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Raw milk from local family, questions

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I saw a sign for milk from a local family on a board in town. What questions should I ask about their milk/cows when I call?

All I know is the price and I don't know the people at all that I know of, all I have is the phone number.
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First, do you know for sure it is raw milk?

I would ask about what their procedure is to keep milk clean and pure, how do they milk the cows, where, how do they clean the milking area, how do they store the milk. Also, depending on which state you live in, ask about legalities. Do you have to participate in a cow share program to buy legally, or is it legal in your state for dairies to sell raw milk directly to consumers?

It sounds like a lot of trouble, but I believe it's worth it if you and your family are milk drinkers. Raw milk is so much different from pasteurized and homogenized.
I guess I assumed it is raw, I guess I will have to ask that too.

What are good answers to those questions? LOL

Here's a link to an article about raw milk that explains some of the concerns and also the measures a dairyman can take to ensure clean milk. It will help you think of questions to ask and know the right answers to them.
I would think you'd also want to know what the cows eat. I mean, if they are eating grains (corn, soy, etc.) or a feed-mix from the local dealer which could contain animal by-products, why bother? The fatty acid profile (high Omega-6) wouldn't benefit you like the high omega-3 profile of a grass-fed cow's milk.

I'm sure myjo's link will tell you this, but you'll need to know whether those cows are tested and certified TB-free. There's also brucellosis (sp) to worry about. That link should clear things up.

Nice that you can actually meet these people, though. I do think that's key. Meet the farmer and see the whites of his eyes - that right there should tell you all you need to know (or almost).
Do people with cows usually get those tests?

I was wondering because I saw that in the Nourishing Traditions book about the testing. I had looked at that link before I posted, I was just wondering if there were any specific questions anyone could suggest. The feed is a good one.

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