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Random Acts of Kindness Swap III

You may have something you do not want or use anymore that another Mama may want or need & you don't have enough to send them a package in the regular match-up swaps. If so... this swap is for you. No match-ups! No waiting for the deadline... just get to checkin' ISO's & spreadin' the love Mama!

1. Post your ISO's.

2. Get in the spirit of giving. (Plus this a fabulous way to declutter.)

3. Only send items in good to excellent shape.

4. Most importantly HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!

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Playstation 2 Games suitable for young kids.

Gameboy Advance/SP Games.

*ANY* Natural &/or Organic Lotion & Shampoo/Body Wash.

Toms of Maine Outrageous Orange-Mango Toothpaste w/flouride.

Pee Wees Playhouse Videos.


ANY Yarn From Little Turtle Knits.

Toms of Maines Natural Cinnamint Toothpaste w/flouride.

Organic Tampons.

Tea Tree Oil.

Peppermint Essential Oil.

Gillette SensorExcel for Women Shaver & Blade Refills.

Sally Spicer Medium Tote or Ruby Bag in Cowboy Blue.

Bath & Body Works White Ginger & Amber Lotions & Creams.

Auric Blends Egyptian Goddess Fine Perfume Oil & Incense.

The Simpsons on DVD Seasons 4+.

The Family Guy on DVD Seasons 1 through 3

IM LOOKING FOR THESE CD's: (Original Only, With All Artwork, Please.)

*ANY* Supersuckers
7 Seconds + Praise
Halo Benders + Don't Tell Me Now
Southern Culture On The Skids + Peckin' Party, Zombiefied & For Lovers Only
Vic Chesnutt + Left To His Own Devices & Drunk
The Red Hot Chili Peppers + Self Titled
Ryan Adams + Heartbreaker
*ANY* Son Volt (Except Straightaways)
Sleater-Kinney + Self Titled
Ramones + Rocket To Russia
The Rock-n-Roll High School Soundtrack
A Blue Note Live Compilation called "Live at the Roxy"


Vegetarian Express by: Nava Atlas
Vegetarian 5-Ingredient Gourmet by: Nava Atlas
For F*cks Sake by: Robert Lasner
Satan Burger by: Carlton Mellick III
The Mountains of Tibet by: Mordicai Gerstein
Bomb The Suburbs by: William Upski Wimsatt

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it makes me smile to get mail, so i love this swap as i know the little things i send make people smile.

i have recieved many RAK so consider others first

what i do need is pm's or emails with advice and tips on travelling with a baby as have an 7 hr flight in a couple of weeks to visit sick grandma. also what is the best way to cope with time changes!! thanks

He is 4 months now so anything that will fit now or in future
toys ;anything you think a 6 month+ old would enjoy
baby spoons

Cloth wipes
Tea tree oil.
Any thing that is a good cream for sensitive bottoms, prone to dry skin diaper rash.
natural bug repellant

For mom
Books any kind, I love to read

kitchen whisk
stationary, esp notelet type things, never have anything cute to write all my notes on when send out my swap packages!!!!!

frizzy hair serum stuff to tame my wild mane
make up, esp mascara never seem to buy any always something else needed
old necklaces and beads for my hemp jewellery making

For dad
Anything underwater orientated (avid divers u see)
esp shark and whale books
VW related as we drive a 1970 camper
sweet for dh as a very sweet tooth
medium size t shirts, shirts

cd's, copies are great of anything u think we may enjoy, always open to new music.

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Any herbal books by Matthew Wood or Rosemary Gladstar or Susan Weed.
Cob/natural building books
Real Goods 11th Edition Solar Living Sourcebook
Any Biodynamic Growing Reading Materials from Ecology Action (not The Sustainable Veg. Garden, or How to Grow more Veg.)
One Circle: How to grow a complete diet in less than 1000 Square Feet (Duhon & Gebhard, 1984)
The Backyard Homestead (Jeavons, et al, 1983)
Asparagus to Zucchini: A Guide to Farm-Fresh Seasonal Produce
Organic Gardener's Handbook of Natural Insect Disease Control (Bradley & Ellis, 1991)
The Backyard Orchardist (Otto, 1993)
A Survival Acre or Crabgrass Muffins by Linda Runyon
The Encyclopedia of Country Living (Emery, 2003)
Welcome With Love by Jenni Overend
Any books on making waldorf dolls.
The Children's Year
Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon
Cathe Olson's cookbook

Brain/Child Mag subscription
Mothering renewal
Ode renewal

LivingSoft Dress Shop or Premium Pants
Ovusoft Fertility Software

Rugby 2004 - Playstation 2
Work-out videos on dvd

Compact flash card >32 mb

Clothing for dd - 18 mos - gender neutral please (very loose, both ways, though):
Good quality, plain and simple cotton or hemp 2T/3T winter clothes - solids are awesome!
Hanna Anderson for dd - 18 mos size 80 & up; exc. cond. pls.
2T patchy pants - to fit over cd bum
2t cotton jammies (long sleeve)
Soft star shoes - I'll check size
Soft Star Boots
2T/3T denim/cord/cotton overalls - plain and simple, pls
Tie dye clothing 2T+

Thomas the tank trains
Wooden toys for 2 years+: i.e. wooden food
Dolls made of natural materials
Beeswax crayon shapes!
Wise and Otherwise Board game
wooden puzzles
lacing beads

PUL prints
Hemp terry
Serger Thread
Wooly nylon thread
Hemp/organic cotton fabric
Tie-dye kit from Dharma
Wool yarn - esp undyed (or hand-dyed already)
Packages of Kool Aid for dying wool
100% cotton yarn
stockmar colored pencils
stockmar stick crayons
wool needle felting supplies/books

Market basket
Food Processor
Wooden salad servers
6 stage Reverse Osmosis Filtration System
Vita - Mix Wet, 64 oz. Polycarbonate Container (w/blades & lid)
Pressure Cooker
Toddler size toothbrushes - new
Refrigerator jars
Glass bowls with lids
Rechargeable AA or AAA batteries

Outside stuff:
Sweetie Pie Bag Doubler or expander
3 person backpacking tent
backpacking stove
water filter
bike trailer
bike helmet for 19 mo old

Organic Insecticidal Soap
Haws Watering Can

Teach me how:
Basket weaving
Building with cob
Grow BioIntensive!

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Here's our list:

DS 10yo:
*any gameboy color games (non-violent please)
*any art/drawing supplies
*any chapter books 4th grade level on up~he needs to practice


DD 8yo:
*any chapter books 3rd grade level on up~she loves to read

*any waldorfy type dolls
*hair brush/goodies for doing her hair...scrunchies, clips, barettes,etc
*any bath goodies
*a pen pal~she loves to write letters

DS 4yo:
*snugglebee or similar type
*any preschool/kindergarten leftover homeschool supplies you aren't using...he wants to go to school too

*wooden blocks, play toys
*any felted/wool play food - toys

DS 1yo:
*play silks used is fine
*snugglebee...getting harder to sneak older brothers away from him lol
*crib sheets
*sippy cups used is fine as long as they're not too chewed up lol

*any homemade soaps or bath goodies
*beach towels, used is fine
*back issues mothering magazine
*complete issue of the tightwad gazette
*sunblock...we go through alot with 6 of us

*natural bug repellant
*homeschooling leftovers you might have for K, 3, or 5th grades...any would be appreciated!
*tea tree oil
*lavendar eo
*kitchen dishrags, would love some crocheted ones or store bought even!


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Yay! This was fun last time-

I like to stencil paint clothes and prefolds and stuff and make necklaces, bracelets, toddler necklaces, nursing necklaces, ... I'm out of things to paint right now, and low on beads, so I'm happy to offer my services if anybody can offer supplies.

But here's my ISO list:

(dd #2 is 23lb, 8 mos)
(we love animals, butterflies, bugs, birds, batiks, solid pul, ...)
**beccabottoms ultratrim aios or pockets, size l or the new size m**
**daisy doodles aios, l or xl, hemp snap in & doubler preferred**
daisy doodle doublers
extra beccabottoms snap-ins and lay-ins (size large or new medium)
baby softwraps pul aio
m or l fmbg serged aio
l bizzy b hive aio (especially batik or girly fabrics)
m or l darling diaper aio
fcb size 2 pul aio
longies, rolled cuffs, nontapered, soft
very baby aio, size m or l, orange or red
happy tushies hanging pail liner (with hang tags and deodisk net would be so cool) or procare lined pail liner
velour/sherpa or sherpa/sherpa wipes, neat colors, 6*6, 7*7,or 6.5*6.5
2-3 citrus circles and deodisks

moss feet shoes, 6-12 or 12-18 mos.
shooshoos: pink puppy, light blue whale, beige lion,
any t-bars, any ballet shoe, large
white daisy, stars, cowboy boots, retro,
flowers on strap, sandals
hand dyed long sleeve shirts
uniform stuff in 3-4t: chino skorts, jumpers, cable knit tights or socks
a playsilk or two (2 matching would be incredible)
good sippy cups (2 matching would be a dream, but one is ok)
spiderman stickers
nontapered, comfy fleece pants (esp. old navy) in 2t or 4t
jacobs ladder like on emibeans
boynton books that we don't already have
haba or hand stained wooden toys (pieces, parts and individual blocks fine), teethers welcome and train parts very welcome (target/thomas compatible)
burts bees apricot oil
california baby wash

perfume (open ok):
v'tae sensuality water
lush- karma or ginger anything
origins ginger anything

brut spray deoderant
xl plain white tees
reggae mix cd's and tapes
plain knit hat with brim for his locs
vintage bob marley things
a bird guide
blank cassettes for camcorder- I have to ask again what type.....

mamacare: shirts
(especially the cosleeping! in xxl)
nature's gate lemon verbena deoderant
avalon organic ylang ylang shampoo, conditioner
thayer's toner
exercise ball & pump (I don't like the texture of the one I got from Target)
mamapads (unstained used ok: r & b (fleece topped, please),
mother of eden or harleyz (fleece or flannel topped),
or snoogie snaps fleece topped aio's
a mamapad wet bag
flannel batik fabric
dark chocolate (euro, natural or low-sugar) or
white chocolate (like the lindt truffle kind) or cocoa almonds
dried guava
tangerine brown sugar scrub from trader joe's
ginger tea or tea with ginger in it
lush soaps and shampoo bars
blue moon beads and glass pendants
tyvek or similar mailers & stamps for swaps & trades
anything laurel birch- fabric,etc.
sketchers platform flipflops, size 9.5
merill sandals, size 9.5
gap roundpocket jeans or lightweight trousers, size 20
old navy olive green or black cords, size 20
black yoga pants, xxl

how it all vegan
the enchanted broccoli forest
ariel gore books
cathe olsen's baby food book
anything by sherman alexie or barbara kingsolver that I don't already have
books explaining vegetarian stuff to kids
steve martin's shopgirl
michael moore books
the mothering issue with the article about cytotec

whalerider in vhs or dvd
the triplets of belleville
myazaki movies (not spirited away)
bend it like beckham in vhs or dvd
my big fat greek wedding
bowling for columbine

clean pump in style tubing
clean pump in style horns and the yellow part at the base of the horn
lansinoh or gerber breastmilk storage bags (open ok)
medela Softcup Seamless Bras with built up strap, black or nude, in good condition, size 38d-dd, 40d-dd or 42d-dd - no underwire!!
wonderbra nursing bra in 40-42 d-ddd
soft breastpads, esp. fleece lined, like moe

media (copies ok, but we have no computer and older equipment, so beware):
the okayplayer mix cd
the new me'shell ndegeocello cd
alicia keys cd's
the new jill scott cd
the new talib kweli cd
is there such a thing as a clean eminem cd?
the new outkast
questlove's babies making babies
the congos- heart of the congo's
yuka honda's cd
a cd by gigi (ethiopian)
the new les nubians cd
goapele's new cd
the new beenie man cd (back to basics or something?)
buena vista social club members cd's or followup cd's (i have the first one)

dr. bronner's rose soap bar
sigg bottles in all sizes
a mini-vacuum of some sort
water filter jug
bread machine recipes
essential oil's: ylang ylang, cardamom, neroli, lemon
coffee grinder
pine nuts
a cheapo calculator
pens (always dissappearing!)
35 mm film
a retractable laundry cord
a digital camera
an internet ready working computer or some help repairing our machine

gift certificates:
ll bean
online health food store or whole foods
dharma trading co.
old navy
lane bryant
crate & barrel
trader joe's
dsw shoe store
craft stores
linens n things
bed bath & beyond
buy buy baby
bead stores
home depot
body shop

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Stuff for my Baby Girl to arrive sometime in July!
~ hanna girl clothes all sizes just try to approximate what a normal baby due in July would where for a given season
~hanna wiggle pants all sizes (baby girl due end of July)
~ any quality clothing & age appropriate for baby due end of July & will be living in Wisconsin.=) (please no stains or tears)
~Girly jack & lily, Robeez or Bobux shoes or soft stars - all sizes (except 6-12 unless you have some "soft boots") just need to be in great condition
~little girl hair stuff - all sorts as long as it's clean!

~playsilks - all sizes & colors
~natural baby / toddler toys - wooden foods/blocks/puzzles or animals (I would really love a set of wooden blocks! If anyone has a woodworking DH/SO) Puppets
~waldorf dolls
~little fabric dolls (like this )
~Disney DVD's - try me we are just starting to collect - VGC only please!
~Welcome & Return to Pooh Corner Cd's - Kenny Loggins
~any childrens books- VGC (ecspecially Sandra Boynton board books)
~music CD's - burned are fine as long as they are labeled & I know which songs are on which!

~books on making babyfood
~Burts Bees or Weleda Baby products
~slings/carriers (will consider all types - just ask! Would like to try out a few different styled ones. particular mei tei & different unpadded (or minimally padded) wraps/pouches, I'm also interested in a mesh/water sling/pouch - I think a medium in most would work! (I'm 5'4" & average build)

~New or excellent condition Cloth diapering items sizes small & medium - prefolds (Indian, unbleached, or bleached) fitteds, covers(all types), pink pins, snappis, liners, doublers, wetbags
~Ecspecially ISO Small & Medium Very Baby & Daisy doodles but any will do!!
~Tea Tree oil

Stuff for Me
~WAHM soaps & bubble baths - (no patchouli please!)
~trendier nursing shirts in size M or a smaller sized large
~nursing necklace (cool but classy) (blues, pinks, softer greens, or fall colors)
~Burts Bees mama - I love everything including the make - up - the more soft natural tones though - no pinks or reds
~natural mama made or soy candles (again - not patchouli)
~sour skittles or any other sour candy - the more sour the better!!
~Mothering subscription
~Cooking Light subsciption
~Compleat Mother subscription
~newer updated versions of any good book on breastfeeding
~born brand shoes size 7.5-8
~re-usable breastpads (prefer these to be unused) all fabrics
~ carribbean or latin type music cd's

~Harley Davidson stuff - We own a Road King so DH loves Harley Memorablia
~Dentyne Ice gum (no cinnamon please!)
~Chewy caramel candy

~dog toys & plush squeaky toys

~nice kitchen towels - (cream, natural, cobalt blue, cranberry)
~counter top compost bin
~books on simple living

~GC to any WAHM - (mom & baby stuff), target, babies r us, j.jill, hanna anderson, Gymboree, Barnes and Noble, Borders
~easy recipes for natural dishes - wouldn't mind your favorites just printed out just be detailed - I am not a cook!!

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I loooove these swaps!

For me;

3X Shirts
Tea tree oil
Luna Bars
Maya Wrap L/XL
Back Mothering Issues
Soy candles
Book Continuum Concept
The Keeper, or like!

For DS (almost 11M);
BB No Spill Shampoo Bar
Weleda Bar Soap
Weleda Diaper cream
12-18M or larger Breastfeeding Advocacy Clothing
**CD (I really want to CD DS, but I don't have anything and I have no idea where to start. So maybe a few 'starters' and instructions for a CD 'dummie'. But please no stains as it would gross me out
. )

For DH;

Misc. Computer parts
esp. 20+ GB Hard drives
XXL Shirts

** Would really really like.**

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For DD:

Summer dresses, shorts, tshirts in size 6, 6x
Sandals or shoes size 10
wooden toys (trying to get out of the plastic stuff)
sheets for bed twin size
LeapPad Learning Games for dd (5yrs)
Computer Games for 1st grader or age 5-8 yrs
Books for early or beginning reading
Board games that are easy for children ages 5

For Me:

Essential Oils: Citrus , Tea Tree, Lavender
Beginners guides to sewing
mama pads
sheets for bed queen size
Vegan Marshmallows
Cotton Rags
Eco-friendly cleaners like seventh generation


Communities Directory: A Guide to Intentional Communities and Cooperative Living
Is it Utopia Yet? By Kat Kinkade

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This is always fun. I already pm'ed one mama and hope to be able to send to others too!!
Heres my list.....

Diapering (NO STAINING)- colors and prints aren't important
~size 4/6 mother of eden overnite undies.
~size 2/4 or 4/6 mother of eden trickle free trainers
~size medium or large firefly diapers, organic cotton, natural or colors is fine
~medium or large firefly sleeptight diapers. organic cotton
~size 2 FLAG diapers
~SOS diapers with print outers
~muttaqin baby fitteds, just 1 to try
~toddler sellin threads fitteds
~side snap or front snap large el bee baby diapers

Justin- 8 yo ds (euro size 120/130)
~Any recent or current Hanna Andersson size 130, summer or fall, especially short johns, tank johns or long johns and sweats. No vintage please
~size 31 or 32 Elefanten black loafers or shoes good for a school uniform

Alexandra- 7 yo dd (euro size 130, reg size 7/8)
~short sleeve 100% cotton nightgowns and 2 pc pjs.(esp Lands End cami set and Hanna short johns or tank johns)
~Hanna size 130 summer or fall, especially fall playdress sets and opposite stripe separates and pearl snap cardigans, no vintage please
~Teva youth size 1 sandals or thongs
~Hanna Anderson or Under the nile size medium underwear with enclosed elastic
~Elefanten T Strap shoes in size 32 in black or navy for school uniform
~Thick Navy, light blue, white or cream tights for school
~navy, light blue, white or cream knee socks for school uniform

Caleb- 4 yo ds (size 5 or euro size 110)
~Hanna Andersson swedish sweatpants and shorts and short sleeve and long sleeve striped shirts/tees. These are his favorite.Other similar brands fine too
~size 5 Carters, LL Bean, Lands End or Hanna (size 110) preferred, or other similar, 6 piece quality pajamas for spring/summer, esp short johns or tank johns

Maggie- 22 month old dd (24 months, euro size 80/90)
~Lands end cami and shorts sleep set size 2t
~size 24 months or 2t baby gap, or old navy, gymboree carters or Hanna 1 or 2 piece pj's, no feet. esp Hanna short johns or shorts zippers and stripes
~Hanna summer playdress sets (prefer bikeshorts with them but bloomers will do, socks not necessary,fall playdress sets but socks aren't too important, as well as opposite stripe infant cardigan/pant sets. (we have the red/pink cardigan pant set)
~Hanna Andersson Ballerina Dress or solid tee dress in size 80 for these two.
~size 18-24 month/2T blue jean or khaki shorts
~XS Hanna Andersson underwear in solids or stripes, or white trainers
~size 22 or 23 Hanna slip on canvas shoes, no ties, any color
~Large wool pants, jersey, or knitted/crocheted for nighttime and this coming winter

~L Gap (or similar) yoga pants, mostly cotton
~size 10 (41 or 42)Born brand Bella, Cove, or slides or thongs, any color
~XL Gap, Old Navy (or similar) fitted short sleeve and long sleeve tees, especially light blue or white and yellow- prefer solid colors
~Large cotton capri pants (not snug fitting), solids preferred
~large or XL Hanna Andersson short johns or long johns
~Large or XL hanna andersson boxy tees (shortsleeves) and boxy beachcomber shorts
~Teva size 9 or 10 thongs or sandals
~size XL Hanna Andersson Pearl Snap cardigan, any color esp navy (other similar brands are great)
~large GAP or Old Navy, or similar yoga pants

Toys and such
~old Tonka ambulance
~natural wood blocks, the ones with abc's on them are fine too
~Erzi wooden foods for kids
~wooden tea set, we have the tea bags already
~wooden kitchen set(can do partial payment on this)
~wooden animals(we have a tiger, turtle,panda,frog, chicks and an elephant-we'd love a zebra)
~wooden bowls, pots and pans, plates, etc for the kids kitchen set we'll be getting hopefully soon.
~any of the wooden appliances like at (blender, toaster, etc)
~the plasticky fruits, veggies and bread that places like Hobby Lobby carry (not the grapes or cherries, maggie will eat
~Snugglebees or bubblebabies or the like. maggie is now collecting them
~up to 4 jumping balls (like UBB has)

Arts and Crafts and Packaging Things
~dried flower press
~procion dyes in colors I don't (I definitely don't need turquoise, black, lemon yellow, or new emerald green)
~Tombo monoadhesive refills
~FeltCraft book (like at
~any jacquard mx or dynaflow dyes
~fingerpaint paper
~Lyra ferby colored pencils
~stockmar paints, partially used is fine
~wool felting needles, especially size 32, 36 and 40 a couple size 20 would be okay too
~wool roving in natural or colors
~any ink pads or cardstock and b&t papers from Close to My Heart
~Stampin Up Ink Spots in rich regals and full sized (new preferred) style ink pads in any color except for craft white. Gently used is fine and would take old style as well
~Stampin Up Cardstock 12x12
~any small background or full background stamps from CTMH or SU.
~other CTMH or Stampin Up stamps (lmk what you have as I have a bunch already)
~shea oil
~shea butter, bulk, atleast 1 lb
~mango butter, bulk, atleast 1 lb
~liquid lanolin
~cropper hopper or similar case to store all my stamping stuff
~dylon cold water dyes, all colors
~twist up large deodorant tubes, unused
~grapeseed oil
~sweet almond oil
~babassu oil
~jojoba oil
~liquid silk
~waterproof labels for inkjet printer
~fabric printing paper for inkjet printer
~glass measuring cup, large or small
~emulsifying wax
~fimo/sculpey soft clay, any colors
~colored hemp string(no natural or black)
~1/4 inch grosgrain ribbon or 3/8 inch organdy ribbon, any colors
~Jacquard Pearl Ex Powdered pigments, esp gold
~hot plate to put in my craft room
~stainless steel pot or pitcher, but must have a pour spout

Essential Oilsand Herbs:
~neroli essential oil
~anise oil
~basil oil
~geranium oil
~eucalyptus oil
~vanilla oil
*will consider other oils, lmk what you have
~lavender buds
~calendula petals
~comfrey root
~marshmellow root
~chamomile flowers

~need a TON of organic cotton or hemp LARGE un-paper towels
~vitamix (yeah right) or smoothie maker
~flat stoneware rectangular baking sheet
~stoneware pie pan
~pyrex bowls, especially vintage, with or without lids
~Dr. Bronners Liquid soap in lavender, peppermint, or the unscented
~glass spice bottles/jars

~Lindt milk chocolate bars or milk chocolate w/hazelnut
~Endangered species milk chocolate or milk choc. w/peanutbutter brittle bars
~Baby Giraffe Bar (milk choc with pb) from Endangered species
~Goetzes, like caramel cremes but chocolate with peanut butter creme centers
~tootsie roll minis
~watermelon jolly ranchers
~grape swedish fish

~Hermie books by Max Lucado (ask first as we have some)
~any books by Mary Pope Osborne (ask about MTH because we have a bunch)
~any Elsa Beskow Books in EC
~Extend the Table cookbook
~Frog and Toad Books (LMK what you have)
~Steel Magnolias on DVD
~The Velveteen Rabbit hardback book
~Matrix,and Matrix Revolution on DVD
~Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein
~kids music cds. Kids Bop, silly songs, etc.
~The Art of Feltmaking book by Anne Vickery

Bath/Body stuff(partially used on anything except bar soap and lip stuff is fine)
~Bare Escentuals Mineral veil powder
~Bare Minerals Loose Shadows in: blush, bordeaux, mermaid, peach puff, silk rose, vanilla sugar, cashmere, java
~Bare Escentuals Lip Gloss in: nude, true, tangerine
~Bare Escentuals Lipstick in: nude, merlot, pecan, berry pretty
~Bare Escentuals make up brushes, all
~ZUM soaps, any
~pad pot with spout, prefer one like Primal Potter makes, glazed
~Natures Gate ORGANICS anything, especially shampoo and conditioner and shower gel. partially used is fine
~Avalon Organics Enzyme Scrub
~Avalon Organics Make Up Remover
~Avalon Organics Bath and Shower Gel, any scent except lavender
~Avalon Organics Rosemary, Mint Thyme, Lemon Verbena, or Ylang Ylang Shampoo/Conditioner
~Avalon Organics Creme Shave
~Alba Botanicals sunscreen with an spf of atleast 15
~Weleda Homeopathic style toothpaste
~Weleda lip balm
~Burts Bees blemish stick
~Burts Bees Kids Toothpaste
~travel sized bottles of NATURAL shampoo and conditioner, shower gel, lotion, shave creme, for our guest bathroom in the new house
~kiss my face orange bergamot foaming soap
~kiss my face active enzyme stick deodorant
~kiss my face kids natural knot detangler
~vegetable sisal body scrubbing glove
~Righteous Baby Moon Pads, used is fine
~California baby : shampoo and body wash, hair detangler,calendula creme, spf 30 sunscreen
~basil eucalyptus or pomegrante soap from

Other stuff
~Sun and Earth Products, esp dish detergent (really need this as they dont' sell it around here) - no fabric softener
~Illume votivo candles or other Illume candles
~ANY of the soy candles from
~Nice quality queen size fitted sheet and or pillowcases with giraffes and or zebras or elephants. (Not kiddish, for an adult bed)
~throw pillows to compliment our safari room, again, no faux fur
~twin size fitted sheets and pillowcases for the girls room. Its in a bright orchid. The new hello kitty print would be great

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WEARABLES FOR DD (brands: boutique brands, Hanna Andersson, newer Gymboree, Gap, Old Navy, organic stuff etc)
*summer, fall, or winter Clothes for dd in size 3T or 90
*spring or summer clothes for dd in a 4T or 100

*stylish maternity clothes (XXS or XS in pants/capris and XS or S in tops)
*stylish nursing clothes in a size XS or S (appropriate for wintertime please)
*MOE Stay Dry Breast Pads in new or like new condition
*new mama cloth for medium to heavy flow
*belly casting kit

STUFF FOR THE BABY BEAN IN MY TUMMY (coming this winter)
(all diapers in VGC PLEASE, and NO stains!!!)
*Bumpy Day Covers in sizes newborn and small
*Bumpy Night Covers in sizes newborn and small
*Angelwraps Quick-Dry AIOs in a Small
*any organic cotton Firefly Quick-Dry colors in a size small
*Kindhearted Women fitteds size small
*Toot Sweet fitteds in size newborn and small
*Toot Sweet wool covers in a size newborn and small
*Snappis (2 or 3)
*Robeez in 0-6 months (gender neutral)
*Eucalan Wool Wash
*Hanna Andersson long zippers in size 50 and 60 (gender neutral prints/colors- like new please)

* 'The Last Juror' by John Grisham
* 'Bleachers' by John Grisham
* 'The Way Back Home' by Peggy O'Mara
* 'The Well Trained Mind' by Bauer and Wise
* 'Silent Knife' by Cohen and Estner
* 'The Lorax' by Dr. Suess
* any books on becoming a big sister or having a new baby (appropriate for a 2.5 yr old)
* 'The Ball Blue Book Canning Guide'

*Birth Videos
*Either one (or both) of the 'Transitions' CDs

*kid-sized yoga mat

*a sewing machine carrying case
*Elizabeth Lee Designs nursing pattern #307

*pads of plain white paper to color on (no lines please)
*any art & craft supplies suitable for a 2yo

*free standing floor dryer
*new waterproof mattress pad for a queen sized bed
*a hot water bath for canning (preferably with the jar holder too!)
*a 'masher' (y'know- the thing for mashing potatoes,etc)
*a bread maker (or let me know if you have one to sell straight out)

*NIP Cocoa Butter Cream or Lotion for moisturizing my growing belly
*NIP natural gentle-eye shampoo for dd
*good quality, natural facial moisturizer

*cloth cover for birthing/workout ball (sold at

15,097 Posts
"Having a Baby Naturally" Peggy O'Mara in giftable condition

Books: Sears books in excellent condition please!
The Birth Book: Everything You Need to Know to Have a Safe and Satisfying Birth by William, Md. Sears, Martha, R.N. Sears new cover style
The Breastfeeding Book by William, Md. Sears, Martha, R.N. Sears, new cover style
VBAC books
Homebirth books
Giftable breastfeeding books
Books on Circ esp Fleiss

Nursing maternity shirts in xl (maternity shirt with nursing openings)
Amelia's organic cotton socks, or any other thick cotton or wool socks
in white, neutral colors (taupe, cream, etc)

Closed toe brown leather (or leather look) slides or sandals good cond sz 8

wool yarn - soft for crocheting/knitting soakers - natural colors prefered so I can dye it
cotton yarn
Kooler's encyclopedia of Crochet and Encyclopedia of Knitting

dd almost 2
long sleeve cotton play dresses in 3t, EC please, solid colors or stripes or other simple/small designs
Robeez shoes in 18-24, I like the orca ones and plain colors
Gift certificates to Old Navy, Gap, Children's Place
Wooden toys (like the tool box with screws and nails)
Bath books
Diaper Potion Lotion
Feverall suppositories 120mg box can be opened but obviously not individual suppositories

For next baby- good condition (no stains, no holes, good snaps and elastic) on these items please
FB in medium and XS gn (especially pastels!)
medium WAHM covers in gn
medium WAHM AIOs GN
newborn and small AIOs GN please and no cotton outers that cause wicking
newborn dipes I'd really like to try: toot sweet, kindhearted woman, FCB, cuddlebuns newborn

***PUL*** colors
Windpro fabrics or wool jersey/flannel
velour and sherpa!!!!!!!! (cotton only please)
Serger thread esp wooly nylon in purple or blue verigated
Celtic themed fabric
Asian fabrics (geishas, kanji, brocade etc)
microfleece in white or any other solid color

big pinecones or other natural elements to be used in decor
those thin plastic cutting boards that can be rolled up
silicone bakeware, anything but the cupcake pans
Lavendar EO
Lemon EO

For DH-

Rechargable Power X batteries size AA
Mario Kart Double Dash for Gamecube
Brown dress belt to fit 38-40 waist

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Womens Clothing
anything cotton in size 1x-2x
size 9 shoes

Boys Clothing
Anything in cotton size 3T to 6T
size 6 shoes or size 10 shoes

Any of the following XL AIO's in boys prints
Lukes Drawers Candy Wrappers
Lucy's Hope Chest
or similar fitting brands

Wash cloths
sippy cups
household soaps for cleaning and body

cotton fabrics of any kind
fleece fabrics of any kind
yarns of any kind
crochet patterns for mitts and hats
crochet patterns for any clothing items

bath salts
shower caddy
wash cloths
back scratcher (gosh I could really use one) I have not found any good brush type here in Canada, looked around several times but cannot find one. My back is so itchy and I cannot reach it.

That is about it, might add more if I can think of something else.

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This swap is impossible to resist! Here's our list

Diapering (to fit the Wiley boy 8 months, 20 ish lbs)
fitteds to try,functional condition (esp. SOS, sugarpeas, hemp)
LoveyBums covers and/or snap ins
a wool soaker since Wiley won't let me knit
Bumkins AIO's or covers (prints)

For Wiley 8 months
Wooden shape sorter (like Melissa & Doug)
other wooden/natural toys
a xylophone (prefer wooden)
Robeez or similar 12-18 months (I think)
Eric Carle board books

For Phelan 8 year old ds
shorts size 8
a wooden sling shot
anything with dragons (clothes, books rubberstamps etc.)

For me
nursing shirts size small (esp. tank tops, no florals please)
mama cloth (like new, small)
Ergo carrier (love to have one, no way I can buy a new one!)

Dh, the impossible
Fluxx (card game)
Dr Dementos CD's
Hawaiian shirts (XL, Tall if you've got it)
longer length shorts to fit a 38in waist

For the house
new canning jar lids
steamer insert
gold coffee filter (10 cup basket)

Crafting etc.
diaper making fabrics (PUL, microfleece, hemp)
wool or wool/hemp yarn
cotton yarn
candle molds
EO's let me know what you have

The ever growing booklist
The Children's Year - Cooper
Naturally Clean Home - Maier
Valley Quest _ Glazer
The Wild Christmas Reindeer (other books by Jan Brett also)
The Mother's Day Mice - Bunting
Math Curse - Sciezcka
The Moon Robber (and othe books by Dean Morrissey)
The Spiderwick Chronicles - DiTerlizzi and Black
Anything by Elsa Beskow
Kids poetry book by Patrick Lewis (Burst of Firsts, A World of Wonders)
Felt Wee Folk

I guess that's it for now. Thanks Mamas!

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ISO for dds ages 5,7 and 8-
wooden dollhouse furniture
art & craft supplies
Any "Little House" books except the first (L.H. in the Big Woods)

for ds 22mos-
wooden puzzle
wooden animals, farm set
wooden shape sorter
Brio train pieces (track or anything else)
tonka trucks

ds age 12 is looking for any of the LOTR books with slightly larger print than the standard paperback (I know that sounds odd, but the type in his copy of The Hobbit is a bit larger and he says easier to read. I think it is the Barnes and Noble edition he has while the LOTR he got the 'movie edition' paperback).

Allen's Naturally detergent

Any Harry Potter books on tape except #5

Books by Dr. Jay Gordon

Flax Oil capsules

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organic cotton clothing size 18 months or larger -- I don't care about stains but I do care about functional things like missing snaps

organic cotton fitted diapers (or AIOs) size large or XL -- ditto above

organic wool soakers -- size large or XL

organic cotton wipes

organic cotton doublers

organic cotton fabric

size 16 metal snaps

organic cotton elastic

Honeyboy pattern

organic/natural baby shampoo

organic/natural liquid baby soap

organic/natural liquid soap for me

organic tea tree oil

organic lavender essential oil

any other organic EOs

flexible fabric bandages

organic cotton swabs

Bi-O-Kleen laundry powder

Seventh Generation laundry powder

Eucalan or W.O.W. or other natural wool wash

Anything organic/natural!

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I see a package I can make

here's our ISO~

Baby ds
large side snapping fitted diapers, chubby thigh friendly, we've tried and like VK, buckeyebottoms/seedlings, tykie
VK large AIOs (yes I know I'm dreaming ;-) )
any chunky friendly large AIO, just no front aplix unless there's enough fabric above it to keep it from rubbing on the hang-over-the-dipe belly
M or L SugarPlumBaby fitted
L Fern and Faerie dipe or butt sweater
wool covers, size L
wool soakers, average L, at least a 17 inch waist and rise, 11-12 inch thighs, any will work as he's low on covers but I'd like a red or navy one (to match his shirts), acrylic would be fine too
REALLY want a soaker or cover with a train or trains, and one for mechanic daddy, awesome classic car, woody wagon, etc, I'd love to find a car on a lift with tools around embroidery or applique but I doubt one exists lol, or a cover with the Ford oval on the bum
CD advocacy tshirts, size 12, 18, or 24mo
dyed or just fun tshirts/tanktops to go with his wool (that's all he wears right now)
tiedye prefolds, premium or toddler

girly pads or helmet, size 4-5yrs, girly bicycle stuff (she'd love a dolly seat)
a case, bag, or basket to keep her My Little Pony playset and stuff in
100-110 Hanna or similar soft cottony dresses
good quality dress up stuff
pink playsilk

Big ds~
Thomas the Tank Engine clothing, boys S or 5-6
thomas or brio compatible wood train stuff, tracks, bridges, trains, whatever
train stuff for his room, pictures, clocks, unbabyish fabrics, whatever! (see a theme here? lol)
Shrek stuff, the 3d movie, hat, toy, game, whatever (he has the shoes and skivies)

long winter or summer L skirts, hippie patchy great, elastic or drawstring
size M nursing tshirts or tanktops, prefer solids or stripes but I'm not picky
adjustable ring sling, unpadded, in purple/lavendar, or nautical with red, navy/blue, and white (stripes or print), or just red, in prints for mom, not the baby boy

sling rings or fabric in above colors
fabrics! cotton or mostly cotton sherpa, velour, hemp jersey, cotton or hemp fleece, kid friendly cotton knit prints, batiks, unbabyish flannel print for big ds
non-metal snaps
wide plushy FOE
any diaper friendly fabrics or notions lol
double needle for a Kenmore sewing machine, any needle for a Kenmore
hairsilks (the long narrow ones, not squares) in red, purple, blue, rainbow, or red white and blue

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I prefer wahm and/or used items in good condition! Opened packages are fine
If you make a product, let me know


med aio's, any (but not one size dipes)
Prefer girly or animal, especially farm prints, light staining ok
****Med fuz, tiny holes ok
Med apron strings pockets
Med valor kids aio's or fitteds
Tye-die cpf regular or premium!
RB flag 2, aio's
Rollie pollies countered dipes small or med, plain or girl print, like the fleece lined
thin, fleece liners
Diaper or woolie keychain

For dd, Maegan, 15 months:
Any hemp clothing sz 18m-24
Cotton undershirts(not onsies) sz 18 months(20lbs+)
18m-24 nightgowns or pj's, cotton only
*****any wahm clothing!!!!!
Sz 18 month(or tag sz 12-24m)
****Simple cotton dresses, ss or ls (no sleeveless), prefer solid color, prints ok. from gap/hanna Anderson (sz 80/90)/gymboree/children's place or of similar style and quality
ls PLAIN or Striped t-shirts sz 18-24 months
****Sz 5.5 or 6(toddler) galoshes/rainboots/garden boots
18-24m ls hoody sweatshirt from gap or children's place or similar type and quality
Wood musical instruments for 18months +
Wood food or accessories
Tea or cooking set, non-plastic
Small dolls and accessories for doll house, plastic ok(like playmobil)
Felt ball
Knitted wool foods
Knitted/felted/cloth pocketbook for kids
Snow globes
hyland's earache tablets unopened

For ds, Joey age 10:
Adventure books, gr5+ sci-fi too or funny books( has all Road Dahl, Judy blume)
******books on tape, any that are 1+ hrs long)
Jim Weiss stories on tape, any!
Gameboy or gb adv games
Knot tieing kit
****Payday game
Mars 2001 game
games for 9yrs+(we have many: monopoly, life, labyrinth)
Cool t-shirts/plain elastic waist shorts, kids sz xl or 14/16
***Rock from your state

For me
3x bf or cd t-shirts
Simple sewing patterns for 12m-sz4 girls, sz 14 boys, house hold linens, pillows, etc
Lg cookie(big enough for sliced bread) cutters and tiny ones J
Your famous cookie recipe

****pictures of streams in woods or other
LG 'Unpaper' Towels, cotton or hemp
cotton napkins, plain or fun prints, mix-matched ok
Shell cloth wipes, adult or child
New nylon or soft natural scrubbie
Pretty barrettes, nothing big and bulky, for me
Simple headbands for me
****Danglely earrings with glass beads, looking for funky or cool ones

****counter top compost bin, or for under the sink
Cute notepads for lists or short notes
Paper craft stuff, note cards
Writing paper and envelopes, cool, nice, pretty or cute

Scrapbook stickers for girls, friends
Velum paper for scrapbooking
Nature table dolls, items
Procion dyes, any
Wool yarn, any color, any amount
Natural wool roving, any amount
Dyed wool roving, any amount
*Essential Oils, any
- but especially: Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Yarrow, Calendula

For dh
Jeans sz 30/31
Any ec/gc golf clothes, med shirts/shorts sz 30 waist
Anything with Dale Earnheart
Hot sauces
Coffee beans
Dark chocolate
***coffee thermos sm/med not huge

For house
herb seeds
outdoor plant decorations
Vanilla beans
Cinnamon sticks
****Magnetic clear plastic picture frames
Funky thumbtacks
Skittles, berry or regular
Swedish fish, small red only
Teas: Prefer herbal, no caffeine: any chai, Echinacea or apricot tea

Music Cd's only
Red Hot chili peppers
Simon and Grafunkel
Led Zepplin
Pink Floyd
Fleetwood Mac

DVD's no copies please(they don't play!)
Spirited away movie(and the other 3 from Japanimation)
****Lilo and Stitch
The Family Guy on DVD Seasons 1 or 2
The New Star Trek series, CSI, Stargate, any season, on vhs is fine

****Bengson, How weaning happens
****Any BF/AP book for a child
The Divincy Code
Any books on trees, tree lore, fiction/non-fiction, any age level
****Before Five in a row
Beyond Five in a row
Five in a row cookbook
Any waldorf book/homeschooling waldorf book
Any biodynamic gardening book
Any Charlotte Mason book/hs book

Kid's books:
Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear? by N.W. Carlstrom
Yellow Ball by Molly Bang
My Blue Boat by Chris L. Demarest
The Little Rabbit by Judy Dunn
Ask Mr. Bear by Marjorie Flack
Blueberries For Sal by Robert McCloskey
The Big Green Pocketbook by Candice Ransom
The ABC Bunny by Wanda Gag
If Jesus Came to My House by Joan Gale Thomas
The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats
The Quiet Way Home by Bonny Becker
Play With Me by Marie Hall Ets
Prayer for a Child by Rachel Field
I Am an Artist by Pat L. Collins
Angus Lost by Marjorie Flack
We're Going On a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen
The Red Carpet by Rex Parkin
Jenny's Surprise Summer by Eugenie

Subscriptions to
Mothering Magazine
Compleat Mother
Home Education magazine

Gift Cert:
AC Moore/Michaels's/Jo-Ann Fabric
Any online fabric or book store
Any wahm dipe, wool, soap, fabric, clothing store
The Children's Place/Gap/Gymboree
Hanna Anderson

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this is my first time
I am a newbie!

For Parker

-Any fun AIO or Diaper Covers. Love the ones where their butts are animals

-Bundle Me Big (the light one or the fleece, fleece is preferred.)
-Really need Hanna Andersson sleepers: zippers and stripes in size 90 or above.
-Dreaming but...hand made overalls. Like the ones you see on ebay. People take overalls and embellish them and sew on characters etc. If you are -interested let me know, and I will send you a couple of links.

Girl Clothing
-NWT baby girl items. Giftable condition.

-Any little people items. We have all the Christmas items, zoo train, and the farm.
-Wooden toys (any age range)
-Any waldorf or melissa & doug toys, play silks, creative toys (any age range)
-educational toys that do not require batteries
-wood puzzles (no cartoon characters)
-Children's first games. We have memory, Clue for kids, Lucky Ducks, Candyland
-Nesting Pails
-Shape sorter
-Baby Einstein puppet or bath puppet (we only have the octopus).
-Puppets (looking for the nicer ones if possible, but whatever is good, he loves these)

For me
-toile, dragon fly, stripes Diaper bag (handmade or used is fine. I am looking for one of the smaller ones, tote size)
-Yankee Candle Chocolate Chip or Lemon Pound Cake only please
-Yankee Candle Car Airfreshener: not a flower scent

-The No Cry Sleep Solution
-Gentle discipline
-1-2-3 Magic
-Clean House Clean Planet book
-Whole Foods Cookbook (please, a photocopied book would be fine too)
-Happiest Toddler on the Block
-Montessori Play And Learn : A Parent's Guide to Purposeful Play from Two to Six
-Guerrilla Learning: How to Give Your Kids a Real Education With or Without School
-The Unschooling Handbook : How to Use the Whole World As Your Child's Classroom
-Raising Confident Boys: 100 Tips for Parents and Teachers
-Parenting from the Inside-Out: How a Deeper Self-Understanding Can Help You Raise Children Who Thrive
-Secrets of Feeding a Healthy Family
-What's Going on in There? : How the Brain and Mind Develop in the First Five Years of Life
-Raising Your Spirited Child: A Guide for Parents Whose Child Is More Intense, Sensitive, Perceptive, Persistent, Energetic
-Protecting The Gift by Gavin DeBecker
-Playful Parenting by Lawrence Cohen
-Freeing Your Child from Anxiety : Powerful, Practical Solutions to Overcome Your Child's Fears, Worries, and Phobias by Tamar Chansky

-Listed Children's Books: If You Were My Bunny, Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother, Too?, Hungry Catepillar, Brown Bear, The Runaway Bunny, Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel, The Little Engine That Could, Any Berenstain Bears, Ten Little Ladybugs, Bread and Jam for Frances, any Curious George, any Clifford, We're Going on a Bear Hunt. If you have something else in mind, just check with me. Used is GREAT!
-New or Looks New Children's books (anything is fine). I am building up a collection for my neice so I don't care what the book is as long as it is good condition. Ages 0-5.
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