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Reading Eggs vs Time4Learning

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If you tried them both, which did your kids like better and why?
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i have both. our reading eggs expires this month though. the main difference is price obviously. readingeggs is a one time payment, while T4L is a $20 monthly fee. it ends up being a huge price difference. secondly, readiningeggs is for reading only. T4L covers multiple subjects, including language arts, social studies, science and math (maybe more for upper grades, i don't know). as for which phonics program my dd likes - she prefers them both honestly. she especially loves the language arts extensions in T4L (which has puzzles, learning about science or social studies topics, and then reading a story). from my perspective, T4L is more comprehensive and a complete reading curriculum. it is not a comprehensive curriculum with the other subjects though, but a great supplement imo. readingeggs is really excellent and my kids love it. my dd knows everything it has to teach though, but she is learning new things with T4L. anyway - if you have specific questions, i'll try to answer. fwiw - we registered as second grade on T4L and she has access to first and third grade lessons as well...just to let you know what levels we are using. hth.

wanted to edit - you can try both for free. i think they each have a 2 week trial
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We've only done the free online examples of reading eggs. My son liked it well enough. But I didn't think it offered him any more that T4L did. We have done T4L since he was five. He is now almost 7. He is doing first grade language arts. He just finished first grade math this week and will be starting second grade next week. He is also doing third grade science and social studies. He loves it. I like that he can move ahead on things he really likes and take his time on things that he struggles with. I downloaded a print to sound program that can read the third grade stuff for him. So he can still work independently when he wants to.

I like that it is only a small monthly payment. (You can pay by the year but you don't have to.) I also like that you can print out reports on what they are working on. When he finished first grade math on Thursday, I was able to print out a report of the whole first grade math. It shows how he did on each lesson, on each quiz, and on each chapter test. I can look at this and tell if there is anything he needs more work on. Also, if he ever does have to go to school, I have written proof of how he did in each subject. We don't have to report to anyone in this state, but I keep these reports in a binder along with attendance records, and a few examples of his work, just in case it might be needed someday.

I also like that you can do the lessons over and over so if you need extra work on something you can do it again. They also have printable worksheets if you want to use them for extra reinforcement.

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