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Really, could it?

3yo DS's rash looked just like the textbook pictures of a measles rash. It is fading now. He has a fever around 102-103.

So, here's the progression, does this sound like measles?:

Saturday - rash begins to show up in the AM, rapidly gets darker. Low-grade fever perhaps, not sure (didn't actually take his temperature, just felt that he was a bit warmer than usual).

Sunday - rash persists. So does low-grade fever.

Monday - rash fades a bit. Temperature rises into 102-103 range.

Today - rash continuing to fade, looks like it is under the skin at this point. Temperature still in the 102-103 range.

No known contact with anyone who has had measles. Had an MMR vax at 1.5yr, no further vaxes.
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