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Anyone subscribe to Is it worth it?
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I'm not a hs mama. I'm a ps teacher. I have access to that website through a subscription at school. I don't remember how much it costs. I think it has some great books. If you are teaching through phonics, the decodable books are pretty good, but they get hard fast. What I like about the leveled books is they have so many great nonfiction topics. Sometimes I use them with my K kids even if the reading level is too high because I want them to have books at home with that content.

If you like worksheets, they have them to go along with most books. I don't particularly care to use worksheets, though.

It may be worth it for you if you want to get lots of books for your dc that are at a particular level or to target a particular sound. I might subscribe for a year and print off a ton of books. They do add things often, but probably not so much that you'd have to always subscribe.
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