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On Friday the 27th my contractions were building and I thought for sure labor was forward to Sunday night I am in the shower in tears because contractions keeps coming then going and I was getting sad that the baby would never come. I was ready!

Monday I was having regularish contractions and I was walking and my mw stimutated my cervix by "stripping the membranes" which may have helped. Around 6 pm I told my mom and dh to start timing contractions....just for fun. By 8 pm they were coming every 6 minutes or so and lasting a minute so I thought I call MW and give her the heads up on my situation. We decieded that she would come to out home around 11 and check me out and then she would stay the night. I was still able to talk and only about 3 cm dialated.

I was up all night with contractions and had her check me again around 3 am and I was only a little further dialated but my contractions seemed strong enough that I should be further. My body it turns out perfers a slow long labor...great. I get dh and MW up around 7 to get my pool filled up. I was having back labor and thought the water would be great. It was but it slowed me down or made me plataeu so I got out and showered.

At 11:00 I decieded to take a castor oil cocktail bc I was getting desprate for things to get going! I was ready to have baby by 1:00 but he had other ideas. His head was posterior and MW said that this sometimes slows labors down. The castor oil didn't seem to do much for speeding things along gave me lots of diareah tho...I spent a lot of time laboring on the toilet, shower and bed. I was very tired and rested as much as I could between contractions.

I asked to be checked again around 3:00 and I was at 7 so that gave me some hope. MW called her assistant and the doula. They were here within the hour. I continued to go between the bathroom and bed and pool. Everyone was really encourageing and I never told myself I could not do it. I thought to myself that I totally understand wanting an epidural! But I was commited to doing this and I could do it. I swore a bit and sqeezed dh hand and remember saying F&CK at one point that felt good. The wise calm words from the MW's and doula were helpful..."your doin' it" Around 7 pm my MW went for a 20 minute walk and I asked the other MW and doula about breaking my water I had a bulging BOW. When MW got back I asked her about doing it and she thought it would be a wise choice....IT WAS! By about 7:30 or so she had me on the bed and was popping the bag I got back into the pool by around 8 and almost immediately wanted to push so I did. I thought my ass was going to split open and yelled something about that and they handed me a gauze to hold it...that really helped no hemroids! ( My dh asked me if we had any dog snacks bc our dog was afraid of the flashlights and freakin out so I told him to let her roam the neighborhood with a sign on her neck that said "my mom is in labor take care of me" I was like why are you asking me this??? How I can still be witty I will never know. So he did let her out to roam.) Anyway, back to the pushing I pushed a few really hurt. I said holy ring of fire! MW said its going to get worse. She was right it did but It was worth it bc soon my son was in my arms!!! At 8:30 9#1oz Raymond Dean was in my arms!

My 3.5 yo dd was in the water the whole time with me. She was amazed by the birth and I was so happy to be able to share it with her. We stayed in the water for about 45 minutes I don't really remember and I had a big tear that needed some stiches. My dd brought me crackers and water and held my hand. She was so sweet. And her dear brother is a sweetie too. He loves his milk and by the looks of things there is a plenty of it. I have asked dd to nurse me bc they are soooo huge! She was suprised by the amount of milk mommy has!

I loved my midwives and never felt like anything was out of my control. Though the labor was long I made all my own choices and feel really proud about my homebirth!
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