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ready to puke

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Ok. Are you all ready for this?

A friend of my husband and his wife had a baby 3 weeks ago. She is a pediatric nurse and not really someone I had ever had anything in common with. I always saw her as pretty cold.

Anyway after a bad pregnancy she was induced at 37 weeks. He was born 12 hours later at 6 lbs or right under.

They had him circ'd.But not only was he circ'd. SHE DID IT. She took her new baby, strapped him to a board and proceeded to rip and crush and cut at HIS PENIS.

She used words like "yucky" and "gross" and"dirty" to describe the intact state. SHE IS A PEDIATRIC NURSE! This is who we are to trust if our children are sick?

She also is drying up because he is too demanding and wants to nurse every 2 hours. She only "wants"to feed him every 4 hours. And she is doing BABYWISE and letting him cry it out. AT 3 WEEKS.

He has a diaper rash so bad that his bottom and genitals are blistered and bleeding. But she says,"oh he'll get over it."

I have lost all faith in this god awful medical system.Is this really what they are taught?

She has also made reference to how manipulative children are and it's hard to tell if they are lying about abuse.

Throwing up now.
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Oh My Gosh !!! That is awful, I could NEVER do that to my own child, nor have I wanted it done to them, both are not circ'd. She sounds very cold, and its a shame she is employed as a pediatric nurse. This is part of the reason why I want to be a nurse, to try and make up for those that are like this. How horrible.
Oh - my - God -
I am sitting here with chills over my entire body.

And yet, how many babies, every day, are at the mercy of similar parents?

Are you sure that her story of circing him herself is true? It just seems unlikely, although not impossible. From a hospital standpoint, not a human mother standpoint, that is...the human mother standpoint would seem impossible to me...
yes it is true. she wouldn't let the dr do it in the hospital. They took him home and did it a week later at the dr's office. She knows the dr and she has done circ's as a nurse in the hospital. She said it is no big deal. Very easy.

She wanted to make sure it was done right. Not loose where adhesions could develop.

Puking again.
I am sorry mamaof3boys that there is such a cold hearted woman that you know involved in the nursing field. She sounds so mean....especially about the diaper rash. I can't imagine that Babywise would advocate for that either (Who knows? I never even attempted to read it). I do want to let you know that not all nurses are as cruel as this woman you know. My darling friend is a nurse and did not want her sons (twins) to be circumcisied because she witnessed so many of them and was horrified...unfortunetly her husband was adamant on the issue, so she researched the best doctor in the hopsital to preform the surgery...So no not ALL nurses are cut happy and cold. I feel so bad for that little boy (ouch on all accounts)....Is she open to hearing other views or is she stuck in the mud with hers?
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Sorry to be so blunt, but what a stupid b*tch. I woulda killed her. Man o man.

OT: I had a big argument on the net with my friend, also 16, and man it was great with all the info you guys have given me earlier in the year, i proved him wrong every single time he brought up a different thing on circ. It was great. He felt really stupid.

Thanx guys, and i pray for all those little circ'd boys.

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Isn't it illegal... or at least unethical- to do surgery on your own family?

Eric- I'm glad to see you are still around. In the future, when dealing with circumcised guys who are spouting a lot of myths- you might try to consider their feelings- remember these myths they come up with, remember, this is how they have justified in their heads that what was done to them was a reasonable thing... when you go blowing those myths out of the water- you leave a guy with nothing but the reality that he was permenantly sexually damaged as an infant for no good reason at all. So, have a little kindness in your heart when you work WITH them on it. It's not funnyto be "victorious" in a situation like this... it really sucks to be him, because not only was he wrong- he was WRONGED. See if you can ask him questions that allow him to come to his own conclusions without maing fun of him for believing something very insulting to his own intelligence for so long. People believe this crap because they NEED to. I mean- can you imagine if someone had cut off a piece of your penis and every time you took a leak or jerked off or made love you had to look at the scar? Be kind.

Love Sarah
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It is unethical to do surgery on family. But he is after all just a baby. Aren't they little blobs of nothing that we can do whatever with? They don't feel pain. And hell, he won't remember it.

Besides, she is a nurse and said the foreskin was "yucky" and "dirty". She did her son a "favor."She is the one with the education. She is the one people listen to.

I am the incredible irresponsible one who didn't do what was right. And I had a homebirth etc.... She also had the audacity to send formula home with a friend for me even though I am exclusively breastfeeding. B/c bf babies are manipulative and "demand" to eat just for the sake of manipulating.
Hey Sarah, sorry i didn't post that, but i did tell him i'm dead serious, (i'm usually a comedian) and i tried to explain to him exactly what u posted, but he just called me a dumb liberal, and then that was that. Just gave him some food for thought.

the biological event of giving birth does not guarantee that a woman can be a warm & nurturing mother.

I just wonder what kind of people this individual will raise & send forth to the world.
That makes me SO angry! The whole thing!

It is at LEAST unethical, if not illegal, for that woman to be performing surgery on her own child. The doctor should not have allowed it. THey should both be reported to the state medical board.

And people who "babywise" are baby haters. I tried reading it and couldn't get very far. The attitude that little babies are trying to pull something over on their parents is so sick and wrong. It sickens me that people actually buy into that abusive crap.

Ew! You hit the nail on the head when you said that woman is COLD.
I always thought that only the OB/GYN or the pediatricians were allowed to perform circs.Nurses should not be doing any kind of surgery.As for this particular case the woman sounds very uncaring.Eventually it will be thrown back in her face.Boys can grow up to be real nasty when mothers are like that.A mother,s ignorance is never bliss for a boy.
Exactly, ThomasL. I wonder how that boy will feel when he discovers the physical trauma from having a tight circumcision is because his Mommy Dearest wanted it that way. She needs therapy. I feel sorry for her husband.
What a SICKO. I am SOOOOO steaming mad right now. Poor baby. I wish I could save him from his own mother.
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