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i have found myself in a similar situation. at first the differences were tolerable. but as the kids have gotten older it has gotten to the point where i don't feel any support or encouragement from the group. so i'm not getting what i need from it and my daughter doesn't like playing with some of the kids because they are too aggressive. so i have been working my way out of the group gradually and just getting together with a couple of the other moms in the group for one on one playdates. these particular moms are also working their way out of the group for the same reason. we find hanging out with each other supportive and encouraging and our kids play pretty well together. i don't want to leave the group abruptly because we have been in the group for two years now and i don't want there to be hurt feelings. it is also a small town and i'm bound to run into them everywhere. so i've just been busy and not able to go all the time and pretty soon i plan to let them know that we are just too busy now that my dd has other activities and can't commit to a weekly playgroup anymore. i think if you find a relationship is unhealthy, it is best to end it. i'd like to be able to maintain the relationship enough so that we can chat when we see other out and about and are at the same birthday parties, etc. but i don't want to maintain the relationship to the point of getting together weekly. i actually like all of the women in the group, some more than others. but i don't dislike anyone in it. but as far as being a part of a regular on going group with them. it just isn't working. the few of us in the group that do get on well together are supporting each other in our efforts to parent, while it feels like the rest of the group is discouraging it.
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