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Re: Co-Sleeping - Did anyone see Good Morning America this morning?

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So...did anyone watch Good Morning America this morning? There's this guy in Detroit (I think that's where he is). Anyway, he's mad that his wife is bringing their 2 year old and their 3 mo. old to bed with them so he's moved out of the house and is living in a tent on the roof. He says he'll move back in when his wife puts the kids in their rooms.

The wife says the 3 mo. old is in a co-sleeper next to her side of the bed, but sometimes ends up in the bed in the middle of the night. The 2 year old starts off the night in her own bed/own room, but then ends up with mom and dad. Sounds pretty typical to me.

The man says he wants his bedroom back and wants the intimacy back in their marriage. The wife says they have plenty of intimacy and he'll get his bedroom back when the kids grow up.
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That man sure does sound like he is handling this maturely

and now this poor mama who is doing what her instincts are telling her is going to have tons of people on her about this, "putting children ahead of marriage" blah blah blah

did they finish the story, did the parents come to an agreement?
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I guess he wants to be the only "baby" in the bed- how immature

Originally Posted by LoveChild421
I guess he wants to be the only "baby" in the bed- how immature
yep, sounds like a typical "jealous of the baby" mama's boy to me.
I couldn't resist, I posted comments on the newspaper site and his blog, basically telling him to get over himself and get creative with wifey. That really burns my britches. How selfish. I'll just say I
my DH for being a REAL MAN and realizing we both come second for a few years...and staying in tune with each other in other ways.
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Hopefully wify continues to nurture her children as she sees fit and hubby can just continue to enjoy his tent.

My DP had difficulty with the whole co-sleeping thing. He said he was afaid he would roll over on the baby. So he slept on the couch in the living room every night. But he must be getting over that feeling (or the couch is getting too lumpy) as he ends up in our bed more and more. DC is now 7-months-old. Actually crawed into bed with us at the same time last night for the first time at home since I can't even remember.
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WOW. That's a very mature way to act. Hopefully his kids will grow up to be a tad more well adjusted than Dad. Uggh.
OK, first please do NOT go to his blog.
: But if you *did* go to his blog, you would notice that he has a bunch of ads to the side... a friend of mine on another board noticed this, and became curious and did some searches on various info on his blog, and she thinks that it is a money-making scheme possibly... I encouraged her to email the local ABC affliate here, which she did... here is some of what she sent:

I have a strong suspicion that the husband on strike is just a PR stunt in order to get people to visit his site and click on adsense ads. In doing searches on google, I've run across his name, and/or a phone number for several other sites, that all seemed gimmicky.

The e-mail address on his blog is [email protected] which led to the a site from 2004 with john kerry and george w bush on it. There was a phone number listed with that site and googling that phone number led to several other sites, no longer available as sites but the descriptions still in google...


I also did a whois on for, which led to another phone number, and a search for that one showed that the same guy put his mortgage up for auction on ebay.

Just seems like one more scheme in a long line of PR schemes...

As an attached parent, this saddens me.
I was really upset by the story and the disregard for his 2 month old's needs. If it does turn out to be a publicity stunt, it makes it that much more sad.
I tend to agree with her- I think that after the big SAHM/WOHM debate on ABC recently (Linda Hirschman) that he decided to try to take advantage of some free publicity to make money.
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