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We've been told that our son is a Crystal child...just wondering if you see this as well or anything else you see that stands out to you about our two year old little man. It seems like he has been 'playing' with energies lately and has been completely out of sorts (of course that could be due to other things as well

Hope this makes sense (serious severe lack of sleep going on here lately!)

Thanks, what a great service!!!

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Hi Jillsy,

Ah, the wonders of a Crystal baby. They are something else, aren't they?
Not only is your son playing with energies, but what he is very good at is seeing the energy all around him, especially on ppl. He's see's auras clearly.
I need you to know that he very much needs a calm and soothing environment. Too many ppl, too much noise, too much excitement really agitates him. However he LOVES ppl and loves to be around them. So it's a matter of you learning how to teach him to stay in a "bubble of peace" and protecting his own energy when he's out and about.
TV is also extremely agitating to him. Be aware. You will notice if he has gotten too much TV and very little will even be too much for him.
He loves horses and I can see him very clearly riding them often. Start giving him horse experiences asap. He's like the horse whisperer. He may end up working with them, but no matter what he will def. ride them and own some at some point. Maybe you already own one? I do get the impression there is one or more around him already.
He will go into counseling one day. I mean he will counsel others.

I'm not being shown clearly what kind of counselor he will be, but he will be a counselor at some point.

You have a very special little boy there. Let him show you how to live in love.

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