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Rash under neck

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My dd has a rash under her neck. Yest? its red raised bumps. what should i do? I also my horror...that she had a yellow crusty scab behind her ear. what is that from? tia, chris
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How old is she? Is it hot where you live? Do you hold her a lot? Wear her a lot? The rash on her neck could be heat rash. If it's heat rash, keep her cool and dry, in as little amount of clothing as possible. Someone told me once to put baby powder on it, but I never did. The yellow scab behind her ear...could it be from a scratch from her nails? Otherwise, my first thought was eczema.
she's 3.5 mos. i thought it was the heat at first so i had kept her undressed, but it didn't seem to make a difference. it seems to be spreading too.
Heat Rash probably. MIght also be spitup or milk. My dd got it when she got some spit up stuck under her chins. Just kept it clean and dry and it cleared right up. I also had the behind the ear thing...mostly i think it was spitup and milk back there...
dd is a messy eater. I also notice that dd's baby acne flares when she is hot and sweaty.
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try benzonite (sp?) clay. it's like a powder, you sprinkle it in the folds of the neck and let it stay there for te whole day. check on it at the end of day ... if there are wet clumps of clay gently use a cloth to get rid of and reapply. it absorbs all the wetness and gets rid of rash.

this worked great for my very chubby dd who always gets a red rashy neck!! and it's natural and nontoxic. avail. at your local coop or natural food store.

hope it works fro ya!
My dd had this from spit up dripping into her neck folds and behind her ear and from the heat. I cleaned it with a water/tea tree oil solution, then put pure aloe vera gel on it, and it was gone within a few hours.
We never had the problem, but our ped suggested using powdered corn starch if it happened.
spit up and milk collects in the neck and behind the ear. We had the same problem (well, not raised red bumps, just sort of iritated under the neck) until we started keeping her neck really dry and scrubbing behind her ears at bath time. I also put Calendula ointment on her neck if it gets bad.
thanks for the advice. we have some corn starch so i'll start there. it must be from the moisture. she's very drooly now and it's hard to keep it dry under her chins!
my dd has chins
and very messy eater she leaves the corner of her mouth open and dribbles bm every where! same rash here,we just clean with water keep dry and put pre fold cd under mouth but ill try corn starch sounds good!
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