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RE: The Secret to Parenting - Anthony Wolf Phd

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Hi there,

just wanted to THANK all the Parents that suggested this book!!! I am REALLY appreciating his view and approach! Very easy reading and it just seems to make some things "click" for Dh & I.

Not that he is giving the perfect answers to our problems, but more so explaining the childs side in a "user friendly" way so we can say " Oh, yeah! that sounds just like dd" or "that DOES make sense!"

I have been reading TONS of books on GD, and I am REALLY glad that this was on the list!!!

I love being able to come here & find other like minded Mamas!
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Glad you liked it.

For us, this method was the ONLY one that felt natural. As opposed to putting on a false front. Like I could never see myself saying "I see a towel on the floor that needs picking up" ala "How to talk...." That just sounded stupid to my ears!

But I am sure to others it must sound more "natural"
maya44 recommended it ot me, and now I recommend it to a lot of people (here and IRL) who are new to GD or not as convinced of some of the less consensual GD parenting ideas. Glad you liked it, too!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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