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Reading, PA - where to get yearly paps?

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I moved to Reading fairly recently and am looking or a place to get my pap done. I have looked at Reading's Birth Center for when we have another baby and was hoping I could also go there for my yearly exams but when I called to schedule an appointment they said their next available appointment for a pap is in 2010! They gave me a number for Reading OB/GYN to call instead. Did anyone else have this problem getting in with them for wellness exams? Has anyone gone to Reading OB/GYN? Do I have any other alternatives (I'm just so used to midwifery care that it seems weird to me to go back to an OB/GYN!). Thanks!
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Dr. Cammarrano owns Reading OB/GYN and also OWNS RBWC. He was the backup doc for years and bought the practice when Susan sold it, so that it wouldn't close and we would have no birth center options around Reading. He is totally and completely on board with midwifery care obviously, though he is still a doc and practices as one. He is good person for sure, though many women find him a bit...different. Different and a dry sense of humor that sometimes puts people off, but I had a friend who LOVED him. He is losing his lady obs soon. They have decided to start their own practice. I don't know what that means as far as scheduling with him. On another note--Dr. Cammarrano is the Chief of GYN at Reading Hospital, so if you have an issue, you are in good hands. My friend is seeing him now for a rare uterine infection 8 weeks postpartum, and she is very happy with her care with Reading OB/GYN and RBWC working together. Does that clarify?

If RBWC can't get you in, you could always take a trip south and visit the wonderful women at Birth Care. Or you could see Susan Farrell, CNM, who is in Womelsdorf (20 minutes from Reading). Another option in Reading is Dr. Massengale. He's older, but an awesome doc with great personality. Just attended a beautiful non-medicated hospital birth him a few weeks ago. Dr. Cammarrano and Dr. Massengale would be my dr. choices and Susan Farrell would be my midwife choice. Or Birth Care. Susan did her apprenticeship with Maribeth. Best of luck. Hope you and the babes are well.
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Hi! Thanks for your response. I'd prefer to see a female, so with options other than Dr. Cammarrano available, I'll probably look into those. I thought of just going back to Birth Care but dd hates car rides so I was hoping to find a place closer, to either avoid a long trip or lessen the amount of time I'd need a babysitter! I wanted to preferably take care of my wellness visits at the same place where I hope to have more kids and I haven't decided whether I want to stick with Birth Care (and the drive during labor!) or look somewhere closer. It also looks like (from their website) that Birth Care has hired a few more midwives. Do you know if they are all doing births? I liked the idea of there only be 3 midwives there so that I could get to know each of them, but it seems like they may have needed to hire more midwives due to their popularity! I have heard good things about Susan Farrell on here so maybe I'll look her up. Do you have her info? I guess I can always just use someone here that I'm comfortable with for my well visit and when the time comes for another baby, I can make that decision then to switch places if need be. Thanks again for your help!
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Susan's number is 717-269-2550. Her practice is Lebanon Valley Midwifery Service- or something like that. I'm not sure if this number is home or cellphone. She is very nice and is a homebirth only midwife. Right now she does about 6 births a month. Always brings a nurse with her, sometimes another CNM. Just attended a lovely homebirth with her three days ago. Maybe you will consider a homebirth with her next time!!

If you want other options, female, that are local-you could try Dr. Frederika Heller, though I would not recommend her for births. Dr. Susan Probst has had some good feedback too. I've heard she is somewhat naturally minded, but they are OBs so I would not recommend either of them as practicing a midwifery care model. Just other options for gyn.
Dr. Susan Probst delivered both of my dc. I thought she was great. I had some pretty big complications w/both and both times she was able to avoid a c-section. The second one, especially, was a very tough delivery and she did not give up (within reason of course, as to not hurt the baby). I think she is pretty naturally minded and I think she has at least one midwife w/her in her practice (at least she used to) and a staff of knowledgeable nurse practioners. You could always call and ask about who is practicing w/her on her staff, as I haven't been in there in a while, only once since my youngest was born.
: Also, just to let you know, it, too, is a very, very busy practice. She is located on Penn Ave a block away from the Vanity Fair Outlets -

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Now I haven't used anyone for care but I have experience with quite a few doctors from there in other ways.

I personally really like Dr. Payer. I love her softness and how she approaches patients. She's at the Women's Clinic.

There are quite a few other doctors at the same clinic that I also like.
Thanks everyone for your responses. I guess I'll just call a few people, see if they are accepting new patients (and before 2010!) and see who accepts my insurance and then go from there!
I have a colpo scheduled with Dr. Heller of Women's Lifecycles. I am sure she does paps too. My midwife works there.

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I have a colpo scheduled with Dr. Heller of Women's Lifecycles. I am sure she does paps too. My midwife works there.
This is who I was going to suggest also. She's very, very nice and her office is relaxing. I had to have a colpo back when I was pregnant with my DD and I really liked her. The women who do the yearly exams there are also fantastic.
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I 2nd Dr. Massengale, but you said you want female... I do not like Cammerato, but that is just a personal thing. i know many who do like him.
i had to go to dr. heller's office recently,it is a very relaxing atmosphere. the staff was very nice. i had an US so did not see dr. heller though. and do not know her.
my MW comes to my house to do my paps and care. i love it! but she does not take ins(but the lab does so the pap des not cost much)....i can give you her info if you want though.
personally i think you should just homebirth next time!!! LOL!!
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