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Raleigh Mercury/Vaccine legislation--activism opportunity

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Hey y'all. There is a bill in the NC legislature right now, bill 1364, to ban mercury containing vaccines and flu shots for children and pregnant women of NC. Here are the details, as sent to me in an email:

The Time Has Come For All North Carolinians to Come Forth and Support
House Bill 1364 to Ensure Safer & Mercury Free Vaccines For Children &
Pregnant Women of North Carolina!

Angela Medlin and Amy Carson of Moms Against Mercury, urge all NC
parents to join them on Wednesday, May 17, 2006, at the NC Legislative
Building located at 16 West Jones Street, Raleigh, for a rally and press
conference to support House Bill 1364.

Angela and Amy were successful in getting HB 1364 introduced into the NC
General Assembly in 2005 to not allow infants, children, and pregnant
women, to receive mercury containing vaccines and flu shots. This bill
will also force NC Public Health and all medical professionals to
provide informed consent when a mercury containing vaccine is given in
the event of an emergency and there are no other options to infants,
children, and pregnant women. Both have children who have suffered
neurodevelopmental disabilities from the use of thimerosal/mercury in
their children's vaccines. There are thousands of families effected
here in NC. You could be next.

Mercury is the most powerful neurotoxin known to man and is most
detrimental to the developing brain. Thimerosal is half mercury by
weight and is metabolized in the body as ethyl mercury, a more powerful
toxin than methyl mercury. Much debate has gone on over the years as to
thimerosal's safety and connection to this country's autism epidemic.
Mercury poisoning and autism share well over 100 characteristics and
symptoms. North Carolina has had a 418% increase in autism over the
last ten years according to NC Department of Education statistics.

Due to sheer determination, these two Moms were able to keep this bill
alive despite the huge efforts of high paid, high-powered pharmaceutical
lobbyists. It is because of these lobbyists the bill was stalled for
House Vote last year. We now need your help more than ever!!

The greatest adversaries to this bill have been NC Public Health, NC
Pediatric Society, and Chief Medical Officer Dennis Clements, MD of Duke
Children's Hospital.

It is vital this bill get maximum support of all House and Senate
Members and we ask all North Carolinians to join us and rally in front
of the Legislative Building to let all Representatives know that we will
no longer tolerate their inaction to provide safer vaccines for NC

We ask that all participants meet with both their House and Senate
Representatives to ask them to support HB 1364 following the rally and
press conference. We will provide speaking points and a hand out fact

You can find your House Representatives and Senators by clicking on the
following link for the North Carolina General Assembly:

Or you can call your local Board of Elections.

WHY? It is time we let the NC General Assembly know that we will not
tolerate the blockage of bills that ensure further safety for our
children from pharmaceutical lobbyists, and public health lobbyists. It
is time to hold the NC Public Health Agency responsible for not
supplying safer vaccines for the children of our state and the lack of
urgency of this matter with the NC General Assembly. WHERE? Outside
in the front of the NC Legislative Building, 16 West Jones Street,
Raleigh WHO? Organized and supported by moms of thimerosal/mercury
injured children and concerned parents of North Carolina WHEN?
Wednesday, May 17, 2006, 9:00am Rally/10:00am press conference, 10:30am
meet and greet your Representatives and Senators and ask for the support
of HB1364 Rain or shine this event will take place. In the event of
inclement weather, please bring an umbrella. Please bring signs to
support House Bill 1364. Examples: NC Wants Mercury Free Vaccines -
Support HB 1364, Shame on You Public Health, Or you can simply put a
picture of your child on poster board and say: Mercury Doesn't Belong
Here, etc... Talking points and a fact sheet for Representatives
will be provided at the rally. Please bring as many people with you as
possible! Children are welcome! Mark May 17th on your calendar and
come out and join us in honor of all our injured children and to prevent
further children from needlessly being injured by mercury containing
vaccines in NC! Let your voice be heard!
Whether or not you believe the mercury/neuro disability connection, or have a child with special needs, not injecting our expectant mothers and children with a known toxic substance is something that I think all parents can get behind. Hope to see you there.
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