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Ravin (Jodi) had her baby!

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She asked me to post for her. She had a little girl by C/S at 3:06 AM today (10/04/03). She is doing well. She will be in the hospital a few more days and then I'm sure she will be here to give details.

LOL, I'm too tired to give details anyway after staying up all night to meet her little one. She is a cutie.

Sneaking off to bed before DS wakes up....

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Congrats Ravin!!!! I knew you were having that baby!!!! I'm so excited for you that you finally get to meet her. Can't wait to hear all about it.

Congrats Ravin and family!!!
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yay jodie and baby!!!
congratulations, mama!

i hope to be joining you soon.
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Yeah, I knew it had to happen!!! Woo Hoo!!! Congratulations, Jodi.

So it's Anabean, me and Mamaley next!
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