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Rant: how I wish I had not sold all my diapers!

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I used cloth for my youngest two. I recently had to switch shifts at work and now my kids attend daycare. (where I also work, used to do night care) They will not use cloth diapers so I sold all we had. Now, youngest dd keeps getting huge blisters all over her butt. First, only Huggies would work, then I guess they changed their diaper and now I have to try Pampers. She absolutely cannot wear store brands. Ugh!! I hate that my baby has to suffer because of the daycare's stupid rule.
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Why wont they used cloth, it has to be changed just the same as disposables. I would demand that your dd has skin issues and must wear cloth. Even get a drs note, that shoudl do the trick with them
doctors note should work if she is haveing a reaction to sposies
My kids went to a daycare for awhile that wouldn't do cloth, but I'm pretty sure they said they would do it if we had a dr's note saying they were allergic to disposables. They weren't though, so we never got a dr's note. We just used cloth at home and sposies at the daycare. Have you tried any of the natural disposables? Maybe Tushies would be better since they have less chemicals.
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