could ride with other families? Where are you located? You should go! Might be just what you need!
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ohhh thanks for the link! I am in S. AZ. would love to find others to caravan over with! that would be awesome!
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oh and btw this IS definitly something I NEED!
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We are thinking of going. We are in the process of looking for a diesel bus to convert to biodiesel and get fome traveling in. Hopefully finaces will be all good and we will be hittin up kiddie camp big time

I was thinking the other day how fun it would be to walk around naked with Sprout in my wrap
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i cant believe i missed this thread. i knew there had to be other rainbow mamas around. we would love to do nationals this year. havent been since 04, and i am soooo missing the family. kids village is where its at. ...dh has been talking about co. for months, we may just have to make it work...
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I REALLY need family! I hope you all come! I'll make a banner so we can find eachother!!! What tribe shall I put on the banner??

Also, anyone at Ochoco in '98? We were set up at Kamp Pleasedoseus, on the path to Traders Village. Would I recognize any of you??
We're gonna try to go. Last year, DS was so small and I would've had to go alone so we decided not to. But this year, I'm pretty sure we will.
Gillieanne- You're so funny! We've been so nekkid lately and I was like "Man, we need to just not bring close to the next fest/gathering we go to!"
If DP can't come...I'll find others to go with hopefully. I hate going to fests alone with DS...sounds wimpy, but it's how I roll!
We should have a nakid tribe!
Luna'smommy- I can't wait to meet you guys at Waka!! We'll be selling on Shakedown, a mountains of the moon type booth.
Lizzo, so cool to see you in this tribe too!! I shouldve figured though
, but it SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS about Waka. We were totally all excited and ready to buy tickets, we had friends that were coming and everything. And then I decided to check one last time to see when the online class I"m gonna take was starting. For some reason the festi side of my brain took over and we realized that its not gonna work
...I'm such an idiot sometimes
. We're trying to figure something to do this summer. Its just hard with school and dh work. We're thinking Earthdance
possibly since I have fam in CA. and its later in the year...WOW thats all OT...Sorry
. Peace.
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This sounds fun. Could you tell me more about it?
Chani- I would recommend reading at A rainbow gathering is just too hard to describe easily! Basically, the National Gathering of the Tribes is in Colorado in July, and we all gather our energies for World Peace.
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this is what we neeeed!! i'll be there with my baby and anyone who wants to go along. i'd like to do a rideshare, if anyone's gonna be around arkansas. we're in thailand now, but we're moving back to turtle island this spring to find like-minded friends.
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"Kamp Pleasedoseus"



~gasping for breath~

so, is this strictly out west? i've heard about these for years, but maine isn't really a necca for large festivals (not since limestone, anyway).
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Hey, it actually worked!
18 and on the road... oh, the days!

No, not at all only in the west. There does seem to be a bunch that way, since the locals *generally* welcome the croud more. But, I was in Pennsylvania in 1999 for nationals... and I'm sure there are regionals in the area. Check the listings for lightlines.

Colorado isn't too far... I hope you make it!!
I've been daydreaming about all the kynd mamas and babies to meet there!!
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wow how wonderful!
kyndmama! i'm in san marcos! we were going to leave on the 27th and return around the 7th.
i went to virginia last year with my daughter being only five weeks old, everyone kept asking me if she was one of the two that was born out there and i looked at them like- you think i'd be hiking these trails w/ my daughter in a sling? but then the day we left i ran into one of the mamas and found out why they asked me that, this kid was like 10 lbs!
we were thinking of setting up near kiddie village this year... oh it'd be so nice to meet some of you- especially some that live so close to home.
lovin' you!
ECHO!!! (echo!echo!e c h o)

We HAVE to meet up sometime!!! I don't know any other Rainbow families around here at all! Email me sometime!!!, okay?

woohoo! We plan on leaving on the 23rd, but not sure how long we'll be out there. I love seed camp and clean up... but the sooner the better, so we hope to be going then. Of course, we'll be needing a vehicle first.

talk to you sooooon!
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i know of a westfalia for sale here in san marcos. needs a tune up you could probably get it fror under $1000.
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