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Natural Toy Best Pick--Rainbow Lacing Beads from Baby Bunz & Co

review by melanie mayo

This product was chosen to be featured in Mothering's 2011 Natural Toy Guide ; a selection of our best picks for holiday toys and children's gifts.

Where to buy: Baby Bunz & Co.
Manufacturer: Holgate Toys
Price: $11.50
Made in: USA
Made of: Wood
Other details: each bead: 1.5" x 2"

Why we love it: Lacing beads have always been a favorite in my house. If you can keep the beads together :) they provide hours of play for little ones and are perfect for developing so many skills. This set of beads are particularly bright and imaginatively shaped. 


The information shared here is an honest statement based on my experience with a product provided for free for the purpose of review.


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Rainbow Lacing Beads

Jumbo lacing beads for stringing and stacking keeps toddlers content, while developing manual dexterity and eye/hand coordination. This classic set includes nine large, colorful wooden beads (each about 1 1/2" x 2") and a thick, durable stringing cord. Lots of fun; best for ages 2-4 years. Made in the USA.


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