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<img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="love"><span style="font-family:'Century Gothic';"><span style="color:#FF0000;"><span style="font-size:x-large;">Random Acts of Kindness Swap II</span></span></span> <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="love"><br><br><br><br><span style="color:#0000FF;">You may have something you do not want or use anymore that another Mama may want or need & you don't have enough to send them a package in the regular match-up swaps. If so... this swap is for you. No match-ups! No waiting for the deadline... just get to checkin' ISO's & spreadin' the love Mama!</span><br><br><br><span style="color:#008000;">1. Post your ISO's.</span><br><br><span style="color:#008000;">2. Get in the spirit of giving. (Plus this a fabulous way to declutter.)</span><br><br><span style="color:#008000;">3. Only send items in good to excellent shape.</span><br><br><span style="color:#008000;">4. Most importantly HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!</span>

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Playstation 2 Games suitable for young kids.<br><br>
Gameboy Advance/SP Games.<br><br>
*ANY* Natural &/or Organic Lotion & Shampoo/Body Wash.<br><br>
Toms of Maine Outrageous Orange-Mango Toothpaste w/flouride.<br><br>
Pee Wees Playhouse Videos.<br><br><br>
FOR MAMA!<br><br>
ANY Yarn From Little Turtle Knits.<br><br>
Toms of Maines Natural Cinnamint Toothpaste w/flouride.<br><br>
Organic Tampons.<br><br>
Tea Tree Oil.<br><br>
Peppermint Essential Oil.<br><br>
Gillette SensorExcel for Women Shaver & Blade Refills.<br><br>
Sally Spicer Medium Tote or Ruby Bag, Any Color Haiku, Fiddlesticks Pink, & Cowboy Blue or Red.<br><br>
Bath & Body Works White Ginger & Amber Lotions & Creams.<br><br>
Auric Blends Egyptian Goddess Fine Perfume Oil & Incense.<br><br>
The Simpsons on DVD Seasons 1 through 4<br><br>
The Family Guy on DVD Seasons 1 through 3<br><br><br>
IM LOOKING FOR THESE CD's: (Original Only, With All Artwork, Please.)<br><br>
*ANY* Supersuckers<br>
7 Seconds + Praise<br>
Halo Benders + Don't Tell Me Now<br>
Southern Culture On The Skids + Peckin' Party, Zombiefied & For Lovers Only<br>
Vic Chesnutt + Left To His Own Devices & Drunk<br>
The Red Hot Chili Peppers + Self Titled<br>
Ryan Adams + Heartbreaker<br>
*ANY* Son Volt (Except Straightaways)<br>
Sleater-Kinney + Self Titled<br>
Ramones + Rocket To Russia<br>
The Rock-n-Roll High School Soundtrack<br>
A Blue Note Live Compilation called "Live at the Roxy"<br><br>
Vegetarian Express by: Nava Atlas<br>
Vegetarian 5-Ingredient Gourmet by: Nava Atlas<br>
For F*cks Sake by: Robert Lasner<br>
Satan Burger by: Carlton Mellick III<br>
The Mountains of Tibet by: Mordicai Gerstein<br>
Bomb The Suburbs by: William Upski Wimsatt

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Yeah!! I am so excited my first swap!!! My ISO is a bit of a cluster - Its in no general order but I'll try to clean it up a bit! I am excited I finally have an ISo list & stuff to clear out!!! (I'm such a dork!!)<br><br><br><br><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><b>Stuff for my Baby Girl to arrive sometime in July!</b></span><br>
~playsilks - all sizes & colors<br>
~fairy dress up clothes<br>
~any girly dress up play stuff , like tiaras, wands and such,butterfly wings (need to start collecting!)<br>
~New or excellent condition Cloth diapering items sizes small & medium - prefolds (Indian, unbleached, or bleached) fitteds, covers(all types), pins, snappis, liners, doublers, wetbags,hangable diaper pail<br>
~Ecspecially ISO Small & Medium Very Baby & Daisy doodles but any will do!!<br>
~ any other quality clothing & age appropriate for baby due end of July & will be living in Wisconsin.=) (please no stains or tears)<br>
~6-10 month fall/winter girl clothes (prefer no cartoon characters)<br>
~Girly Robeez or Bobux shoes or soft stars - all sizes (except 6-12 unless you have some "soft boots") just need to be in great condition<br>
~natural baby / toddler toys - wooden foods/rattles/blocks/puzzles or animals (I would really love a set of wooden blocks! If anyone has a woodworking DH/SO) Puppets<br>
~waldorf dolls<br>
~slings/carriers (will consider all types - just ask! Would like to try out a few different styled ones. particular mei tei & different unpadded (or minimally padded) wraps/pouches, I'm also interested in a mesh/water sling/pouch - I think a medium in most would work!<br>
~little fabric dolls (like this <a href="" target="_blank"></a> )<br>
~books on making babyfood<br>
~hanna wiggle pants all sizes (baby girl due end of July)<br>
~haba wooden teething toys<br>
~little girl hair stuff - all sorts as long as it's clean!<br>
~Disney DVD's - try me we are just starting to collect - VGC only please!<br>
~ Welcome & Return to Pooh Corner Cd's - Kenny Loggins<br><br><br><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><b>Stuff for Myself/DH/Dog/&Home</b></span><br>
~WAHM soaps - (no patchouli please!)<br>
~Wahm/natural bubble bath<br>
~nursing shirts in size M or a smaller sized large<br>
~books on raw or BARF diet for dogs/pets<br>
~GC to any WAHM - (mom & baby stuff), chili's, red robin, target, babies r us, j.jill, hanna anderson,, Ebay, Old Navy, Lands End, Gymboree, Barnes and Noble, Olive Garden, Home Depot,<br>
~nursing necklace (cool but classy)<br>
~Burts Bees mama & baby products ( the regular chapstick is a hit in our house) We'd even try stuff for Daddy too! (he's learning!!)<br>
~natural/soy candles (again - not patchouli)<br>
~recipes for natural fruit and veggie food<br>
~counter top compost bin<br>
~sour skittles or any other sour candy - the more sour the better!!<br>
~paypal or cash!! LOL<br>
~Tea Tree oil<br>
~Mothering subscription<br>
~Cooking Light subsciption<br>
~Compleat Mother subscription<br>
~Mothers milk tea<br>
~newer updated versions of any good book on breastfeeding<br>
~Harley Davidson stuff - We own a Road King so DH loves Harley Memorablia - ask - we actually might not have it!!<br>
~born brand shoes size 7.5-8<br><br>
Thanks!! I can't wait to play!!!!

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i'm in. I sent out in the last one and hopefully can declutter more this round. Hoping to sell this house in the next few weeks! lol<br><br>
we are currently iso:<br><br>
for my teen, Chelsey:<br>
~teen friendly dvd's. She's in love with johnny depp<br>
~spongebob stuff. She really wants double/full size sheets and pillowcases<br>
~a cordless phone for her room<br>
~amazinglyfunky hair dyecolors... like hot pink, green, blue etc. hair bleach to strip it. thank kind of thing<br>
~activity kits. beading, knitting, clay, make your own jewelry/makeup<br>
~tracfone cards/minutes - she's getting one for her 15th bday in the fall<br>
~free movie tickets for harkins and amc theatres<br>
~free rentals at hollywood video<br>
~ gift cards to petco or petsmart for her rat<br>
~fun character boxers, used is fine - womens medium or large<br>
~fun shortsleeved or tank nightgowns or pj's. womens medium or large<br>
~dh said to add a chastity belt. lol<br><br>
My preschooler Zoey<br>
~ a toy cash register. wooden would be great, but plastic isn't taboo here. She really really really wants this. she plays kitchen/cooking/resteraunt alot<br>
~ a kiddo sized fishing pole *need this for our next trip in a few weeks<br>
~ the little mermaid and other princess movies on dvd<br>
~ really almost any disney dvd we dont' have. lion king, pocohantas, hercules, finding nemo, brotherbear etc<br>
~activity kits. Lacing cards, "sewing", paints, stickers, pipe cleaners, anything she and the big sister can do together.<br>
~SHREK ANYTHING~!~~ The child is addicted and has been since the first shrek came out. She knows the words to all the songs and narration. she watches the dvd in spanish now <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="EEK!">: She watches the 3D prequel repeatedly until i force her to go outside with me and play. She and her friends play shrek for dressup daily. I am lord farquaad. rotfl.<br>
She's having a shrek 4th birthday party so birthday supplies would be great but the action figures, pins, clothing, nightgowns, the watches from the cereal box lol...she'd love any of it!<br>
~dora, nemo, scoobydoo, spongebob, ariel the mermaid, any disney character at all really - tank tops, nightgowns, pj's or sundresses. its already 103 here, so nothing heavy please<br><br>
for my 10.5 month old boy child<br>
~large pocket diapers and inserts<br>
~solid colored tank tops in 18-24mos. Solid colored shorts in same. Tank rompers too.<br>
again, nothing heavy. its HOT in arizona in the summer *****<br>
~bob the builder or any construction type theme birthday party favors<br>
~push and pull toys. those ball popper or duck things. lol<br>
~bath and wading pool toys<br>
~wooden or plastic pounding ball toy or ball track toys<br>
~baseball cap to fit a 12-18mo head.<br>
~veggie tales on dvd<br>
~any of those transportation dvd's... you know... things that go i think they're called?<br><br>
for any of the kids - anything with their names on them. They have weird spellings so its hard to find. Any embroidering mamas maybe? its Chelsey Zoey and Roman<br>
maybe just tank tops with their names on the chest where the pocket would be?<br><br>
for dh :<br>
~blank vhs tapes to record our home movies onto<br>
~mens size 36' waist shorts.<br>
~mens tshirts xxl - light colors.. white, beige, yellow etc for working out in the sun<br>
~a nice mans cross to wear around his neck<br>
~a wedding band. Ours had to be cut off him one day at work (ok, i'm dreaming lol. maybe i'll get one for him for our anniversary this year if i can pull it off)<br><br>
for me:<br>
~lexmark z12 printcartridges - 17goo60 is what i need *<br>
~a sleeveless nursing dress in XL for church and other summer events **<br>
~cool hair clips. I am so sick of sticking my hair up in these plastic claws every day<br>
~a bathingsuit. nursing would be great, but even non nursing would work. I wear a womens XL 16ish and need major boob support. I have been swimming in a tank top and shorts and my teen says i can't do that at the next summer party lol<br>
~a long shot - but a hair cutting trimmer thing kit? lol.<br>
so i can cut my dh's and the kids hair?<br>
~wooden frames. all sizes<br><br>
fun stuff we never mind getting in the mail...<br>
~jelly bellies<br>
~oregon chai<br>
~other teas, coffees etc<br>
~wahm made soaps to try, candles, body products, bath stuff, chocolates, foods etc<br><br>
anyone have free passes to disneyland? lol

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Here's what I'm looking for<br><br>
For our vacation:<br>
400 speed 35mm film<br>
VHS-C tapes<br>
fast food gift certificates<br>
a black, blue, purple or green travel bag to hold meds, toiletries and our hairstuff.<br>
a travel toothbrush for me<br><br>
For me:<br>
book: "homeschooling: the early years"<br>
a good, natural bristle brush<br>
long nursing dresses (size 12/14 or Large) - blues, greens or purples are my favorites.. I don't care for yellow, orange or brown much<br>
size 14P jeans (tapered leg) or denim shorts<br>
bath salts or bath teas<br><br>
For Lindsey:<br>
monarch butterfly or ladybug wings that keep their shape<br>
dress up jewelry<br>
dress up cape<br>
2T clothes for fall/winter... no yellow, orange or brown as she looks awful in those colors<br>
any WAHM clothes<br>
anything with fairies<br>
clothes for a 13 inch waldorf dolly (girl)<br>
wooden cash register<br>
someone to embroider her a shirt (PM me if you can do this)<br>
advocacy clothes: homeschooling, AP or non-spanking<br>
Magnetic wooden dolls<br>
Sequencing cards (we have clifford and blue's clues)<br>
learn to read type books<br>
Wooden pattern blocks<br>
wooden lacing stuff<br><br>
For Joshua:<br>
18 month clothes for fall/winter - he's best in deeper, richer colors.. but is okay in anything but brown<br>
dragon wings that keep their shape<br>
dress up cape<br>
anything with dragons or elves or gnomes<br>
clothes for a 13 inch waldorf dolly (boy)<br>
any WAHM clothes<br>
someone to embroider him a shirt (PM me if you can do this)<br>
advocacy clothes: AP, non-spanking or co-sleeping<br>
wooden tools/construction stuff<br><br>
For the family in general:<br>
bendy friends.. mermaids, elves, gnomes, fairies, etc.<br>
playsilk blanks (we want to dye them as a family project) - the larger the better<br>
a large playsilk for a canopy (greens/blues/celestial or fairy preferred)<br>
nature table stuff - gnomes, fairies, elves, root children...<br>
agates or pretty rocks<br><br>
Lindsey is OBSESSED with My Little ponies.. if you have ANYTHING you want to get rid of, please pm me..

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these are fun <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="smile"><br>
*** is stuff we really need<br><br>
Lil ds<br>
***diaper covers! larger mediums or larges. He has a picky bum and much prefers wool or fleece. PUL works for short amounts of time so long as the elastic is not tight on his skin. We're low enough on covers right now anything would help <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Stick Out Tongue"> He is a chunky 20+ pounds with a 15 inch nekkid waist, 10 inch nekkid thigh, and a short 15 inch rise over a thin fitted.<br>
*your not being worn wool, lambswool, angora, merino clothing, skirts, sweaters, etc, doesn't necessarily have to be boyish<br>
***6-12 or 18 month summer hats, cannot be snug or hard on the forehead<br>
*6-12 or 18 month khaki, navy and denim shorts or pants with room for fluff<br>
*baby safe mirror, he LOVES mirrors<br>
*Righteous Baby anything lol, , fleece or WIO, boyish p-folds, I would LOVE to try a FLAG! He can wear a size 1 or 2 right now<br>
*I'd love to try a ValorKids, First Class Baby, non-hemp Firefly, sherpa anything, BottomBumper, anything fun<br>
*6-12 or 12-18 Robeez or similar, prefer red or blue but any boyish would work<br>
***natural baby friendly sunscreen<br><br>
Dd, her birthday is the end of this month! She wears a 4T.<br>
***She loves anything Wiggles, Nemo, Dora, Blue's Clues, Veggietales, tshirts, books, toys, dolls, dvds, she would *LOVE* costumes<br>
*cotton nightgowns<br>
*cotton stripey hanna or similar dresses<br>
*bike shorts for under dresses<br>
*preschool or kinder Leappad books<br>
*good quality dress up stuff (old hats or costume jewelry you don't wear??)<br>
*unopened kid friendly cod liver oil (she loves Nordic Naturals)<br><br>
Big ds (boys S or 5-6)<br>
*anything trains for his room or him, clocks, framable pictures, unbabyish fabrics, etc.<br>
*Thomas the Tank Engine stuff, wood track, people, trains, etc thomas/brio compatible<br>
*anything Thomas the Tank Engine<br>
*Shrek stuff! The 3d movie, a hat or anything really, he has Shrek shoes<br>
*2nd grade McgrawHill Spectrum books for fall (we have reading)<br>
*1st-2nd grade level readers<br>
*1st-2nd grade Leappad or QuantumPad books<br>
*Toy Story toys<br>
*1st-2nd grade science stuff, books, experiment kits (homemade is great)<br><br>
*larger shouldered Larges or XL nice tshirts, racing, cars, guy stuff lol<br>
*32-33 inch waist shorts in great condition (mr I'll wear these til they're threads thanks anyway hon)<br><br>
*gluten free cookbooks (we have GFG cooks fast and healthy)<br>
*size L long skirts, summer or winter, hippy patchy great <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="orange big grin"><br>
***double needle for a Kenmore sewing machine<br>
*any size or type needle for a Kenmore sewing machine<br>
*diaper friendly fabrics or notions, would love some not metal snaps and cotton sherpa<br>
*adjustable ring sling in momma colors, not baby boy colors

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"Having a Baby Naturally" Peggy O'Mara in giftable condition<br><br><i>Books: Sears books in excellent condition please!</i><br>
The Birth Book: Everything You Need to Know to Have a Safe and Satisfying Birth by William, Md. Sears, Martha, R.N. Sears new cover style<br>
The Breastfeeding Book by William, Md. Sears, Martha, R.N. Sears, new cover style<br>
I Eat at Mommy's by Anne E Bradlye-McBeth<br>
VBAC books<br>
Homebirth books<br>
Giftable breastfeeding books<br>
Books on Circ esp Fleiss<br><br><br>
Nursing maternity shirts in xl (maternity shirt with nursing openings)<b><br>
Amelia's organic cotton socks, or any other thick cotton or wool socks<br>
in white, neutral colors (taupe, cream, etc)</b><br>
Closed toe brown leather (or leather look) slides or sandals good cond sz 8<br><br><br>
Knitting needles any size but 9 and 10.5, prefer wood or aluminum, esp circular 16" in sz 7<br>
wool yarn - soft for crocheting/knitting soakers - natural colors prefered so I can dye it<br>
cotton yarn for socks<br>
Kooler's encyclopedia of Crochet and Encyclopedia of Knitting<br><br><br>
Amara almost 2<b><br>
solarveil sling or other sun blocking sling or solarveil fabric long enough to make a sling (2 yds)</b><br>
long sleeve cotton play dresses in 3t, EC please, solid colors or stripes or other simple/small designs<br>
Robeez shoes in 18-24, I like the orca ones and plain colors<br><i>Gift certificates to Old Navy, Gap, Children's Place</i><br>
Wooden toys (like the tool box with screws and nails)<br>
Bath books<br>
Diaper Potion Lotion<br>
Medium wool wraps, <b>esp Celtic Wool any gender</b><br>
XL Pail liner<br><br>
For next baby- like new condition on these items please<br>
FB in medium and XS gn, in EC only please (especially pastels!)<br>
medium WAHM covers in gn, EC only please<br>
medium WAHM AIOs in EC, gn please<br>
newborn and small AIOs, again EC and gn<br>
I'd really like to try a Toot Sweet fitted in newborn size<br><br><b>Gifts-<br>
Wet bag set like the ones at happy tushies or similar<br></b><br><br>
***PUL*** colors<br>
Windpro fabrics or wool jersey/flannel<br>
velour and sherpa!!!!!!!! (cotton only please)<br>
Serger thread esp wooly nylon in purple or blue verigated<br>
Celtic themed fabric<br>
Asian fabrics (geishas, kanji, brocade etc)<br>
microfleece in white or any other solid color<br><br><br>
big pinecones or other natural elements to be used in decor<br>
those thin plastic cutting boards that can be rolled up<br>
silicone bakeware, anything but the cupcake pans<br>
Lavendar EO<br>
Lemon EO<br><br>
For DH-<br><br>
Rechargable Power X batteries size AA<br>
Mario Kart Double Dash for Gamecube<br>
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance for Gameboy Advance<br>
Brown dress belt to fit 38-40 waist

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i'm going to declutter soon! i have a garage sale coming up soon and have tons of stuff to get rid of. where does this all come from??? here is what i am ISO most of all:<br><br>
*new or used without stains cloth mama pads. prefer hemp; AIO or insert-style fine<br><br>
* headphones. i prefer bigger ones as the the thinner, flimsier ones i break easily <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="/img/vbsmilies/smilies/eyesroll.gif" style="border:0px solid;" title="roll"><br><br>
* full skeins of undyed fisherman's wool or chunky soft 100% wool yarn<br><br>
* hanna wiggle pants in 70 or 80 or similar. none of her knit pants fit anymore<br><br>
* california baby, little forest or other natural sunscreen for kids (opened okay)<br><br>
* large BBH wool cover<br><br>
* medium berry patch hemp fitteds<br><br>
* medium patchwork pixie elfin unders in plain hemp<br><br>
* a medium ellaroo or girasol wrap (impossible, i know but i can wish, right?)<br><br>
* medium firefly quick-dry colors<br><br>
* a nursing necklace! i'd love a simple pretty one with stones; dd saw one at LLL and fell in love with it.<br><br>
i love heavier wool sidesnapping covers and hemp fitteds with snap-in doublers.

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These are sooo cool! I was able to send out to two last one!<br>
Here goes the updated ISO:<br><br><span>DIAPERING (2 in cloth diapers)</span><br>
*Little Lambs AIO's size L, XL, or Toddler for boy/gn<br>
*diaper buddies<br>
*Any AIO's/WIO's (haven't tried the wool but they sound so nice!)<br>
*Would love to try any of the covers w/fitteds that would fit 23 pounds up to 45...if they go that high lol) or even some nice wool covers but haven't had $ to do it yet!<br><br><br><span style="color:#000080;">FOR MY 3 BOYS</span><br>
*snugglebees~new or gently used; my 1yo and 4yo are now bickering over the one that we have!<br>
*any wooden toys<br>
*crochet/knitted/felted play & food items<br>
*play silks<br>
*drawing items for 10yo<br>
*any fish(ing) or bug items<br>
*spill proof sippy cups, used is fine as long as not too chewed up lol!<br>
*soft shoes for my 13 mo old, size 6<br><br><span>FOR MY GIRL</span><br>
*play silk<br>
*waldorf type doll<br>
*hair brush/comb/hair things, she recently donated her hair to locks of love and is having fun trying new things out with her hair<br><br><br><span style="color:#800080;">NURSING & Non-Nursing (for me)</span><br>
*nursing tops in size 2x<br>
*any patch momma size 2x or 22clothese would be cool<br><br><span>OTHER</span><br>
*homeschooling leftovers you might have for K, 3, or 5th grades...any would be appreciated!<br>
*tea tree oil<br>
*lavendar eo<br>
*Burts Bees baby stuff, opened is fine<br>
*beach towels<br>
*double stroller, I know this is a longshot <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="/img/vbsmilies/smilies/eyesroll.gif" style="border:0px solid;" title="roll"> but maybe someone is ready to get rid of theirs...can pick up in PA area to some extent!<br>
*kitchen dishrags, would love some crocheted ones or store bought even!

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For almost 29lb dd, chubby thighs, low rise<br>
Side-snap AIO's, L (prefer something with hemp)<br>
Pocket diapers, but not velcro, stuffers for pockets<br>
fitteds and covers, L (again side-snap preferred - dd is an escape artist!)<br>
Nighty Newts Soakers, L (15X15, I think)<br>
zippered wet bag<br>
tiedye or just dyed prefolds ( I wou7ld love some that were trimmed to fit my pocket diapers)<br>
Beccabottoms Ultratrim AIO<br>
mini shower (a girl can dream, right?)<br>
doll-sized diapers<br><br>
For dd, 19mos, almost 29lbs<br>
Size 6 or 6.5 shoes (EC or VGC please)<br>
socks, prefer white<br>
Size 6 or 7 water shoes<br>
hair bows (I like the alligator clips that hold well in fine baby hair - we would like to have small matching bows for pigtails)<br>
swimsuit in 24mo or 2T<br>
2T or 3T pj's for summer, cotton please<br>
2T winter clothing - no jeans - chubby baby + cd's = no jeans I prefer well-made stuff, target stuff is fine, but no Garanimals, McKids, etc<br>
3T summer stuff - same as above - I really like Lands End, Hanna, Chicken Noodle, Zoodles, Baby Lulu, Gymboree, Osh Kosh but it doesn't have to be name brand<br>
Sandra Boynton Books (PM first - we have several titles)<br>
Large board-book style activity books (lift-a-flap, textures, etc)<br>
For DS, age 4.5, size 5<br>
size 5 or 5T summer clothing, anything well-made, preferably no cartoon characters, unless it is Buzz Lightyear or Thomas the Tank Engine<br>
size 13 water shoes<br>
ankle-length socks<br>
Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends stuff - we don't mind duplicates - he has especially been wanting a Gordon or an electric engine<br>
Buzz Lightyear stuff<br>
Rescue Heroes - especially the Police Car<br>
Arts & Craft supplies<br>
preschool workbooks (he loves "homework")<br>
soccer ball<br>
computer games<br><br>
matching tie-dye tee's for the kids would be fun!<br><br>
For DH<br>
size 36 or 38 docker style pants<br>
size 38 belt, black or brown,<br>
size large polo-style shirts<br>
NIP white tees, L<br>
shorts in size L or 38<br><br>
For me<br>
shoes, size 7.5, 8 if sandals, prefer no high-heels, brown loafers are nice, slip-ons or clogs would be good, but I haven't bought shoes for myself in 4 years, so anything up-to-date would be great! LOL<br>
Gardening shoes, gloves and tools<br><br><br>
Child of Mine, Feeding with Love and Good Sense - Ellyn Satter<br>
No Cry Sleep Solution - Elizabeth Pantley<br>
Happiest Baby on the Block - Harvey Karp (book, video or DVD)<br>
Siblings Without Rivalry - Farber?<br>
whole foods/healthy cooking type cookbooks - I LOVE cookbooks!<br><br>
Annie's Organic Cheddar Bunnies<br>
Pirate's Booty<br>
Smart Puffs<br>
any other organic or natural crackers/snacks<br>
Be Natural Energy Bars in any flavor except Banana/Bran

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large and med fuzzibunz<br>
trickle free training pants-2/4<br>
any wool wash with the lanolin in it<br><br>
tightwad gazette book-any version<br>
Any full season or sopranos on VHS or DVD<br><br>
any brand adult toothbrush soft or med bristle (new)<br>
gift cards to Walmart, target or any chain restaurant in Maine<br>
P- touch labeler or similar labeling system<br>
staionary, all occasion card with envelopes<br>
Natural kids bubble bath<br>
natural sunscreen, opened and half used ok as long as not expired<br>
bath tints to color the water<br>
hyland's earache tablets unopened<br>
little bear flouride free toothpaste (new)<br>
health valley cereal bars-out of the box is ok<br>
unopened packages of dried blueberries or strawberries<br>
candy molds-I am going to use to make crayons<br><br>
FOR ME<br>
natural face wash and moisturizer<br>
keeper, diva cup, moon cup for after childbirth size<br><br>
FOR DD<br>
care bear pictures for wall or removable wall stick ups<br>
robeeze,soft star shoes, or wool slippers with leather bottoms girly or gender nuetral size 1 year and up, to fit toddler size 6 feet or bigger(any condition as long as it has life left in it)<br><br>
FOR DS 3 years old<br>
woody from toy story with removable hat and pull string to talk approx 12" tall<br>
zurg doll/action figure<br>
stinky pete doll/action figure<br>
toy story coloring or activity books

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i am taking off my iso, as from other RAK swap and this one i have received a couple of packages and i think a few others on way, i gather from people requesting my address<br>
everyone has been so generous <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="smile"><img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="smile"> , and i wouldnt feel right getting more packages when i have only sent out 5 with possibly another 2.<br><br>
thank u so much, you wondefully kind generous mamas<br>

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If anybody is interested in handpainted stuff or nursing or toddler necklaces, let me know. Even adult necklaces. Those are my hobbies, so I have a lot of that stuff around.<br><br>
Here's my ISO list:<br><br>
For my baby:<br>
**beccabottoms ultratrim aios or pockets, size l (stained inners fine)**<br>
**daisy doodles aios, l, hemp snap in & doubler preferred but micro ok, applix preferred**<br>
m fmbg serged aio to try<br>
m or l darling diaper serged aio to try<br>
fcb pul aio to try (probably size 2?)<br>
lullaby diaper aio tester to try<br>
nighty newt 15 * 15<br><br>
For a mama I'm setting up with cd's:<br>
small wetbag<br>
pail liner<br>
dipes for a 15 lb 2 mos. old<br>
a sling<br><br>
robeez sandals in 6-12 mos<br>
**haba wooden teething toys for the babe** (really want this! teeth marks ok)<br><br>
perfume (open ok):<br>
v'tae sensuality water<br>
lush- karma or ginger anything<br>
origins ginger anything<br><br>
**burts' bees beeswax moisturizing cream** (really need this)<br>
lush skin drink lotion<br>
nature's gate lemon verbena shampoo, conditioner & deoderant<br><br>
cathe olsen's baby food book<br>
books explaining vegetarian stuff to kids<br>
the mothering issue with the article about cytotec<br><br>
clean pump in style tubing<br>
medela Softcup Seamless Bras with built up strap, black or nude,in good condition, size 38-42, d-dd no underwire!!<br>
wonderbra nursing bra in 40-42 d-ddd<br>
moe breastpads that are still soft or raw silk breastpads (like at luxe baby diapers)<br><br>
metal skewers for shishkebabs that have never touched meatstuffs<br>
tupperwear tumblers<br>
a mini-vacuum of some sort<br>
essential oil's: tea tree, lemon<br>
coffee grinder<br>
a retractable laundry cord<br><br>
gift certificates:<br>
online health food store or whole foods<br>
old navy<br>
lane bryant<br>
trader joe's<br>
dsw shoe store<br>
craft stores<br>
linens n things

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This is fun!!! <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="love"> I prefer wahm and/or used items in good condition! Opened packages are fine<br>
***are items I really really want or need<br>
Thanks!!!!<br><br><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><b>Diapering</b></span><br>
Prefer girly or animal, especially farm prints, light staining ok<br>
****Med fuz, tiny holes ok<br>
Med apron strings pockets<br>
Med valor kids aio’s or fitteds<br>
Tye-die cpf regular or premium!<br>
RB flag 2, aio’s<br>
Rollie pollies countered dipes small or med, plain or girl print, like the fleece lined<br>
****Wool shorts, 18months, 19” waist*****Really want<br>
Diaper or woolie keychain<br><br><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><b>For dd, Maegan, 15 months:</b></span><br>
Any hemp clothing sz 12m-18m<br>
Cotton undershirts(not onsies) sz 12-18 months(20lbs+)<br>
18m-24 nightgowns, pj’s, cotton only<br>
*****wahm clothing!!!!!<br>
Sz 18 month(or tag sz 12-14m)<br>
****Simple cotton dresses, sleeveless or ss, prefer solid color, prints ok. from gap/hanna Anderson/gymboree/children’s place or of similar style and quality<br>
****Sz 5 or 6(toddler) galoshes/rainboots/garden boots<br>
Wood musical instruments for 18months +<br>
Wood food or accessories<br>
Tea or cooking set, non-plastic<br>
Small dolls and accessories for doll house, plastic ok(like playmobil)<br>
Felt ball<br>
Snow globes<br>
Burt bees apricot oil<br>
hyland's earache tablets unopened<br><br><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><b>For ds, Joey age 10:</b></span><br>
Adventure books, gr5+ sci-fi too or funny books( has all Road Dahl, Judy blume)<br>
******books on tape, any that are 1+ hrs long)<br>
Gameboy or gb adv games<br>
Knot tieing kit<br>
****Payday game<br>
Mars 2001 game<br>
games for 10yrs+(not monopoly, life, labyrinth)<br>
Cool t-shirts/plain elastic waist shorts, kids sz xl or 14<br>
***Rock from your state<br><br><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><b>For me</b></span><br>
3x bf or cd t-shirts<br>
Sewing patterns for 12m-sz4 girls, sz 14 boys, house hold linens, pillows, etc<br>
Lg cookie(big enough for sliced bread) cutters and tiny ones J<br>
Your famous cookie recipe <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="wink1"> Really!! Another momma gave me hers, and it's so good!!! <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="yummy"><br>
****pictures of streams in woods or other<br>
Any natural face scrub/mask<br>
LG 'Unpaper' Towels, cotton or hemp<br>
Shell cloth wipes, adult or child<br>
Large ‘wipe-style’ face clothes for mom<br>
New nylon or soft natural scrubbie<br>
Pretty barrettes, nothing big and bulky<br>
Simple headbands<br>
****Danglely earrings with glass beads, looking for funky or cool ones<br><br>
****counter top compost bin, or for under the sink<br>
Cute notepads for lists or short notes<br>
Paper craft stuff, note cards<br>
Writing paper and envelopes, cool, nice, pretty or cute <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="wink1"><br>
Scrapbook stickers for girls, friends<br>
Velum paper for scrapbooking<br>
Procion dyes<br>
Wool yarn, any color<br>
Natural wool roving<br>
Dyed wool roving<br>
*Essential Oils:<br>
- Lavender, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Yarrow, Calendula<br><br><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><b>For dh</b></span><br>
Jeans sz 30/31<br>
Anything with Dale Earnheart<br>
Hot sauces<br>
Coffee beans<br>
Dark chocolate<br>
***coffee thermos sm/med not huge<br><br><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><b>For house</b></span><br>
herb seeds<br>
outdoor plant decorations<br>
Cloth napkins<br>
Vanilla beans<br>
Cinnamon sticks<br>
****Magnetic clear plastic picture frames<br>
Funky thumbtacks<br>
Skittles, berry or regular<br>
Swedish fish, small red only<br><br><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><b>Music Cd’s only</b></span><br>
Red Hot chili peppers<br>
Simon and Grafunkel<br>
Led Zepplin<br>
Pink Floyd<br><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><b>DVD’s</b></span> no copies please(they don’t play!)<br>
Spirited away movie(and the other 3 from Japanimation)<br>
****Lilo and Stitch<br>
The Family Guy on DVD Seasons 1 or 2<br><br><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><b>Books:</b></span><br>
****Bengson, How weaning happens<br>
****Bumgarner, Mothering your nursing toddler<br>
****Any BF/AP book for a child<br>
The Divincy Code<br>
Any books on trees, tree lore, fiction/non-fiction, any age level<br>
****Before Five in a row<br>
Beyond Five in a row<br>
Five in a row cookbook<br>
Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear? by N.W. Carlstrom<br>
Yellow Ball by Molly Bang<br>
My Blue Boat by Chris L. Demarest<br>
The Little Rabbit by Judy Dunn<br>
Ask Mr. Bear by Marjorie Flack<br>
Blueberries For Sal by Robert McCloskey<br>
The Big Green Pocketbook by Candice Ransom<br>
The ABC Bunny by Wanda Gag<br>
If Jesus Came to My House by Joan Gale Thomas<br>
The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats<br>
The Quiet Way Home by Bonny Becker<br>
Play With Me by Marie Hall Ets<br>
Prayer for a Child by Rachel Field<br>
I Am an Artist by Pat L. Collins<br>
Angus Lost by Marjorie Flack<br>
We're Going On a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen<br>
The Red Carpet by Rex Parkin<br>
Jenny's Surprise Summer by Eugenie<br><br><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><b>Subscriptions to</b></span><br>
Mothering Magazine<br>
Compleat Mother<br>
Home Education magazine<br><br><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><b>Gift Cert:</b></span><br>
AC Moore/Michaels’s/Jo-Ann Fabric<br>
Any online fabric or book store<br>
Any wahm dipe, wool, soap, fabric, clothing store<br>
The Children’s Place<br>
Hanna Anderson

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I love these swaps! Last time I received 2 packages adn sent out 2 too! here's my list, thanks for looking!<br><br>
A nightlight for my little boy's room.<br>
Burt's Bee's<br>
-No Spill Shampoo Bar<br>
-Orange Facial Scrub<br>
Tea tree oil<br>
Soy Candles<br>
WAHM Soaps/bath products<br>
Shopping Cart Cover, used is fine!<br>
*12-18M Breastfeeding Advocacy Clothing, or larger, used is fine<br>
Continuum Concept<br>
Maya wrap L/XL<br>
Luna Bars<br>
Natural baby bath products, again used is fine!<br>
Deodrant crystal, only new or used once please!<br>
I am looking for some sort of spray for me that smells yummy.<br>
The Keeper, Diva Cup or like.<br>
3X 'Hippy' Summery shirts, used is fine!

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Thanks Mamas! <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="thumbs up">

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I couldn't find anything to send with the last thread (can you believe it! <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="huh"> those lists were huge lol) but I found something for this thread, so I'm not going to put my ISO up this time. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="love"> this is fun!

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Diapering: (Boy, 16 1/2 lbs and growing fast!!)<br>
**EC only, please, no stains - I'm very anal about staining, lol**<br>
Size medium wool soaker, knit by you is great!<br>
Size medium wool longies, knit by you is great!<br>
Size medium wool shorts, knit by you is great!<br>
*** Swim diaper (for baby boy who will be 4 mo in June)<br>
* Any size medium wool covers from Baa Baa Bottoms, Kool<br>
Sheep, Celtic Wool Creations, KiwiPie<br>
* Any boyish/gender neutral covers from Tuesday Bear<br>
Celestial Baby snuggles or hemp dyed fitteds, size medium<br>
FuzBomb medium cover<br>
* Any Diaper Garden Wool covers or fitted diapers, retro, size medium or large<br>
**FCB envelope, size 1 or 2<br>
***FCB AIO, size 1 or 2, gn or boyish<br>
*FCB LC, size 1 or 2, gn or boyish<br>
*FCB Nightlights, size 2<br>
Celestial Baby fitteds, size medium<br>
Any hemp diapers, especially organic, in mediums<br>
Any sherpa diapers, especially organic, in mediums<br>
I'd love to try an Angel Wraps<br>
I'd love to try a BeccaBottoms ultratrim AIO<br>
I'd love to try a Valor Kids dipe<br>
I'd love to try Simon's Custom Cloth<br>
I'd love to try a RB FLAG<br>
I'd love to try a Pinhead OS dipe<br>
***I'd love a fruit soaker for the summer - strawberry, watermelon, kiwi, anything ... knit or crocheted, made by you is great! Size medium, or osmeone to make me (um, I mean Holden, lol!) one<br>
Little Belle or similar soaker shorts<br>
*New Zealand Wool soaker, size 1<br>
Any holiday wool covers in medium or large<br>
A Snappi or 2 (I only have one and could use at least one more) - any color except pink or yellow<br>
WAHM diaper lotion potion (Pinheads or similar)<br>
Burt's Bees baby wash<br>
Lavendar EO<br>
Dr. Bronner's Baby wash<br>
Soaker keychain<br>
Diaper keychain<br>
Wetbags - I need medium (3-4 diapers) and extra large (one that would hold a day and a half-2 days worth of diapers while we are camping)<br>
Liquid WOW - PM me about scents<br><br><br>
Crafty items:<br>
Any PUL fabrics<br>
***Any hemp fabrics (hemp terry or hemp fleece, esp.)<br>
Any MM fleece fabrics<br>
* Sherpa fabrics, especially organic<br>
** Velour fabrics, especially organic<br>
* Suedecloth fabrics<br>
* Wool fabrics - wool flannel or wool jersey, any color, at least 1/2 yard pieces<br>
**Wool fabric scraps - wool flannel or wool jersey, any color, at least 1" square (or can be made into 1" squares)<br>
Microfleece fabrics<br>
**I'm IDSO a fantasy print (knit or woven) - dragons, castles, unicorns, wizards, or fairy tale related**<br>
Serger thread, especially colors<br>
Wool yarn, any color<br>
* Wooly nylon<br>
Plastic snaps, any color, size 16 or 20 (compatable w/ KAM pess) - especially size 20 purple caps<br>
Scrapbooking supplies, boyish/baby<br>
Procion dyes, especially purples<br>
Kool aid packets for dying<br>
Tie dye kits<br>
* LTK longies patterns<br><br><br>
For ds (15 weeks):<br>
Natural wooden toys<br>
* Tie dye clothing, size 6 months + (no onsies, please)<br>
Hanna Andersson spring/summer clothing size 60, 70<br>
Hanna Andersson fall/winter clothing, size 70, 80<br>
Wooden toys or any kind- blocks, puzzles, play food, animals,<br>
people, cars, etc.<br>
One of those gym things for the floor (Gymini? I think that's the name)<br>
Robeez or similar, boy/gn, any size<br>
Any Halloween costumes in size 9mo - 18 mo, especially animals (No tv/movie characters, please, with the exception of Harry Potter, Winnie the Pooh and the Wizard of Oz - PM me with questions)<br>
Any cotton clothing blanks (no onsies, please), size 6 mo and up, especially rompers<br>
Cute floppy hats in boyish/gn colors or white, infant size<br><br><br>
For dd (3 ½):<br>
Tie dye clothing, size 4T<br>
Summer dresses, size 4T<br>
Felted wool balls<br>
Felted wool animals for nature table<br>
Wooden animals for nature table<br>
* Playsilks - dyed or blanks, any size<br>
* Hanna Anderson playdress and bike shorts size 100 / 110<br>
Hannah Andersson spring/summer clothing, size 110<br>
Hannah Andersson fall/winter clothing, size 110<br>
Magic School Bus videos/books (PM with titles, have a bunch already)<br>
Any woodland fantasy set<br>
* Any craft kits for kids 3 – 10 yo (don’t worry about age limits)<br>
(homemade craft kits fine)<br>
*Anything from <a href="" target="_blank"></a><br>
* Anything from Hearth Song<br>
Waldorf doll<br>
Robeez or similar, shoe size 8 or 9 (she actually wears a size 18-24 months in Robeez - and that's big on her!)<br>
Cute floppy hat for being out in the sun, white or girly colors<br>
Any Halloween costumes in size 3T/4T, or children's small (no tv/movie characters, please, with the exception of Harry Potter, Winnie the Pooh and the Wizard of Oz - PM me with questions)<br>
Any princess/fairy/mermaid dress up clothing<br>
And old, fancy dresses (think your old bridesmaid dresses, lol!) for dress up<br>
Silk scarves for dress up<br>
Any patchy clothing in size 4T and up<br>
Any cotton dress blanks, size 4T and up (winter or summer, ls or ss, doesn't matter)<br><br><br>
For me:<br>
Spring/summer clothing, size small 4/6, must be nursing compatible<br>
Yoga pants, size small<br>
Hannah Andersson clothing, any season, size XS or S<br>
* Genereal foods international coffee - decaf french vanilla<br>
(cannot find it anywhere anymore) - sealed<br>
* Pouch sling - any kind, I've never tried one but would like to<br>
Maya Wrap, size medium, color 14, 22, 27, 28, 61, 67<br>
Any WAHM soaps, especially oatmeal<br><br><br>
**The Chldren's Year<br>
Circle Round<br>
Any pagan-type homescholing books<br>
Any pagan-type children's books<br>
Any pagan-type activities books (children's activities)<br>
Waldorf homeschooling books/materials<br>
Lord of the Rings books (any)<br>
The Hobbit<br>
The Breastfeeding Book (Sears)<br>
The Baby Book (Sears)<br>
Siblings Without Rivalry (Farber)<br>
Any advocacy clothing - women's small, children's 3-6 mo or larger, and 4T<br>
Renewed subscription to Home Education magazine<br>
Renewed subscription to Mothering magazine<br>
Subscription to Simple Scrapbooks magazine<br>
Vegetarian cookbooks<br>
Vegetarian recipes for the crock pot<br><br><br>
Red Lobster<br>
* Joann Fabrics<br>
* AC Moore<br>
* Any WAHM for diapering<br>
Hanna Andersson<br>
The Children’s Place<br>
Linens n’ Things<br>
Wild Oats<br>
Trader Joes<br>
* Hearth Song<br>
* <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

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Used is fine for just about all items, but I prefer very good to excellent condition. Very light staining on diapering items is okay. Please no rips, tears, holes, excessive pilling, or shot elastic!<br><br><br>
Infant 4X8X4 Dark green stitched prefolds<br>
Medium or Large Fuzzi Bunz (newest style) in periwinkle, baby blue, sage, red, royal blue, white, or newest bug print (ask me about other colors)<br>
M or L Joey Bunz<br>
Medium or Large Happy Heiny SOLIDS (Boy/GN colors)<br>
Wonderoos (Boy/GN colors)<br>
I would like to try a wonderfuls insert<br>
I would like to try a L Bumkins AIO<br>
M Loveybums PUL or Fleece Cover (Boy/GN colors)<br>
MOE Trickle free trainers (DS is 26 lbs and average build w/chunky thighs)<br><br>
For Ben:<br>
Cloth Books that can be washed<br>
Hanna Wiggle Pants (any size, GN or boyish colors – if they are too small I’ll save them for the next baby)<br>
Lands’ End, L.L. Bean, or Hanna One Piece Cotton Rompers (Summer 6-9 months, Fall 9-12 months)<br>
Long Sleeve denim shirt size 9-12 months – it would be great if this could match one for Nathan<br><br>
For Nathan:<br>
Long sleeve denim shirt size 2T – it would be great if this could match one for Ben<br>
***XL Onesies<br>
***Baby Gap Socks size XL (size 5- 6 foot) in white, grey, khaki, or navy<br>
Good quality (L.L. Bean, Lands’ End, Children’s Place) Light or Medium Khaki or Navy Cotton Pants (Chinos) in Size 3T or 4T (I am trying to plan ahead – these need to be in EC with little wash wear as they will be for church, etc.)<br>
**Toddler Bumkins Bibs<br><br>
Your Tried and True Crockpot Recipes<br>
Your Tried and True Casserole Recipes (especially those that can be frozen)<br>
Black Socks, Navy Socks (shoe size 8 1/2) 100% cotton please, not faded, ankle/calf length, NIP preferred<br>
Clear magnetic 3x5 and 4x6 frames for refrigerator<br>
Flavored teas and cocoas in unopened packages (I especially like Mint tea)<br>
9 X 13 metal cake pans with lids<br>
**NURSING NECKLACE! – Blue is my favorite color so I would love one with blue/purple in it.<br>
**Blank 4 X 6 unlined index cards (I need 3 more packs of 100)<br><br>
Toys/Other kid stuff:<br>
Magnetic Sets for fridge (farm animals, zoo animals, etc.)<br>
Potty learning books for Boys/GN<br>
Playsilks (no yellow) would love a large rainbow one<br>
Any Wee Sing tapes/CDs<br>
Baby Einstein Videos or DVD’s Neighborhood Animals or World Animals<br>
Neurosmith Music Block Cartridges (we have Rock around the Block and Classical Collection)<br>
Hermie and Wormie Books by Max Lucado (we have Stuck in a Stinky Den)<br>
Animated Children’s Bible stories on video or DVD<br>
Leappad Letter Factory and Word Factory VHS/DVD<br><br>
Stargate SG- 1 (any complete season) My DH would LOVE this!<br>
Brita Water Pitcher Filters<br>
New Tyvek Envelopes (not priority)<br>
Packaging Tape<br>
***Combination Sunscreen/Bug repellant from Avon or similar<br>
Dry erase markers (ones that don’t smell really bad)<br><br>
Back Issues or subscription to Mothering<br>
***The Discipline Book by Sears<br>
The Baby Book by Sears<br>
You CAN teach your child successfully (either volume) by Ruth Beechick<br>
Other books on Gentle discipline (especially from a Christian perspective)<br>
Reading Made Easy by Valerie Berndt<br>
Making the Most of the Preschool Years by Valerie Berndt<br>
Handwriting Without Tears – wooden letter pieces<br>
Phonics Pathways<br>
Early Education at Home: A Curriculum Guide for Parents of Preschoolers and Kindergartners by M. Jean Soyke<br><br>
Gift Cards:<br>
Boston Market/Chicken Out<br>
Michael’s/AC Moore<br>
Home Depot/Lowe’s<br>
Trader Joe’s<br>
The Children’s Place<br>
Hair Cuttery<br>
Natural Babies

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Here's my ISO:<br>
Starred items are those we need or would really like<br><br>
*36F or G nursing bra<br>
*Size 14 Old Navy shorts, 5” inseam, at or just below waist style, denim, navy, or khaki<br>
Size XL Old Navy shirts (not tiny fit)<br>
Boar’s Bristle Brush<br><br>
BF & CD Advocacy tees – 18/24 months<br>
*Sorting toys – rings, cups<br><br>
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy books<br>
Michael Moore books or videos<br>
Al Franken books<br><br>
*King-size flat white sheet, 250+ count, VGC or better<br>
*Unpaper towels<br>
*Flannel “kleenex”<br>
Cute 8x10 stand-up frames<br>
Cloth napkins, no kiddy prints, set of 6 or 8<br>
Shell wipes<br>
Silicone oven mitt<br>
Whistling tea kettle<br>
Non-rustable muffin pan<br>
Cute border for Katherine’s room (45 ft) – please PM w/ pics<br>
Natural dishwasher detergent<br>
*Sportwash/ Sensiclean<br>
A serger, nonworking is fine <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="smile"><br><br>
BF Advocacy bumper stickers<br>
Earl Grey or English Breakfast tea (Ceylon or other good quality please)<br>
Clif bars - any<br>
Kashi Go Lean bars<br>
Organic yummy stuff - surprise us!<br><br>
Books on infant potty learning, voluntary simplicity, homeschooling<br>
Pat the Bunny board book<br>
The Biggest Bed in the World<br>
Breastmilk Makes My Tummy Yummy<br>
I’m Made of Mommy’s Milk<br>
Dr. Suess board books - no writing in them, please (PM for titles)<br>
Shrek DVD<br>
*Back issues of Cook’s Illustrated<br>
Crockpot cookbook<br><br>
Gift Cards, Store Credits, or Coupons:<br>
Whole Foods Markets<br>
Old Navy<br>
Home Depot<br>
Ebay / Paypal
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