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Raw feeding in Canada

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I will be moving to Ontario this summer. I'd like to get a general idea on prices for raw feeding my dog there. Here (in Michigan) I'm able to get chicken leg quarters for $0.49/lb regularly and sometimes cheaper. It's definitely cheaper to raw feed than to feed dry food.

So any experience raw feeding in Canada? I know that a lot of stuff is just more expensive there so I'm just curious what to expect for meat for my dog.

Thanks for any input
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I sometimes get stuff from a raw feeder that organizes group buys, usually I go for the stuff that's $0.50/lb or so. From the grocery store it's more expensive though. I buy a lot from asian supermarkets which seem to have better prices plus more variety. Chicken leg quarters are often $0.99/lb, and if you find a super-duper sale (maybe once or twice a year) you can get them for $0.69/lb.

Where in Canada are you moving to?

Oh and btw, kibble is more expensive here too.
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