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<p><span style="color:rgb(0,0,255);">I have now (for about a Month) been having really bad, strong pains in the ride side of my head.<br>
Behind my ear, it's a constant sharp pain, like pressure I guess.<br><br>
Can this be a side effect from Citalopram / Mirtazapine (I've just changed over)<br>
The pain is REALLY bad, I've been to the opticians as I thought my eyes were worse than before, but one eye has got worse but in her words - not worse enough to be causing these really bad headaches.<br>
She said I should see my GP and get it checked out just to be sure, they will probably offer me a scan or something she said.<br>
I also see stars a lot of the time,<br><br>
Does anyone know what this is, or how serious it is?</span></p>
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