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DS3 (2 months) has a rash on his cheek (as my title states... it's late here!). I thought it was baby acne but that has come and gone from his body (he had a bit on his arms, neck, etc...) so I assume the hormones are gone. It almost looks like ecxema - it's rough and patchy and can be bright red or calmed and almost his normal skin tone. The roughness is not bumps like baby acne but wider patches.<br><br>
The weirdest thing about this rash is that it's only on his left cheek. It is the cheek that he sleeps on more. I changed the sheets b/c we had the yucky set on (cotton/polyester blend - the only ones dark enough for the gentian violet we used a few weekends ago) and that hasn't helped. I have used some calendula ointment on it and that helps with the redness but not the actual rash. It doesn't seem to be causing him any discomfort though.<br><br>
Any thoughts on what it might be? I stopped eating dairy a few weeks ago due to his fussiness/congestion. Could it be another allergy/intolerance? Wheat? Why would it only be in that one spot?<br><br>
Thanks in advance for any thoughts. I'm just feeling stumped.
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