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Reading programs?

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I think I'll cross post this at the homeshooling site too, but my son is in kindergarten, and entering first grade next year. He will be in a summer program, 3 hours a week, one hour a day, one-on-one, to keep up what he learned with reading and math this year. He has been diagnosed with ADHD for health insurance reasons, but the doctor says in reality all he knows is that Collin is on the spectrum. He feels on teh lower side and we will make great strides with alternative treatments.
Collin did well with a spec. ed. actually sitting with him in the reg. ed class to help keep him focused. With this assistence he is about average in the class. But the school is worried that next year with the pace picking up, he may get frustrated, so they are giving him a month in the reg. ed class, and then we will meet again, and we will reavaluate a self contained classroom. I know it is expensive for the school to have a spec. ed teacher sit with him, and they would perfer to have him in the self contained classroom, we fought with them at the begining of the year this year.
So I am trying to avoid giving them any reason to do this again, unless absolutely necessary. So my thought is to find some type of phonics program to work with hima couple of hour a week, to just get him moving in the right direction, and get him familiar with it. I am looking for suggestions on programs, books, computer programs, etc, so I can make it fun and enjoyable. Have you used any programs that you think are good?
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The website is great and would think he would enjoy it, but not sure what age it goes up to or how old/what level reader your DS is. But check it out and see! DD loves it! She is younger though and have not checked out the older reading programs on it.
Wow, I just checked out that sight! It is really great. I am going to homeschool my 4 year old for preschool next year, because it is just so expensive around here, and there is a lot I can use for him, as well as my 6 year old. Thanks!
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