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Originally Posted by captain optimism
I wouldn't stick it out. I know I'm in the minority here. I would tell your friends in the group that you are leaving because you couldn't handle the "bed without dinner" for a two year old story and I would find a new group.

I wouldn't say that about just anything, but this pushes my buttons all over the place. I also don't see the value in exposing a two year old to people who punish this way. I expose my two year old to people from different racial, religious, ethnic and class backgrounds, people who speak different languages, people who watch TV or eat meat (we don't), people who say ridiculous though well-intentioned sexist things to him. But I don't see any value in exposing him to parents who yell at children who aren't even in their family, and who treat their own children even worse. Not the right kind of diversity!

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