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Raw granola recipe-and other good recipes

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Please post your raw granola recipe and any other good staple recipes that you think i should have! Thanks!
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I sprouted buckwheat, then dehydrated it. Mixed it with coarsely chopped crispy nuts (soaked and dehydrated), coconut and dried fruit. I melted raw butter and raw honey in a small bowl in a larger bowl of hot tap water (you could use coconut oil and maple syrup or agave nectar instead), mixed in a little cinnamon, tossed with the dry ingredients, and dehydrated again. I am going to experiement next time with not dehydrating the buckwheat and nuts first - I'm thinking that might have been overkill, it took so long to dehydrate the honey in the coating that it probably would have been sufficient for the other ingredients as well, reducing the number of hours I'm running my dehydrator and exposing those ingredients to the 105 temp for a shorter period of time.
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