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Ready to nurse ladies??

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I am 38 weeks and already my breasts are ready and willing to nurse this baby whenever he decides to make and appearance. liquid (i dont know if they concider it collastom before baby comes) comes out whenever i touch my nipple. I started puting lanolin on them because i wanted to condition them a little. i swear this little guy is going to get milk the first couple of feedings!!

i cant wait!
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I've been leaking colostrum since about 18/19 weeks...enough to wear breast pads most days. Since my mom had a crazy over-supply and never leaked ahead of time I can only imagine what I'm in for!! (where's that rolling-the-eyes smiley when you need it?) There's lots of yumminess awaiting this little one on arrival :)
Not dripping leaking or anything overabundant, but I am super excited to nurse this bambino!!
Not leaking here, I never did with DS either but I am SO ready to be nursing a sweet little newborn again
My dd has been much happier to nurse for longer & longer lately. She told me one day last week "Big milk that one!" and excitedly went back to nursing.

I can't wait to nurse a tiny baby again!
definately ready to nurse over here. My boobs started leaking a bit when I first started doing some NS to get labor going. Ever since then they occasionally leak some colostrum. I have some "let-down" feeling here and there too, which is pretty cool. Not as strong as the actually feeling when you first begin to BF but the same feeling, still. And it just helps my mind think of how great it's gonna be as soon as she gets here.

IF she ever gets here! hahah
I have been breastfeeding continuously for the past 6 years, 3months. When I was expecting my first my breast leaked colostrum for the whole last half of my pregnancy.

Don't forget to buy some breast pads!! If you leak already, it will be waterworks when your milk comes in!!
I need to wear bpads for the first year after baby's birth. My favorite bpads are from lana wool (perfect for heavy leaking moms).
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I am ready for my MILK to come back in! My 28 month old is still a rather avid nurser and it has been hard this week... my supply had dropped quite a bit during this pregnancy but there was still "enough" to keep her happy. However, on my EDD (4/03) the last of my "milk" just dried up completely, and all I have now is a bit of colustrum, and that isn't super-abundant. (I leak maybe half a teaspon occassionally.)

So dd still wants to nurse but after a minute it feels like she is dry-nursing and is very painful.
We are both looking forward to my milk coming in- I've explained that right after baby sister is born I will have a special "little baby milk" and that she will need to let her sister drink most of it, but then in a day or two I will get lots and lots of milk, so she can have more!
(I had OAL and oversupply with her, I anticipate there will be plenty for both!)
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I'm ready
I've been leaking since about 32weeks. DD weaned about halfway through this pregnancy (I was really not expecting it) but suddenly wants to try latching on again occasionally. I'm starting to wonder if I'm going to end up tandem nursing. I've been wearing wool breast pads for a couple months now, they help with the occasional leaking of course, but also with nipple sensitivity.
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