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I am writing an article about raw food and in my research I came up with a ton of questions. I know there are some people here who eat mostly raw and I was wondering if you would mind giving me some input

first of all: I am coming across a TON of before and after pictures and the afters look sooooo good. And here we are talking mostly the vegan raw foodies. What I do notice however is that most people have been doing raw vegan for 1-2 years or so. I think eating vegan can be a good therapeutic diet but have my doubts for the long term...anyone have more insight or personal exerience esp with vegan raw diets?

When people talk about eating raw, they often refer to eating a certain % raw. what is that based on? weight, volume, calories?

Anyone here do raw paleo or that primal diet? I would love to hear more, eps long term experiences.

What about in the winter in cold climes? I know in TCM eating an all raw diet is not recommended since it is considered too "cold"

Then some simple tea considered a raw food? (is that a stupid question?

Is there some sort of "breakeven point"? as in, you have to eat at least 50% raw for it to have any effect?

And I would love to hear any weightloss/improved chronic disease kinds of stories.

Thanks you I planning on doing at least a one week all raw thingy...and I can use some help!

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