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raisin belly...loose skin, deep stretch marks

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well the title says it all that is what my tummy looks like, i started using palmer's cocoa butter,firming butter for after pregnancy and weight loss two days ago and i am stunned!!! i can already see a noticeable difference, my stretch marks dont seem as deep and dark and my skin is tighter, what the heck, how is this possible
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What the heck? If it is working great, I want some! Just as long as it doesn't have TNS recovery cream in it!
Pass it on over here too! I've got a bad case of "raisin tummy" as well as love handles...the whole bit!
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When I saw "raisin belly" I just had to read the post. DC told me the other day that my belly looks like a raisin. LOL I think I shall run, well limp, to the store and get some.

Do they sell it by the gallon?
i have that too...
but people have been telling me i'm stuck with the loose skin and stretch marks. my babe's 3.5 months...i think i'll give that stuff a try cause even though i can fit into some of my old pants and shirts they look horrid due to all the loose skin.... has anyone ever experienced loose skin tightening up with time or is it here to stay?

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