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OK, So on thursday I thought that a spider bit me. I tend to have reactions if I am bitten, and true to form, the 'bite' spread, and was very itchy. Now, here is the deal, it's Sunday night and if it was a spider bite, it should be gone by now (as it would be any other time). I am wondering if there is anything that could cause a bumpy, itchy raised rash, on my belly. It's about the size of my palm, kind of right by the waistband. Does anyone know what this could be? I am stumped, also, it itches like crazy, any suggestions for what to put on it? I am at my itchy wits end!
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give it a few more days to heal. it's in a sensitive area (your stomach) which might take longer. ticks are out around here, but are they out in your area? one of my nurslings found one on my belly my last preg just before the due date (which was in march). it hadn't been on there long, but it did dig in, but i can't remember if i had a tiny rash or not.
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