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Here's my ISO:

For me:
I'm looking for things for my motherhood/birth altar.. we're pagan, so anything with a pagan bent would be very appreciated.
Blooming Wild figures by Karen Hahn

For Lindsey (3 years old)
fairie things for her big girl room - lmk what you have - her colors will be pink, yellow, purple and a spring/lime green.
A curtain and valance for her bedroom (see above colors). We have a double rod in there.. only one window.
She desperately wants more hanna playdress/daydresses or "oh so happy" dress - she's in a 100 now.
4T/xs leotards with attatched skirt for ballet - she'll probably outgrow the xxs sometime all too soon

For Joshua (2 years old)
: :
baby dragon stuff for his bedroom
anything with gnomes. The boy loves his gnomie gnomies.

Brio tunnels and bridges to suppliment his trains

For the babe
I would absolutely love a size 50 short sleeve hanna playdress/daydress.

For both Lindsey and Joshua:
Natural bubble baths and hair detanglers
bendies - esp. mermaids, fairies, wizards, elves, witches, princes/princesses, etc.
A fairy house
Things for their nature table

For all the kids:
I would LOVE to have tote bags made for the kids. I am looking for something big enough for an overnight trip.. jammies, change of clothes, toiletries, a couple books or toys. Nothing TOO huge though, kwim? I'd like them to all coordinate. My dream would be to have one with fairy fabric for Lindsey, dragons or gnomes for Joshua and a mermaid one for the baby. Another option (although not my preferred choice) would be to go with their nicknames.. ladybugs for Lindsey, ducks for Joshua and bumblebees for the baby.

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UPDATED 07/13/05

~Me~ work full time....

Wool Yarn
knitting needles sizes 7, 8, or 9
Beginners Books for Knitting
any patterns for wool socks
mamapads (new please) AF HAS returned... instructions on washing methods (preferably for a COIN OP machine, but any will work)
~ Any healthy snack recipies ... quick ones preferably
Gilette Venus refill razors.
birkenstocks would be cool... I'm size 7 1/2 in regular shoes, I dunno what I'd be in birks
Blank playsilks and some dyes... I wouldnt mind learning how to dye them.

My Mental State
I have been diagnosed bipolar (no longer do they think it is JUST PPD) and borderline personality disorder. What I could really use are mental distractions... movies, books, cd's.... I don't have any real preferance in style or type. I'm willing to try anything right now. I'd LOVE to get my mind off these diagnosis' and the heartbreak of being forced to quit breastfeeding because my doctors would not give me my meds otherwise.

~DD (11 months)~

**Mesh sling for water wearing... she loves showers but it gets so slippery I'm scared she'll slip outta my hands

*Cloth wipes
Diaper wetbag
Baby Einstein DVD's (we have Van gogh, shakespeare, and bach)
Any kind of wool wash (right now we're using woolite From Walmart!)

**Postage stamps
*****TUPPERWARE (can be used just as long as it's in relatively good condition and has a lid, any size is fine)
oven mits
hot pads
dish towels
cloth cleaning "rags"
Natural Cleaner Recipies
Brita or PUR faucet or pitcher filter
Any cool Pampered Chef cookwares (Doesn't need to be new, just good condition.... I've never had pampered chef anything)
Soap Making Supplies (ANY) - I want to learn how to make soap and I have got nothing for supplies...

Red Lobster
, Outback Steakhouse, Applebees, Perkins, Chipolte, Olive Garden, IHOP, Taco John's
** (book store that if you buy through the link on MDC it gives some money to MDC)
Caribou Coffee (A coffee shop only in MN I think...)

WAHM anything is appreciated, even samples!

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I'm in!

We love WAHM stuff. Would be glad to have your creations!

Any kind of sling. We have never tried one but would love to.
Fabrics for diaper sewing, especially hemp
Any kind of sewing notions. Threads, scissors, you name it, for sewing machine or serger. I can esp. use hemp anything. Even scraps.
APLIX OR TOUCHTAPE! Esp. the fuzzy side. I have gone through another 2 yards last month.
: I have an addiction.
Pretty fabrics in general. I am getting into sewing other things besides diapers.
Tea tree oil.
Any Silverchair CDs
"Hob" or "hopper" for the wok. I don't know what it's called, the thing the wok sits on - but we NEED one!

xbox games
mind puzzles, we have Rubik's cubes and we love those, so any of that type of thing.
Denver Broncos/Colorado Avalanche anything. I mean anything.
Any candy

DS, 10 months and 19 lbs
Any diapers, size M-ish. We haven't tried many kinds.
Wet bag
Those things you stick in the diaper pail - can't remember the name of them. I think it is a dissolving tablet?
Any kind of cloth books, he loves these.

Home depot, lowes, target, walmart, albertsons, smiths grocery, bed bath & beyond, best buy, joanns, michaels, WAHM store credit.

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I can help with shipping

These are our NEEDS;

*Nursing Bra's in 42/44h/i *no underwire*

*3t girls spring/summer- anything decent

These are our WANTS;

*Before Five in a Row, vol. 1
Jane C. Lambert

*Abeka Readers- 2nd grade

*Leapster Games/Cartridges

*Nice trendy clothing in size 2x bottom/3x top

*Hanna jammies 90/100 & 140/150

*Gymnastics Shoes, girls 8/9 & big girls 2

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*Updated: 5/21/05*

Ones marked with an (*) are items we desparately need.

dd (21 months)
***size 3T summer clothes
Playsilks/ scarves
Wooden Toys (no puzzles pls!)
Wool food and balls
board books (no disney or nickolodean characters pls., except for The Wiggles
***joeybunz, hemparoos, or other hemp inserts, size medium or large
*Large Fuzzi Bunz

ds (6 weeks -- this kid is BIG! We're already into 3-6 mon. clothing!)
Growning Greens
medium and large hemp fitteds (Sugarpeas, Sugarplumbaby, Kindhearted Women, Crickets Hemp)
**Your favorite medium or large snapping wool cover
*wooden rattle
soft shoes for 3 month old

Levis loose fit (not relaxed, he's particular
) jeans/ shorts size 36x34
Cotton socks to fit a size 13
boxer briefs, size large

****36H nursing bra (longshot!)
***nursing tops, size m/l for when I return to work in 3 weeks (
nursing necklace

****Wool yarn, any as long as its 100% wool
***Mei tai and/ or mesh/ solar veil carrier -- nothing fancy, just need something practical to use with ds
California Baby Shampoo/ Body Wash and Conditioner
Burt's bees Baby Lotion, Soap, Powder, Diaper Cream
WAHM made baby bath items
GCs: WAHM Stores, Target, Kohl's, Trader Joe's, Wild Oats/ Henry's Marketplace, Chili's, Olive Garden

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Can I join too? Here is my list of needs.

soft soled shoes for the babies, not sure what size really, but one is 18 months and the other is 2 months.
cloth wipes and wipe solution (no baby bits as they irritate dd's bum)
supportive nursing bras in 36 D/DD
Homeschooling supplies for pre-k, k, grade 1, or grade 2
Family Math
any of Dr. Sears' parenting books
any good chapter books that are suitable for reading out loud to kids

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I can always help with or pay shipping.

For DD:
Cloth wipes and solution
natural laundry detergent
Wedela baby stuff
Hylands baby stuff
Tea Tree oil
Diaper wet bag
wooden toys but no puzzles please
Board books (no disney)
Cloth diapers Premie or NB size EC-GC please, no holes
Baby Bjorn potty (any color)

For me:
Peppermint Essential oil
Jeans/pants/slacks in sizes 0,1, or 3
Trendy tops in size XS or S
Nursing necklace
Sofisticated looking maternity clothing in size small or xsmall (no prints or bright colors, no full belly panels please, only under belly)
Any attachment parenting books
Cook books
Homeschooling books

For DH:
Kacki/black/dark grey slacks with a 33 or 34 waist
Dress shirts with a 16 1/2 or 17 inch neck (no prints, no dry clean only, no wild and bright colors)
Ties, Black or brown belts, and socks (gray, blue, or black)
Herbal remedies for anything
Echinachia, Stress Tabs

Gift certs:
Red Lobster
Janie and Jack
Baby Style
Babies R Us

I'll probably add more if I think of it. You all are such dolls for doing this list.

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how does this work? i just discovered this and would like to join in ---i dont see any posts of stuff people have that they can give ---i have some size 5 and 6 shoes and boots for boys that i can give but how do i do it? thanks also i can make a list of needs but do i just post it? or am i supposed to join?

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*any cloth diapers (need smalls and mediums) for a girl
or gender neutral


any essential oils

red rasberry leaf tea

any fabric (for diaper making)

any wooden toys/waldorf style toys

wool toys

any burned cd's w/ natural sounds

dye for fabric

water color or artsy stuff for dd 5, she is an arteest

play silks/ dyed or undyed
she love dress up play and dresses

organic herbs

candula/chamomile stuff for salves etc


thanks if anyone can send anything

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i'm brand new to this, so i hope i get it right! i have a 12-week-old daughter who weighs 10 lbs but is 23" long *boggle* and i keep receiving clothes that are too light for winter, or too big and will be too heavy for the weather by the time she fits into them. my husband's hours got cut yet again

i need for baby:
GCs to Wal-Mart or Target
30" x 40" or larger thick cotton baby blankets
cotton "footie jammies" size 3-6
eucalyptus oil
Hylands remedies (do they have anything for reflux, or head colds?)
simple wooden toys or rattles

i need:
5" x 7" or 4" x 6" wooden picture frames that are completely flat ... i can cover them with polymer clay and get my home business going again (free finished frame to sender of course!)

my husband needs:
a job! (hey, you never know until you ask.) computer tech/customer service, in CT.
those white cotton socks that have really thick padded bottoms (he has gout and stands all day at work)

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These are some things I need:

Any kind of cloth diapers that will fit a very chubby little girl. Probably Large or X-L even. Any prefolds, basically ANYTHING TO DO WITH CLOTH DIAPERS!

Any plus size 2x-3x maternity or regular clothes. Leggings & Tops I need.

I have posted the 2 thing (FFS) I have to give away on this thread:

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For DS, 2 years old and 32 lbs:
- Jeans or pants in size 3 or 4T
- Any kind of hats (can be used, oversized, ugly, whatever...he likes to play with them)

For DD, 1 year old and 19.5 lbs:
- Baby barettes or hair ties (nothing too frilly)

For both kids:
- I'm in desperate desperate desperate need of a wetbag!
- Bath toys
- Wooden puzzles/toys
- Any books that you think are fun to read together, any condition is fine

For Me:
- Any WAHM soaps, lotions, shampoos, bath salts, whatever
- Scrapbooking and cardmaking supplies and idea/how-to books
- Old scrapbooking/cardmaking magazines
- White noise machine or CD
- Stationary

For DH:
- Books on tape for his loooooong commute. He likes nonfiction and memoirs and is politically conservative.
- Mind/Puzzle/Logic games

- JoAnn's Fabric
- Target
- Books-A-Million

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updated 5.26.05
Thanks for reading....

- Diaper pail bag for 8 gallon container or smaller, preferably one that has a string around top to close it (new please)
- *Small prefold cloth diapers (that will last for this next babe)
- XW shoes for dd: size 10.5 or up (sometimes W is just not wide enough - used is totally fine)
- soap good for washing wool soakers
- old towels for our planned homebirth (shouldn't look too disgusting...just old. Rips and tears totally fine)
- one bag of newborn/small size Tushies
- non-logo dress-up clothes for dd (size 5/6 now, 6/6x would be perfect)
- a book about having your children at a homebirth
- Kozy Carrier, any fabric. I have a Maya wrap, but need better back support.
- Big ol' cloth diaper bag, no-logos. Should be big enough for two kids' diapers, wraps and change of pants, and machine washable. Long strap would be nice...


-- book about companion planting for an organic garden
-- GC for
- gift certificate for a women's haircut (how about costcutters? they're in town). It's been ages since I had a haircut, and I'll want it cut before the baby gets here
-- Children's books about herbs
-- young child's book about midwives/midwifery
-- Children's books in Polish
-- GC for Ikea
-- pure Vitamin E Oil, at least 15,000 IUs
-- GC for Whole Foods or any natural food co-ops in Minneapolis, MN
-- Laurie Morgan's book about Unassisted Childbirth, any condition
-- 1X (not XL) maternity shorts (cargo style?) with pockets
-- men's jeans, size 36 x 32, no holes (for work)
-- nursing dress, black or deep purple, 1X (18-20)
-- child's flip flops, size 10

Unfortunately we can't help pay shipping on our limited one income... sorry.

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UPDATED 6/2/05

For DS
-board books, especially lift-a-flap kind
-toys that were indisensable when your child was a toddler. we'll try anything and have lots of people to pass things on to if it doesn't work for us.
-Hats with wide brims for summer sun protection
-simple wooden puzzles
-summer jammies. love cotton. 2t

For me
-shoes, size 8 1/2. would love some kind of strappy black sandal that could be dressy or casual. would also love some cowboy boots. open to other styles too.

-clothes. pants go about size 9, tops medium-ish. I'm stuck right now while losing weight but not fitting into my old clothes yet. feeling kinda shlumpy. I like stylish stuff, but casual. Could especially use jeans/casual pants, bras in a 34C, or close to that. Doesn't have to specifically be a nursing bra but needs to work for nursing(ie, stretchy).

-Hats. Got a short hairdo, and now I can't use a ponytail to disguise the days I don't want to do anything to it. So a hat to look cute and hide the craziness happening underneath would be helpful!

In general
-books. we love books. cooking, sewing, decorating, politics, crafts, parenting, science, reference, sci-fi, fantasy/adventure, chick lit, feminism, popular fiction, really we'll try anything!

-music. I'm trying to expand my musical tastes and knowledge so I'll try anything you feel like sharing.

-unwanted magazine subscriptions, like if you got it as a gift and just don't want it. pm titles.

-gift cards I don't expect, but just in case. we'd use anything almost, except walmart. any chains that are in new england or other stores local to the southern nh area.

-fairy items. I'm (slowly) decorating my bathroom as a fairy garden, so anything that might work for that. If you've seen those calenders of 'pressed fairies', I'm using some of those pics. yeah I'm a little sick

-picture frames, especially black. any sizes.

-potato masher. why can't I find one in a store? you'd think they'd be everywhere...I did until I started looking!

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for the hotmamacita herself

-do you have an old all-clad pot you wanna get rid of? i only have two pots and two frying pans and LOVE how durable all-clad is given that i wash them all the time. (can you tell we are minimalists?)
-NIP rescue remedy
-lavender oil
-OLBAS oil
-eucylyptus (sp?) oil
-mama cloth (NIP?)
-wooden hairclips or pretty metal or other natural clips
-I LOVE DRAGONFLIES--anyone have any cool dragonfly stuff? Pm me first, please.
-anyone have 4 or 6 sets of curtains in a neutral color for 6 large windows 63" wide?
-any fiestaware piece in EC (I love RED, PINK & ORANGE)
-any pottery piece, natural colors, in EC (we are eating off of plastic plates until we get some dishes we like)
-Paypal (so i can get some of these things that i need) GC
-credit at willow tree toys
-credit at bella luna toys
-credit to any WAHM shop
-Kayne West CD (copies fine)
-sewing machine that works
-dishwasher (ha ha...i am sick of sore hands)
-dishwashing gloves (laytex free please)
-i love chococat
-cotton or any non-synthetic fleece

for my twins
: (24 months)

-cotton or hemp prefolds for toddlers
-cloth wipes
-toddler size diaper covers in EC please (Anyone have any wool covers?)
-any EC or VGC AIO or FITTED DIPE for toddler
-pack-n-play sheets (cotton please) in any color
-size 7 shoes for chubby feet (EC) (pink, red, black)

-wooden lincoln log pieces or sets (GC are fine)
-BRIO trains and/or BRIO train track pieces or BRIO sets (dh built a table for Christmas) (GC are fine)
-BRIO (vintage?) plastic bus shape sorter with shapes (GC is fine)

for Izzy the destroyer
(3 yo and FAST)
-capes or cloaks

for eldest dd
(6 yo and tall)
-Chitty, CHitty, Bang, Bang DVD or VHS
-craft sets
-George Shrinks DVD Volume 4 Snowman's Land (reg 1)
-size 7 (slender and long) jeans, pants but no leggins please (EC)
-size 7 dresses (100% cotton) (pinks and tie dye a PLUS) (EC)
-size 13 or 1 mary janes on the NARROW side (this girl has ballerina feet)
-smart fit brand shoes (payless?) size 1
-BOBs BOOKS sets

Gift Cards
-whole foods
-nordstrom (ha ha)


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We really need:

3t-4t cotton nightgowns/pj's (just no Barbie/Disney princess-esque, thanks!)

3t-4t cotton panties

Any other 3t-4t clothes like snow clothes, cotton pants, dresses, or shirts would be awesome! HAving a hard time keeping up with the growth spurts around here...

queen or king size cotton sheets and warm blankets

We would always enjoy:

kid stories on tape/cd and music in any form

any kind of art, beading, or craft supply

any toy that teaches prereading/phonics

used books for regular Leap Pad

I personally would devour any homeschooling/unschooling, child developement (preschool age), mothering, extended breastfeeding, susuki method music, or arts with kids used book you think is awesome. Thanks a bunch mamas!

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here's out list
updated 5/3/05

for Emily, age 4
size 4t or 4 sundresses
large playsilks, any color (she only has one and it's purple and pink, would love a green or blue)
long playsilks
age appropriate wooden puzzles (jigsaw or interlocking, no pegs)
wooden playfood
dolly diapers to fit 16"-20" dolls
a nice globe of the Earth
nonfiction books on science, nature, animals (Usbore books would be perfect)
craft kits

for Ethan, age 1
12-18m or 18m clothing
wooden vehicles, no small removable parts
really any age appropriate wooden toys
robeez, moss feet, shoo-shoos, etc in size 12-18m

other things we need:
medium or PT FB and MOE inserts (pointy tabs)
regular or premium unbleached prefolds
natural shampoos or soaps
toms of maine silly strawberry toothpaste with flouride
new panties, size 3T or 4T, solids, designs, or characters are fine

Thanks in advance for thinking of us
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