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raw mamas...

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Where are you all? I need some company!
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Not 100% raw, but I'm right here.
I think there are some more in the Traditional Foods subforum, too. And some others in the Vegetarian suborum, if you are indeed a veg.

Are you 100% raw? How long have you been eating raw? Does your family eat 100% raw, too (assuming you do)? My family is not so keen on raw meat, raw eggs, etc.
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firefaery! You're back! We've missed you over at the HTH Tribe. How are you, and how's your new little one?
Yea! you're back! I was just missing you yesterday, wondering when we'd hear from you again!
Hey ladies! Yup, finally back in the game. We are doing spectacularly...little boy was born into my hands in the water at home on July 13th. He's gorgeous and amazing! We are all adjusting quite well.

I am trying to be 100% right now. I was 95% for quite a long time and my kids are between 95 and 100%-dh wants no part of it. I slipped back down for a month at then end of pregnancy and felt since summer is very good for raw eating (at least in my climate!) I'm going back again.

I can't believe how different the boards look! I need to learn to navigate it all over again. What a difference a couple of months can make.
about 50% and still very much in my infancy/learning stages. Would you kindly entertain some q's I have? I'll ask now just in case. One-is there a specific dehydrator you would reccommend? What about my beloved agave nectar? Is it raw or not, dangit! or does it come in a raw version? I seem to think I've seen conflicting info about it, and I don't really want to give it up. Same w/honey and maple. (can you tell I like sweet things?
). I'm lost on breads too. I'm sure I have more q's but I'm blanking now. Thanks in advance if you can help!
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Honey and agave nectar you can get raw...maple syrup you *can* but it's cost prohibitive. There's a raw blue agave nectar that is heavenly. I raise bees though, so I just use honey because it's here and it's free. I have a couple of hives nad they are mainly left to themselves and once a year I collect the spill over. It's totally cruelty free. I love my excalibur's so fast and even compared to others! You can make "breads" but they are really more like crackers than for me though! Welcome and enjoy the's really amazing how different it is.
Hello all.

I would love to join in on the raw talk. I have been having a great time playing with raw food recipes. I am just trying to incorporate more raw into our diet and been having great fun but would like more recipes and ideas.

For the past couple of weeks I have been into shakes - today I made the "Bunny Spice" shake from Raw Food Real Life. It was yummy. Carrot-Ginger juice, almond butter, frozen bananas and cinnamon. My 3 year old loved it - so did I.

I would love to hear what you all are making.
hi- don't know if i belong here~~~

i am about 70% raw, and this is where i feel best. i start the day with fruit (me and my ds have a ritual where we get up together and go share some fruit on the porch- a mango, some peaches, melon, etc), then some coffee
:, then when i get hungry i have a smoothie with local raw milk (sometimes i culture it before hand), dark greens, whatever fruit i have, some frozen berries (if i am lucky), and nuts if i want it. i will usually have a small fruit snack (an apricot or plum), then a big salad with ds when he wakes up from his nap. i usually have a handful of sunflower seeds on it. sometimes i make some raw veggie sushi during ds' nap if i need to snack. then i eat veggies and fruit until dinner-if i feel like i need it i will have some raw cheese during the day too. then i make something healthy (usually cooked) for dinner. after that, all bets are off and i eat some junky food before bed. honey roasted pnut butter (all natural, made at our HFS) with apples, white flour
pita bread, annie's mac n cheese, etc.

i have NEVER felt better. i have tons of energy during the day, and i never feel deprived because i get to eat what i want before bed. i dont ever want to go completely raw, but i feel so awesome now that i am eating raw during the day. i have only been doing this for about a month, but it doesnt feel like a chore at all- i dont feel like i am doing it because i know it is healthier- it feels normal. and i always know what i am going to eat for breakfast/lunch/snacks, and i dont have to worry about cooking!!!
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Hey, anyone interested in eating *more* raw is welcome as far as I'm concerned!

I had a boring day...smoothie for breakfast, raw bar for a snack, a salad for lunch (lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, tomato, raw pumpkin and sunflower seeds, avacado and sprouts dressed with olive oil and lemon) and for dinner raw gnocchi (avacado with a sundried tomato marinara and macadamia nut "cheese") I will be eating some raw banana walnut ice cream with raw chocolate sauce when I'm done typing!

Yesterday I had raw granola (dehydrated almonds and sprouted buckwheat, coconut, orange juice, raisins and walnuts) with almond milk and sliced banana, a green salad with a raw almond burger, zucchini linguini with a pesto sauce and a cucumber. I had a green drink (kale with apple and grapefruit) late last night-oh and had a raw brownie that I bought-can't take credit for making that -and it was to die for.

I'm needing to dehydrate more now because my dh (shockingly) wants to try to go raw too. He'll require more things...falafals, burgers enchiladas etc. He really likes my nori rolls and my mock tuna and salmon pates though and those require nothing. Good to see all of you here!
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Firefaery - I would love to have your recipes for mock tuna and salmon.

I have a friend joining me for the weekend and is able to bring some ingredients that I am unable to obtain here. She is bringing buckwheat and oat groats - I wanted to try and sprout and make raw cereal. Any tips or recipes?

Right now I have a couple of books I am working with - Raw Food Real World, and Eat Smart Eat Raw. Both have been very helpful.

Glad to have others working in raw.
Actually, both are Alissa Cohen's recipes. The salmon is easy...1 red pepper, 1 scallion, two stalks of celery, 2 cups of walnuts and 1 tsp of sea salt in a food processor. I'll have to look up the tuna. Alissa's book is the best I've found-I highly recommend it. Yummy, simple recipes and almost 300 of them! It's called Living on Live Food.

Mmmmm. Sounds like you're going to be making alot of granolas and things! The buckwheat is very useful for breads and crackers too.
I have looked at Alissa Cohens web site - very informative. Thanks for the tip on the book.

I was happy to receive a dehydrator for my birthday. I am going to start making crakers tommorrow.

I have been enjoying making almond milk, wraps with my chard leaves from the garden. However it seems that I only put avocado, carrots and sprouts. I need more ideas for the wraps - because I do like them.

I made hummus from raw cashews and the recipes made more than I could eat in a month - will this freeze ok?

Here is to happy un-cooking!
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