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Raley's Full Circle "Environmentally Sensitive" Diapers

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Has anyone else tried these??? We do cloth, but keep some disposables around for convenience, too. I had been buying Seventh Generation, but a month or two ago I found these at Raleys. They're cheaper (about $10) and it says that they're made with corn and wheat products, and no chlorine. Just thought I'd pass that along!
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I was looking up these diapers to see if anyone knew anything about them- just saw them in an article. We are cloth users, but use disposable at night and vacations. I just picked up a pack and they are exactly the same as the Earth's Best diapers except $2 cheaper. There is no doubt that they're made by the same people. The only thing that is different is the color scheme on the outside. I got them at Roche Bros. grocery store. Good deal!
I was using them for a while but they did not work as good as the 7th Gen dipes. (My daughter is on diuretics so I change about 20ish dipes a day! I do half cloth and half sposies)

So far, my favorites are the Huggies Free and pure but they are expensive, and the 7th Gen. When I think about how much they can hold, the 7th gen is definitely worth the extra dollars over Raleys.

We just bought a pack of the Whole Foods 365 brand and Id buy another pack. They are a couple dollars cheaper than 7th gen and work pretty good.
I've always wanted to try the Earth's Best diapers. We currently use Nature's Babycare and 7th Generation (at night and on extended trips). I do like the Huggies Natural but they are pricey. I bought them with a coupon. I wonder if can find more coupons online.
I believe the Huggies natural still has chlorine in them. Someone on another board posted that they did. I do know that the package doesn't say anything about chlorine.
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