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rave and show off for dana and julie of tct

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okay, so i posted about my custom longies from julie a while ago with the link to her website
but here they are on a bum (of course my dd has grown out and not up so they are a bit too long but she'll grow one of these days!)

and while it is still too hot to wear them, i have them hanging in her room like art work for me to adore! and let me again say that julie was a total dream to work with. i kept being picky here or there and she was always happy to make my dreams come true!

now, i was also lucky enough to score a custom with dana and she worked very hard also. i couldn't decide on yarn colorways and finally did and then couldn't decide on t-shirt colors and what to have on it. dana was great! and this is the final product. i love it! so fall and so gorgeous. just what i wanted.

again, made the same length error but lots of growing room.

(oh and the model is not really very cooperative. too hot for her (100+ heat index the day she was modeling and she was teething so....))
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And a beautiful model for those works of art too
See less See more cute....the baby and the clothes! I want those
Plus, it looks like there is a fun, colorful stash in the background, too!
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Oh my goodness how cute!! Do you happen to know what colorway the second pair of longies are? Thanks!!
Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!
So sweet! The fluff is nice too
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Your DD is so adorable! That first pair of longies is one of the prettiest I have ever seen. I love the second set too, it so fall!
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