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Re: Husband on strike

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There is a counter petition to say the husband on strike is WRONG. Let's all sign it!

I have signed along with my husband and all my boys. Let's top his 13,000 signatures claiming his wife is wrong!
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We have a long way to go with only 232 sigs so far. I will get DH to sign too.
well, there are 50,000 mdc members and I'd venture to guess at least 90% believe in cosleeping, so we could easily outnumber his petition if we all sign!
just signed for me, dh, and my 3 boys! even the baby would disagree with this moron!
Signed #442.
Dh and I signed it but it only said we were up to 432??? Weird.
Signed by dh, dd and myself.
It looks like some of the people who signed his original petition actually signed so they could leave comments about how they disagree with his position! So while the numbers (13,200 a few minutes ago) on the "stike" petition seem high, not all of them are supporting his bizarre position.

Sigh...maybe he just wanted his 15 minutes of fame.
I signed and it was on 1068 or so. I'm Niki on the petition so whatever that number is...
I won't even bother signing the petition.

As I posted in another thread, not only does this guy seem insensitive to the needs of his wife (who just gave birth!) but apparently he is also a registered sex offender.
Oh my goodness!! I am literally sitting here

"I just felt people would judge me on who I am today, not snoop around and expose a guy," Wilson said
The gaul this man has!Did he turly think that he could make such a fuss without someone looking a little into his background??!

He sounded distraught Friday afternoon, saying, "I don't regret it, because I felt I was really on a mission to help families. Now my family is in turmoil."
"Helping" families... whatever??! I wonder how long he has pondered on the turmoil he caused his victim and their family.... ?

Thanks for the heads up about the TRUE person this [email protected]$$ is.
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BTW - this guy is going to be on Dr. Phil tomorrow....
Signed it. What an idiot.
My concern is that Dr. Phil is going to speak negatively about co-sleeping in front of a massive international audience... *sigh* I wouldn't be surprised.
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